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Hey there,my 'Name' is Dutymarv from Germany and i thought it would be the time to make a guide for my 1H Ele. Sunder build i am playing in the Beta at the moment.
I play PoE for roughly 4Years with ~ 3k Hours.

Im still more of a casual player,so id love to hear if there is anything you want to change here,any advise would be good :)


+ Beginner and new league "friendly", simple in design and easy to understand
+ Able to most of the ingame content! (Havent tried Guardians in Beta yet.)
+ Nearly no Unique's are req. but there are powerfull upgrades worth it to get.
+ Totally HC Viable !
+ A hell fun to play !

- Ele Reflect Maps are no go
- Sunder Single Target is not the best
- The multistrike "auto-attack" can be annoying (Atziri)


Click me pl0x

We play Dual Wield,with 1H Axe/Mace and a Stat 1H Offhand Sword/Dagger until you'll get Tempestuous Steel for your Offhhand.
We convert 90% of our physical damage to elemental damage, with Winter Spirit (40% to cold) note from our tree and Physical to Lightning Skill Gem. (50% to Lightning)
This we scale further whith Elemental Damage with Attacks Gem, The Wise Oak Flask, Doryani's Catalyst and Ele. Weakness cursing.

Click me pl0x

We stack shit tons of Life ! (~8800 at the end)
Belly of the Beast Body Armour and Kaoms Roots itself give us alot,plus 245% from tree.
Kaom's Roots gives us Stun Immunity and we wont be able to dodge anymore.
This is why we take Iron Reflexes,so we convert all our now useless Evasion to Armour/Phys. medigation.

Gem Setup

Skillgem Setup

Sunder - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks
Sunder - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Physical to Lightning
Sunder - Melee Phys. - Multis. - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Phys. to Lightning - Elemental Focus
On a 6L level a Conc. Effect with u and swap it in for Bossfight !
Utility [Main/Offhand]
Enduring Cry - Ancestral Protector - Vaal Lightning Trap

Movement [Gloves]
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

Aura´s [Main/Offhand]
Hatred - Herald of Ash - Blood Rage

CWDT Setup [Helmet]
Cast when Damage Taken [LvL.4] - Light. Golem [LvL.56] - Elemental Weakness / Enfeeble [Lvl.7] - Enhance [Lvl.3]
Swap Enfeeble / Ele. Weakness as you like depending on content for defense / offense boost.
Enhance is not needed at all just some DPS for buffing your Curse,play Immortal call untill ur Lifepool gets High enough :p


Bandits Simple,KILL ALL !!!
Leveling Tree's

36 Skillpoints

65 Skillpoints

95 Skillpoints

THIS is how i leveld my Char,of cause u can take your own route !
If you play 1H Axe take the Cleaving Axe note right under the Mace wheel !

Nearly the End

Endgame Skilltree Lvl 96

If you play 1H Axe take the Cleaving Axe note right under the Mace wheel !


For Ascendancy i choose Slayer.
U can also roll Raider / Pathfinder / Berserker... basiclly anthing from marauder/duelist/ranger.
But im in love with the Slayer :) <3
Ascendancy order

In Normal Lab u choose Bane of Legends for smooth Onslaught Effect and Culling Stike.
In Cruel Lab u choose Headsman for some huge Dmg./Clear buff.
In Merci Lab u choose Endless Hunger which gives a nice buff to you leech and survivability.
In Uber Lab u choose Brutal Fervour just for more survival,being bleed immune is huge and the leech rate makes Endless Hunger pretty damn awesome !


With 3.00 ariving we get a new Pantheon System.
This gives u the oppurtiunity to choose from God Powers,which u unlock by killing the Gods themself.
We can select between 1 Major and 1 Minor God Power.


We go with Soul of the Solaris,which is unlocked after Act 8 is finished.

This gives us:
- awesome physical reduction against bosses like Izaro for example
- reduced elemental damage taken which is huge if you run into a single high health ele reflect mob
- less crit damage taken

The Damage over Time one also seems decent,you can swap them depending on content and stay with Solaris for the most time !


We go with Soul of Yugul,which is s sidequest in Act 8.

This gives us:
- Simple. Reduced elemental reflect damage taken

As we are a 90% conversion ele build we really need this to stay alive.


Start off with using Rare items as u find them,and upgrade when u can.
What do we want on Rare's?

For weapon u want to use a 1H Axe/Mace and 1H Sword for stats untill u get a Tempestuous Steel for your Offhand.
just search for the highest pDPS Weapon for your Main Hand and you will be fine.

