MF Lacerate Slayer - IIR/IIQ (300+/25+) - how to make 10-20ex in new league

This build is based on this guide, so I concenrate on how to make money
Cospri's Forge Lacerate Slayer - Fast clearspeed - Farming Shaper, Guardians, Uber Atziri

This build is great to stack high IIR/IIQ couse very high 4L area DPS with Resolute Techniqie

What this build is about:
There are lots of guides how to make money easily in a new league. As a rule you have to level very quickly and one of the first have to begin uber lab run or uber atziri farm or trade high level bases, you have to concentrate on on super fast map run, becouse it increase drop rate OR how to stack huge amount of IIR/IIQ, but in this case your clear speed will be quite low, and you cant do all the content (Guardians, Shaper, Uber, ...).
This build is how to run maps on very very high speed with IIR300+/IIQ25+ AND do all content

What this build can do:

- Can do all content (without IIR/IIQ)
- Can do all map mods (even physical reflect)
- Can run "Shaped Strand Map" on very very high clear speed with IIR300+/IIQ25+
- Very high defence:
5700 life (on full iir/iiq)
fortify + 5 endurence charges + arctic armour + some armour
enfeeble + temporal chain curse (on lesser iir/iiq)
leech on full life = your life leech works like life regen
42% maximum life leech rate + 6% life regen = 48% life regen per second
stun and bleed imunity
degen imunity (couse insane life regen from leeching)
jump over bosses to apply chilled ground on them
- Very high DPS
22000-80000 DPS lacerate (x2 against single target) - without concentreted effect
23000-80000 DPS totem (x1.65 against bleeding target)
20% culling strike (mean x1.25 DPS)
very easy third stage against bosses (on last stage boss have 33% life and on 20% he died)
25% bleeding chance
vulnerability curse on hit form gloves
poison (on lesser iir/iiq)
so total single target DPS up to 490000 with concentrated effect and without poison

Full IIR/IIQ for Shaped Strand Map (auras: Arctic armour + Haste or Purity)

More defencife setup (swap haste and purity in boots to temporal chain and enfeeble):

Physical reflect (50% from ascendecy + 40% from ring = 90% physical reflect reduction)

How to make money and all content:
- on level 61 you have to buy:
Kondo's Pride
Tabula Rasa
Bisco's Collar Gold Amulet
rarity gem
purity of elemets
Aurseize Steelscale Gauntlets
gear for some life res and IIR
total cost will be about 20-30 chaos, you will have about 200 IIR
- run atlas up to tier 10 (just buy all needed map on
- do not run atlas tier 11/12 !!!
- if you want buy and run 13-15 tier map
- shape "Strand Map"
- now when you run "Shaped Strand Map" on 11/12 tier map drop will drop only "Shaped Strand"
- run "Shaped Strand" maps
- make 10ex budget and buy all needed gear (sell what you found on
- make all content

How to trade:
- use item filter (I use NeverSink's filter)
- use chaos recipe
- use POE-ItemInfo AHK script
- with POE-ItemInfo monitor uniques, even cheep uniques with high roll can cost some chaos
- with POE-ItemInfo (try to find item with three t1-t2 prefixes)
with meta crafting you can remove suffixes, and rool them without prefixes changes
so such items cost up to 10ex
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can you record a quick strand map? just wanted to know how fast it go
how you get endurance charges?
is this build updated for 3.0 !?!?
what is the weapon alternative if we cannot afford it yet?

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