(2.6) Gladiators prepare! For the lacerate of ages! (cheap)

Hello my name is CGN and I'll be taking you back in the time to the glorious days of gladiators.
So what build am I using? Lacerate ofc. why? well let me list some pros and cons for you. :)

Pros and Cons

Nice AOE without investment in the tree.
Good single target damage.
Doesn't take a lot of leech to sustain.
Generally fun in my opinion.
High block chance ((can be capped without rumi's)).

Multistrike can make it awkward to attack a boss with adds.
Feels bad with less than 4 attacks per second.
Locks you in place while attacking.
Int can be hard to get.

As you've seen there are a few Cons but these are easily fixed.
For the 4 attacks per second, our passive tree fixes that completely also we're using multistrike to increase our attack speed also.

Even tho lacerate locks you in place while attacking we kinda solve that, we still can't move but we get a high amount of block chance (( can be capped without rumi's)) so this makes it so we will survive if something gets close.

For Multistrike i suggest standing a place where you hit both adds and the boss.

So we have 2 required Uniques in this build that makes it cheap and easy to scale.

So first of all we use varunastra, it makes it really easy to get damage and attack speed also leech in the duelist area. Varunastra at the moment is about 5c

Second unique we use is Lycosidae which is a great shield with some good block and counter attack damage, the reason why we're using this is because we get the mod "Your hits can't be evaded" which does so we won't have to scale accuracy. lyco goes for around 3c

So now I'll go over which link you can use for the optimal setup.

Links and best gems

So for a 4L, you would get. Multistrike - Lacerate - Melee physical support - inc AOE/added fire.
5L, Multistrike - Lacerate - Melee physical support - inc AOE - added fire.
6L, Multistrike - Lacerate - Melee physical support - Inc AOE - added fire - Crit strikes support/Melee physical on full life/Fortify ((Only use Melee physical on full life if not using blood rage))

Shield charge 3L
Shield charge - Faster attacks - fortify

Vengeance 2L
Vengeance - culling strike.

Reckoning 2L
Reckoning - Life leech.

Riposte 2L
Riposte - added fire.

Offense and Defense stats

Now for some good Uniques to use if you can cap your resistances.

Best in slot

The new Haemophilia gloves are really good for increasing you pack clear speed. But in my opinion, a pair of rare gloves with some physical to attacks are better.

So this next one might seem a bit weird, usually, you would want a good life and resistance chest. But if you can cap your resistances I would recommend Ashrend since it can give you a 7L also makes you immune to ignite it is also good for leveling since it can give you an early 5/6L.

Also, I suggest trying out the new Carnage heart amulet solves all of your int problems and is generally really good now.

Also, a taste of hate would be amazing but this is quite expensive.
A voidheart would be top tier for this build if you can cap your rest and still get good life i highly reccomend this and then get dirty techniques.
A sins rebirth would also increase our damage quite a bit.

At the moment I use Hatred and Herald of ash for Elemental reflect map i would recommend haste instead of Hatred

How to deal with physical reflect
physical reflect
Physical reflect can be hard to cope with because we do some much damage but a physical to lightning will take care of it.

Oak, passive, passive or frenzy what you prefer

current gear

Achievements so far (will be updated as the league goes on)
At lvl 76 I was doing twinned t9-10 maps comfortably.
Also since I still need some damage and life notes I can probably do shaper at around lvl 92-94.

Voidheart was acquired at level 81 and t13-14 are now comfortably run (no t15 drop)
Uber lab done at 25th march after gettting voidheart

And now finally for the Passive tree and ascendancies.

This is one of my first guides so all feedback is appreciated, also feel free to ask all the questions you want :)
Also a huge thanks to MaliceMancer AKA beybladezerker for helping to optimize the skill tree and the whole build.

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Nice guide. Can you maybe add a video?

I would like to see this in action.
█▀▀▌ █▌█▀▀▀ █▀▀▌█▄░▌
█▀▀█ █▌▀▀▀█ █░░▌█▀▌▌
█▄▄▌ █▌█▄▄█ █▄▄▌█░█▌
Sure I'll try to get one up as soon as possible :D
Hi I'm pretty new to PoE, so this might be a silly question.

Why do you have 35% more damage with axes if you run Sword + Shield?
I see you have some mace points too.
Hi I'm pretty new to PoE, so this might be a silly question.

Why do you have 35% more damage with axes if you run Sword + Shield?
I see you have some mace points too.

Read the description on the sword carefully 4th line :D

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