Helmet: life / resistances / evasion / armour

Body: life / resistances / evasion / armour

Gloves: life / resistances / flat physical damage / attack speed / evasion / armour

Boots: life / resistances / movement speed / evasion / armour

Amulett: life / flat physical damage / increased elemental damage / stats / resistances

Rings: life / flat physical damage / stats / resistances

Belt: life / resistances / increased elemental damage / resistances / flask charges

Jewel: life / phys dmg / attack speed / area damage / stats or res if you really need


This are all Items u should get if you are able to !
Boost the Build to new level !

Tempestuous Steel for Offhand
Cheap Early Option for Offhand
Cheap Endgame Option for Offand

Doryanis Catalyst for Main Hand
Cheap 1c Mainhand option
Devotos Devotion Helmet

Belly of the Beast Body Armour

Kaom's Roots Boots


Atziris Promise

The Wise Oak
Phox explaining how to use the Wise Oak.
We want to reach either more Lightning or get exact same Lightning / Cold res !

Lion's Roar

Unique Item Order
Not including cheap/levelling unique's.

Start off some Kaom's Roots and a Belly of The Beast !

Then get with Tempestuous Steel for your Offhand since this is our offhand weapon of choice next.

Try to upgrade ur Flask ! At least a Atziri's and The Wise Oak are really cheap and usefull offensive and defensive !!

Once u got all of those u can get urself a new Weapon, Doryani's Catalyst !
Now u can Skill the Mace notes if you used a Axe before !

After u can try to grab a Devoto's Devotion as the last option !
U still have your Belt,Gloves,Ring's and the Amu to get ur res. capped !

Leveling / Tips

I Started off with 2 1-Hand swords and Frost Blades untill i took Sunder.
Then with Sunder its easy,aim for good phys damage 1H axe/mace and you'll be fine.

A 5l goes a long way ! Try to grab a cheap white one,craft some life on it!

Check for Unique Items !
There are alot helpfull items you can get for small amounts of currency !

If you think Ele Reflect might hurt you when u start mapping,use a Sybil's Lamnent !
Fine Choice for the Start !

Use ur Brain ! Dont just play a Guide !
This is a template from my build!
Take ur own ideas into it !
PoB Stats

not a big fan of Numbers,but here ya go.
Pob Link https://pastebin.com/pHeywpV4
Buffed 420k DPS against normal mobs.
RIP 150k DPS since patch :D
8800 Life
Level 96

My out'ro

Well,this is the first guide i ever wrote and it was so much fun !
I will keep this updated asap !

If you have any suggestion / questions on the Format,Items,Tree,Language ... just ask as a comment or a PM,i will awnser and look over everything ! :)
or here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dutymarv/

Char Progressio̱n

Me at Lvl 72ish

This is all pretty simple Gear !
Left Ring like ~5c, 3c for this nice mace and 2c Offhand.
Belt another 4c and 3c for the 5L which i Alchemy / Scour untill i got this :)

Started to map now and it feels really smooth !
Atm at 5.8k Life, Uber Lab to come !

Me at Lvl 82

Found this Helmet,gives some nice life and armour for now.
Also bought the Belt for some more Chaos,like 25-30c.
Got my offhand and found a better Pair of Kaoms Roots.

Still same shit weapon,but even if its only 226pDPS it still plays very fast,im at T7 atm trying to sustain my map pool ^^ Trying to buy a Catalyst next 2 days :)

1 Uber Lab Trial missing,hopefully ill get it tomorrow and then i do my lab run.

maybe i look for a cheap 6L cause belly is like 100c atm,checking some options for now.

At 7000 Life atm without the Belly and some Life notes to go.

Me at Lvl 85

Suddenly alot changed,

got my Uber Lab and dropped the Bleeding flask,bought a Atziris for 3c and dropped a Lions Roar :))

bought a new weapon for 3c just for now.

Bought a Belly and 6S 5L it,and then changed my amulett so this one causes i needed fire res and still had it on my chest.

7900 Life at this point,smooth gameplay im just laking a bit on higher maps.

Next step will be the Doryanis Catalyst for sure !^!
Then grabbing the rest life nodes and then the mace nodes.
Nut sure about berserking,maybe i go with life gotta see how it performs later in maps.

Fist shaper orb went on Jungle Valley,Second on Oasis.

When u suddenly die

Was running T10-12 and going for level 90.
Got myself the Doryani's and gameplay was smooth :)
8200k life at the end.

