Into the Void, Slayer Viper Strike/Lacerate, Chaos Poison Ming Starforge.

Hey check out this Slayer! *updated for 2.6* please listen to Black Sabbath song Into the Void while browsing.

The high physical Starforge is perfect for getting alot of added chaos damage from two Ming rings.Its fun to have two different deadly attacks. Lacerate is your main mapping attack which fortifys. You can finish with Viper Strike on bosses or other monsters. Dont get hit with evasion, dodge and spell dodge, and fortify is there if you do take a big hit. Running Temporal Chains curse on hit gloves, because blasphemys area got nerfed big time.

Gear Spoiler

Heres the tree..(level 92) have 6k life atm

Oak (life), kill all, kill all

Main attack links: Use lacerate to clear maps and Viper Strike to poison. Two 6 links are great but two 5L's would still do the job, if you put fortify on your leap slam.

3.Faster attacks
4.Melee physical support
6.Melee Damage on full life

1. Viper Strike
2. Multistrike
3. Melee physical support
4. Void Manipulation
5. Faster Attacks
6. Rapid Decay

Running Grace and Arctic armour. At 50% evasion.

For mana you need mana leech on amulet or jewel.

The nice thing about running two Mings rings is the chaos resist!

Use Witchfire brew flask for a lvl 21 vulnerability. It will overide your temp chains curse and monsters outside radius will get the chains.

Important note: Not running Blood Rage.

The new Cheribums armour might be a good option, Kintsugi has some nice defence though.

I picked up a plus one curse amulet for the flask vulnerability of witchfire.

Ok will be updating this build and putting it through the paces. Helpful feedback is welcome.

I got most of this gear in the breach league but didnt have the build completed so thats why its standard gearing, this aint SSF material.

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Fixed the links and tree up so check this Slayer out!

Shaper down..haha
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Pretty nice looking build, def going to have to give it a try sometime :)
Played a similar setup for quite some time (starforge + double ming), before I swapped into a Cospri's double curse + poison setup.
But with double Ming's 30% reduced life, I'd really suggest wearing a...

Gem setup: Instead of melee full, a blue socket for increased AoE/conc effect swapping?

3.5 build:
Melee dam age on full life is great, probly gives more damage than concerned effect. I am looking into getting some es and using the zealots oath flask, which would be fun.
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Rorshax wrote:
Melee dam age on full life is great, probly gives more damage than concerned effect.


Melee full lvl 20: 49% more damage
Conc Effect lvl 20: 59% more damage
3.5 build:
Ha! look at that I havent used concentrated effect in awile.

So I set up Lacerate, multistrike, melee damage, faster attacks, melee damage on full life, and Concentrated effect. Getting 69k dps damage, unbuffed. Conc effect isin't too bad with lacerate.
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Posted a new more evasion build in lower part, with a Kintsugi, looks sick. I dunno about you but armour is too hard to stack for anything worthwile, maybe i'm just a lazy evasionist.
Sweet!! Mings Ring got a life boost, all the more reason to have two of them.

Updated for 2.6.

Using two skills lacerate and Viper Strike, which is very fun.
New Growing Agony jewel proving to be quite a boost.

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