[3.0] The Harbinger { Phys Tornado Shot }

Pros And Cons:

High damage potential. (1M+ barrage + 20% cull)
Feels amazing in group and solo play.
Can kill any end game boss and clears well.


Can be expensive to gear if you want high damage.
Low investment on defense.


Level as bow just fine. Killed all for bandits. Can use Death's Harp and the fated version, Death's Opus, to easily cruise through the acts without much difficulty. Will want to make sure you have enough life and resist's for the gear check fights like Kitava and Brine King.

Leveling Passive Tree

Some unique leveling items include:

Meginord's Girdle
Ondar's Clasp
Karui Ward

Budget Breakdown:

Budget Tips:

Here are a few tips for finding gear. Set a desired amount of life and search for total resists and search by highest on poe.trade when looking for decent quality gear. Use poe affix to help with identifying tiers of stats so you can later divine them.


Lioneye's Fall - 120 chaos
5 linked Belly Of The Beast - 90c
Bisco's Collar - 80chaos
5 linked 300+ physical dps harbinger with crit - 20-40 chaos
rare quiver with attack mods - 5-10 chaos
Rat's Nest - 10-15 chaos
high evasion life resist gloves - 15-20 chaos
rings with decent physical stats and res - 40-60 chaos
high life resist leather belt 20-40 chaos
rare boots - 10-20 chaos
three stat jewels - 5-10 chaos each
total estimated gear cost without flasks - 405-485 chaos
Dying Sun 100 chaos
Taste of Hate 150-200 chaos


Level 86 Crit Vaal Pact Tree

Since you wont be using atziri's acuity you will want to get vaal pact to instant leech life or go non crit and rely on the slayer over leech.

Level 91 Non Crit Tree

Map Gear:

Sibly's is used on the right ring slow to negate physical reflect maps.
Also used on the left ring slot for beachhead where you gain a lot of headhunter buffs and are at danger of one shot to elemental reflect.

Boss Gear:

Reasons For Gear, Links, and Ascendancy:
The gear setup I have is very tuned towards end game grinding. The bisco's collar generates an insane amount of income. I tried to get as much life and resists on rare gear as possible as I am using many unique items that don't grant any resists.

The links in tornado shot are to maximize damage output with as many multipliers as possible. Hatred and herald of ice scale nicely off of physical damage and work well in this build. The ranged attack totem is nice to have for tougher boss fights.

The boss gear setup focuses around barrage for maximum single target damage. I dropped a arrow dancing and acrobatics on the tree to allow for more damage mitigation and focus around armor more.

The slayer ascendancy offers quite a lot for the bow class. Along with a decent amount of two handed damage ( applies to bows ) it also has 20% cull, crazy sustain with over leech when you don't instant leech, onslaught on killing a rare monster, 20% more damage on killing an enemy, and basically single target physical reflect immunity.

Passive Tree:

Reasons For Passive Tree:
The passive tree has been optimized to allow for as much damage as possible. You could easily sacrifice some damage wheels to go a little tank if you feel like you are dying to much or wanting to play this build on hardcore.

Lioneye's Fall works very well in the jewel node by the pierce wheel to grab the claw noteable.

For the major god I chose Soul of Arakaali. I don't have any chaos resist in this build so chaos degeneration can be a serious problem. I also don't use a grounding flask for shock immunity. For the minor god I chose Sould of Yugul for the reduced reflected damage taken for both physical and elemental.

Game-play And How To Survive:
Try and kill enemies off screen with tornado shot as much as possible. Make sure that you keep your flasks up as much as possible as this build has no block and little to no damage mitigation.

Map Mods And How To Deal With Them
Elemental Weakness -
164/169 elemental resistance is needed for tier six/eleven and above respectively.
Physical Reflect -
Can still be dangerous if you have a lot of damage.
Do not recommend without Sibly's Lament on your right ring slot.
Elemental Reflect -
Use basalt flask instead of taste of hate.
Use grace and arctic armor instead of hatred and herald of ice.
Don't run elemental reflect maps if you are using Headhunter as you are likely to gain a elemental buff and kill yourself. Keep a rare leather belt or rustic sash for these occasions.

Map Clear Videos:

Useful Youtube Videos:

Path Of Building:

My Stream
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Hey, cool build. I'm gonna give this a shot. I play HC though, any suggestions for modifying the tree? I'd like to pick up both Heart of the Warrior and Constitution but not sure if that'd cost too much in terms of damage.

Thanks for sharing this!
Hey I believe you can afford to go for the large life nodes and go non crit if you are playing on hardcore as long as you are not pushing high life bosses that require a lot of DPS. This will also allow you to build up a huge over leech buffer since you won't need instant leech. For regular mapping you will be very comfortable with you damage still.
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Any alternative for that mirrored bow ?, i have everything exept for that gg bow

Am I going on the right way? Current helm I'm using is just for the anti freeze throughout the leveling process.
really enjoying this build, wont get the gloves but should be ok without them-
could use a link on how to craft that bow :P
Curious what your life would drop to if you took of the belly of the beast for a yriels - summon rhoa 12% more attack eand move speed with roah summoned = 30% chance to maim on hit- 1700 to evasion (upgrade if you use iron reflex.

I am wearing that right now at level 80 and belly only added 400 more life. sadly life is only 3.5k atm
upgrade my equipment a bit to these.

Do you think the rustic sash will do a little better job than the deceiver belt?
I am wearing a rustic sash as well just took down a tier 13 plaza with enemy crit multiplier 2 additional projectiles and some nasty beyond monsters.

update on my Yriels im level 92- sitting at 5170 life right now and with grabbing iron reflexes got my armour up to to 9.6K just short of 10K. Also can grab 8% more life next two levels.

I grabbed the jewel right next to point black and got 16% more evasion saves a regret for switching. :P Don't think I will be wearing a belly of the beast much.

Nice Build!

Check out https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2016938 if you're interested in obtaining a GG bow!


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