Suddenly my PC froze in a T10 Dunes at Boss,being dead when i restarted.
Shit death but im fine with how it went.
Not gonna roll this char,maybe with another asc. later

Next up is ED and Dommfletch TS :)

PoE & Rocket League is Life. <3
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Nice build. Looking forward to trying this out, although i'll be using gladiator ascendancy!
Gonna try this build out in beta from today, ill update as i go
addicted2pawn wrote:
Gonna try this build out in beta from today, ill update as i go

Sure,im also rolling it as a Pathfinder now to see how this goes.
Should be pretty gucci with the pen. and flask effect.

Also gonna remake the gear section after work as it looks a bit confusing to me when i read through it :p
PoE & Rocket League is Life. <3
Mooret wrote:
Nice build. Looking forward to trying this out, although i'll be using gladiator ascendancy!

This will also work,but i dont like gladi myself,it just seems not as strong to me.
But you can do this as Berserker,Raider,Pathfinder so basiclly anything :p
PoE & Rocket League is Life. <3
Also rolled it as a Pathfinder now,both ascendancy's are working really well.
The Cull still seem pretty needed with the new boss life.

Lets wait for some Path notes before i update and test this again !
PoE & Rocket League is Life. <3
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Hey dear DutyMarv.

This is my first time i was playing Poe very active ( 2 week Race Turmoil )
And i played that sunderGladiator ( lvl 92 - Brogor - if someone cares )

And i kinda followed that physical sunder build someone here in the forums also added recently and i kinda followed that youtube sunder build alkaizer posted on reddit.

So you were asking for additional feedback. And i thought i can give some credits. Not sure if all i say is 100% viable cause im rather new to that game, but i am already pretty hyped for 3.0.

so 1. I'd like to mention that i played to t13 with ease and im on 7k hp now - im gladiator ascendancy as alrdy stated - and im a mere sunder spamming physical ele hybrid.

I noticed i only die when im not aware of reading map mods ( reflect ) or of some certain mobs ( high critical strike bastards ( that devourer t13 boss can be hard )) -> so my first advice might be to use http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Belt_of_the_Deceiver which is a really good item on some occasions- you don't need to wear it at all times but it helps with some orange invasion mobs that do hugh crit's esp when the ground is sparking, - and it boosts the dmg flat by 10% ( intimidation ) + that physical dmg is applied before its converted to the elemental aspects of the nodes and flasks right ?!

My 2nd thought was, that Immortal call is nice , but it usually proccs on heavy hitting guys i think, and here comes the problem after the short IC - you are without your Endurance Stacks. and it needs some time to restack them - in the higher tier map it seemed to be better to be around your 3-5 endurance stacks 100% and just leech back lost life. Since you are using http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Lion%27s_Roar and probably utilize the knockback you are often pretty save from the mobs that trigger your IC.
Thats why i think a skillsetup change could be boosting your vitality by switching out IC - in my place i put the enduring cry out of the longer duration setup since it also holds 10seconds without it, which is plenty and can be cast immediately after dashing around to trigger your whirlingblades/fortify - usually grants you the 3 stacks in the trash packs . now comes the tricky part - you could also aim for a tripple aura setup with an enlighten in your remaining 4 socket item - enlighten- hatred- herald o A. - and Arctic Armour . this would mean though, that you have to use one of your remaining 3 slot items for grace/trap/totem/ duration - which can be changed to your own degree. i personally would only use the lightning trap for leveling or very high bosses that are stationary - but if you can kite / knockback them its sometimes hard to manage your lightning traps 100% effectively.

I'm sorry if i spoke to confusing - if thats the case i will shorten the text and make it more understandable !

Br0g0r wrote:
Hey dear DutyMarv.

cheers man :)
Its kinda true,would make sense to drop the CWDT setup cause we stack enough life anyway.
But one thing that has to stay is the Ele. Weakness curse which does ALOT of dmg !

More Gem slots would help for sure,but i dont want to drop the boots personally.

It all depends on playstyle and your choice how you wanna play it i guess :)
Like i said:
"Use ur Brain ! Dont just play a Guide !
This is a template from my build!
Take ur own ideas into it !"

Take your own small adjustments as you like them,there are so much options to choose from :P
Thats why i love this gmae !

Stay safe my friend ;)
PoE & Rocket League is Life. <3
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Quick question, you say you pick iron reflexes but none of the skill trees have it picked?
addicted2pawn wrote:
Quick question, you say you pick iron reflexes but none of the skill trees have it picked?

My fault,seems like i forgot about it :'D

I'll change it when i get home,thanks for the help ! :)
PoE & Rocket League is Life. <3

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