[3.0][HC][Self-Found] Beginner Blade Flurry / Block / Leech / Bleed


Hi ! First I'm not english :p. I'm not a pro too. I started the game during the Beta but never had an awesome level. I know that my build is not perfect.
Why do I share it then ? Beacause it's the first time I make it this far in the game. And I feel like this build is easy to play and very safe with no required uniques (Self found). So I share it to player who want to progress in Hardcore league.

I'll try to keep this build up to date and add good advices from comments.
If you have questions, feel free to ask :)


* Great defense (~60-70% armor, ~50% evade, ~55% block attacks AND spells
* Block spell is awesome.
* Great life leech.
* Fast attack = Fast leap slam
* Natural panic button (Just release the mouse button and move, blade flurry will unleash the leech).
* No corpses, or a very few (no detonate, no revive with onslaught)


* Maybe not enough damage for very end game.
* Not that much life.
* Not sure if Aziri viable :p. Maybe with better gears and 1-2 uniques.


Use your enduring cry, hit 1-2 times your enemies with Frenzy, hold Blade Flurry until it's fully charged. Release and enjoy. Use the totem for a little bit more dps against magic / rares / uniques.

My progress

Lvl 87. I went to Tier 7 maps (didn't find any higher tier :( ). Killed Malachai in Merciless for the first time of my life. Tried Aziri for fun, and died :)


Lvl 87~ tree : https://tinyurl.com/y7w7l4ox

* I was going to take Blood in the Eyes but never find the last lab trial.
* The little point of mana leech near Vitality Void is enough in late game to sustain your mana.
* Versatility is mostly here for intelligence requirements of Increase AOE
* You could throw some leech and go for Brutal Blade for more DPS and more Block Chance - I didn't notice it :(
* Crimson Dance seems to be a pretty good DPS boost in 3.0. Didn't tested it yet though.
* Bloodletting could be good too tohave a kind of synergy with Gratuitous Violence and Crimson Dance.


* Oak


Blade Flurry -- Melee Phys. Damage -- Added Fire -- Faster Attacks -- Increase AOE / Conc Effect:
Your main damage. Just hold until it's fully charged, release and watch enemies explode.
You may want to switch Added Fire with Poison ; not sure if it's more effective or not.

Frenzy -- Leap Slam -- Faster Attacks -- Fortify:
Your frenzy generator + Fortify. Just start every pack by hitting 1-2 hits with frenzy.

Tempest Shield -- Blind -- Chain -- Increase Duration:
A pretty good utlity. Enemies who hit you will be blind. Very good against bosses. Not sure if Increase Duration works with Blind

Reckoning -- Warchief Totem -- Melee Phys. Damage -- Added Fire / BloodLust:
Just a little bit more DPS. I don't feel like reckoning is super usefull. You could switch it with another support for the totem.
I you have Gratuitous Violence, use BloodLust instead of Added Fire. Pretty sure it's better :)

Stone Golem -- Fortify -- Blind / Culling Strike:
Just my golem with blind (because I love blind) and Fortify so it survives a little bit more (even if it still dies very quickly). Just use the golem you prefer. Culling Strike is usefull if you don't like blind.

Grace -- Arctic Armor -- Enduring Cry:
Just some utility gems. I use Grace (my party mate was using Determination) for defensive purpose. Arctic Armor is great as you are often static. Enduring cry for endurance charges.


For attack, you should focus on Phys. damage and Attack speed.
For defense, normal things (Res - Life - Armor - Evade) + Block


Nothing too special. I have my fears and have pretty much always the same flasks.
* Speed and freeze immune.
* Anti bleed.
* Instant.
* A defensive flask with a good defensive affix (here Granite with armor increase).
* A less defensive one but with curse immune (The Stibnit is very good when you get circled).

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Maybe could you use a Silver Flask to increase your damage output and increase your stacking speed ?

What do you think about bloodlust with your totem / reckoning ?

Carry on, maybe on 2.6.0 this is will be awesome ! :D

Updated with Gems list

Thx mate for reminding me about BloodLust :)
Nice build ^^
2.6 Tree updated.
Perhaps go poison?

You have already taken the damage over time extra damage node(dirty technique cluster), so throw out this unsupported added fire damage and replace it with a poison gem. You can support it further with area damage and pure damage on your jewels, and a concentrated effect gem during bossfight (switch before arena room) for a little bit of double dipping damage - the frency extra damage does double dipping, too.
And the area+pure damage from jewels strengthens your monster explosions, too - important to blow up breach crowds fast enough before they get too big.

And perhaps, throw out a little leech and spec into the brutal blade for the extra 4% block?
With a better block shield (Lioneyes drops for me every league) when you are lucky, you could even remove command of steel for it. More damage = less leech% needed.

The last thing, try getting more damage on rings, something like
. I like throwing excess alchs and chances on white rings I find. With a fast weapon like yours rings like this give much damage without hurting survival. And damage is important in breaches to not getting overcrowded.
Hi ! Thx for the advices.

I never tried the Poison gem, so I don't really know if it's really effective but I'll suggest it.
For Brutal Blade, I just didn't see it haha ! I'll suggest it too as it seems to be a very good idea.

As I was was selffound I just didn't find any jewel for aoe :(.

And I was already switching with conc Effect for bosses ;)
mekor wrote:
Hi ! Thx for the advices.

As I was was selffound I just didn't find any jewel for aoe :(.

And I was already switching with conc Effect for bosses ;)

I am selffound, too - I craft them. Just pick up every rare to get alts, and level 75+ rares to get regals.

Usable blue ones you get for 40-60 alts most times.
You will have 1 stat like AE damage or pure damage, and then other good stats, Attack speed, life, damage while holding shield etc.
Start with blues, and when getting regals go into a second round.
Llyrain wrote:
and level 75+ rares to get regals.

Is it a recipe that I don't know ?..
a full rare set with itemlevel 75+:


Very useful for selffound playing for weapon and jewelcrafting.

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