[3.0]Bugdet UberLabFarmer - Lacerate Slayer - league starter

"Why would I do this build?"
Just like in title, This build is made for UberLab. If you need to make some currency for next builds this is perfect way to farm it. You can facetank izaro, so even new players can farm their currency.
Its tested budget version of starforge lacerate.

"Only Uberlab?"
Well, this build is made for uberlab, but im sure you can do all game content with it, even as budget. (Facetanking Atziri is no problem, tried her when i was bored with uber)

Pros and Cons
[+]Cheap ~Even 5-10c - you can do it as SSF
[+]Fast clear speed
[+]You dont have to click flasks like mad
[+]Not laggy

[-]High cost of upgrading items
[-]There is no "Wow"


No flask

With Flash


No auras, no flask - 34098.37

Auras, flasks - 60475.7

Auras, flasks, 3frenzy charges, onslaught - 103404.64

Bandit choice:
Oak, if you are not aiming for lvl 90+ you should take +2 passives.

Pantheon choice:
Big one:
Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Solaris
Smaller one:
Soul of Gruthkul

Ascendancy and passive tree
As our ascendancy we chose Slayer, damage boost, leech, increased area of skill all what we want. Oh, and of course leech, unlimited leech...

Ascension order
1)Bane of legends
3)Endless Hunger
4)Brutal Fervour
Skill tree progression

Leveling progression:
Probably best choice for very first levels is freezing pulse with 2 lifesprings, it does decent damage, freeze = safe. After you get to act 3 switch to cyclone.
Keep in mind that you don't have to use sword for leveling, here are some good unique weapons:
Limbsplit - can easilly carry you to lvl ~30-40 even with cleave
The Cauteriser
Roth's Reach - BOW, i know it sounds crazy, but if you are using -8 jewelery and 6link this bow works really well even without any dps mode in your skill tree. It can carry you to ~30-40lv - Use split arrow, tornado shot and lightning arrow needs lmp/gmp.
Brightbeak - same as with BOW, i would recommend it only with 6l, good for fast leveling because your leap slam is much faster.
Rigwald's Charge
Terminus Est

My Gear

How to Gear

Sugested uniques
Weapon - Kondo's Pride

-Cheap - almost perfect rolls ~2c
-High dps (good enough for izaro)
-Life leech
-Good synergy with voidheart

Body Armor - Belly of the beast

-Good life boost
-Elemental resistances

Helmet - Devoto's Devotion

-Attack speed
-Movement speed

Amulet - Carnage Heart

-"Must have"
-Perfect amulet for budget builds, cheap-good rolls~2-5c, Life leech, Damage while leeching (Slayer is leeching all time, even with full hp), Atributes for int and dex, Elemental Resistances

Ring - Voidheart

-Huge dps boost
-"Combo" with kondo's pride
-Expensive ~20-30c
-Buy it only if you have all resistances capped
-For min-maxing, use it only when you get to 6k+ life

Rare items:

Body Armor:
-High life 100+
-Armour 1500+
-Res 60+
Here is one of many cheap and good armors that you can get for less than 1c (this one cost me 1alch)

Gloves, look for:
-High life 75+
-Elemental Resistance (total) 80%+
-Armour/Evasion 300+
-Attack speed (Optional) - Expensive
-Flat phys dmg (Optional) - Expensive

Rings, look for:
-Life 70+
-Elemental Resistance (total) 80%+
-Attack speed
-Flat phys dmg (Optional)
[Keep in mind that you can craft flat phys dmg, look for rings with open prefix]

Belt, look for:
-Life +80
-Elemental Resistance (total) 100%+
-Armour 300+

Boots, look for:
-Life 75+
-Elemental resistance (total) 80%+
-Armor 400+
-Movement speed (Optional)

Jewels, look for:
-Life 7% - "Must Have"
-Area dmg
-Attack speed with sword
-Phys dmg with sword
-Attack speed with two handed weapons
-Phys dmg with two handed weapons

PoeTrade link for jewels
If you are looking for better jewels set life to "min" 7%, remove "inc attack speed"


Flask for Fonts:


For 5l drop Added Fire Damage / Faster Attacks

-If running with voidheart swap Added Fire Dmg with Bloodlust

If you dont want to Facetank everything Blind and Vortex are not needed

You can use Enfeeble / Temporal chains instead of Warlords Mark.
If you are not running with Warlord's mark you have to take "Life and mana leech" node from tree for mana sustain.

If you don't have 6l use Blood rage in empty slot in weapon/armor and add Bloodmagic to Leap slam

Turning into non-budget build
First you want to buy as non-budget build is 6l Starforge

(Pssst, gems changed a bit, you can't run "added fire damage" so we run fortify for more defence!)

Time to upgrade flasks: Sin's rebirth

Next item you want to upgrade are Gloves
There is only one good way to upgrade your Gloves:
1)Buy Spiked Gloves (higher item level = better)
2)Buy Essence of Insanity
3)Pray to RNG Jesus
4)Craft gloves, aim for: Life, Phys Dmg, Res, Attack Speed
16% more attack speed is for leap slam

Hope you didn't get bored with crafting because Steel rings are waiting nothing new here, only base changes all nodes wchich you are aiming for are the same:
-Life 70+
-Elemental Resistance (total) 80%+
-Attack speed
-Flat phys dmg (Optional)

After all those Upgrades you probably have done more than 100 uber labs, if you still didn't get Devoto's Devotion with 40% lacerate damage it's time to buy one.

Final upgrade: +1 curse Carnage Heart, we have a lot of unreserved mana with Starforge so we can run 2 curses now (enfeeble + tempolar chain or warlord's mark (warlord's mark is better for maps - easy endurance charges)
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Hello mate !

I like it! will try for sure :)

edit: Whats yours bandit choices ?
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Normal:Oak - Life
Cruel:Kraityn - Attack speed
Merciless:Kill all

You can take frenzy or endurance charge at mercilles if you don't build it only for labs.
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Do you have a video?
No, im really sorry but my Pc is too weak to make decent one.
I've done uberlabs, atziri runs and t15 without any problem.
If anyone decide to play this build and could make video and share it, I would be really thankfull.
Plz, open you profile.
Plz, open you profile.
Np, feel free to check my gear/skilltree
Saddly i don't have enough time to play right now, so my gear won't change in next few days.
Thank you
Any feedback of this build? Need a build to just farm normal atziri/uberlab, has someone already tried it? Thanks

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