[3.0] [HC] Basic Block Bleed Sunder/EQ Gladiator

UPDATE: lvl 81 RIP to random stuff, trying EQ now, feels nice. Updating the build and tree as well for both skills. Added tree leveling, different gem setup.

UPDATE 2: lvl 88 RIP: Zana's daily Atolla corrupted boss + Vulnerability + Elemental Weakness. Trying something else for now but I'll update the build later anyway. And I think I'll return to it again later. It's pretty much unkillable unless you mess up yourself.

TODO: gear setup, leveling gear, flask setup

Greetings, PoE community!
That's my first build post!
I really enjoy the build I'm using so I decided to share it.
I tried to make it as informative as I could. I hope people find it helpful.
I suppose it's quite basic and I think it doesn't have maximum polish in terms of it's potential, but I'm pretty satisfied with it at the moment.

The main objective is maximum survivability while having enough damage (dmg) to deal with most content in the game.
It means both defense stats and mobility.
Build is based on prioritizing Bleed dmg over dmg with attacks.

+ High survivability
+ A good league starter
+ Cheap, no uniques are necessary
+ High clear speed
+ Flexible

- Dies in physical (phys) reflect maps
- Mediocre single-target dmg

-Sunder pros-
* Sunder has more range, allowing to keep distance from enemies. This helps when you have low gear and are afraid to facetank.
* It doesn't depend on increased area of effect (AoE) as much as EQ does.
* EQ's second hit has a large AoE but you don't get it on every attack if you spam the attack until you get high level "Less Duration" and "Less EQ Duration" enchant on helmet.
* EQ also requires "Less Duration" gem, it takes an extra link slot which doesn't give as much dmg as some other supports for Sunder do, it also decreases Bleed duration.
-EQ pros-
* EQ can give more clear speed because it has larger AoE with 2nd hit and faster attack speed.
* EQ has higher single-target dmg, also because Sunder's shockwaves deal way less dmg with stacks if our target is surrounded by other mobs.
* Getting duration enchant on helmet allows you to get a 2nd hit with almost every attack even with a really high attack speed.

Passive tree link - 121 points

* "Crimson Dance" is a must have. It's a nice dmg boost against bosses and even a huge boost against packs because shockwaves from Sunder apply Bleed stacks as well. EQ's 2nd hit will also stack, dealing massive amount of single-target dmg and increasing AoE dmg as well (since 2nd hit deals 50% more dmg).
* You should take "Bleed Chance" or "Poison and Bleed Chance" until you have enough Bleed chance without them. Even 80% is really ok.
* Indomitable is a good choice for defence.
* I didn't take "Melee dmg and Attack Speed with Shield" at Duelist's shield wheel to save a passive point, they are not bad at all.
* "Unwavering Stance" is a good choice with "Iron Reflexes", but it will take an extra strength path node.
* You can switch Attack Damage for Attack Speed at Duelist start if you use Sunder with Deadly Ailments because it won't give as much dmg as without DA. These nodes are still good to go.


Passive tree link - 44 points

Getting all large health nodes on the way to Resolute Technique. We also get Bleed nodes for clear speed.

Passive tree link - 84 points

Going for Dirty Techniques (also to get more Dexterity), switch "Bleed chance" to "Bleed and poison chance" for some extra dmg (your totem and shield charge will still poison after you start using brutality on your main attack).
Then we finish taking all the large health nodes and take AoE. Now it's time to block.

Passive tree link - 97 points

Get all the block nodes, then finish with the final tree.

Additional info

* Take as many health nodes as you feel necessary before going for dmg. I got only large ones for now because I managed to buy Lioneye Shield and find Belly of the Beast and 5L it (6200 hp). And still I just started getting Axe nodes at lvl 80+.
* Get the jewel nodes as soon as you find (or buy) jewels with health rolls + something effective for the build. +1% block chance with Shields is prefered and required later on.
* You can run either mace or axe depending on what you find for leveling, there are also awesome leveling maces. Take axes nodes as soon as you get enough health and all block nodes.
* Get rid of "Bleed and poison chance" nodes as soon as you finish the Axe wheel, it will save an extra point. You can still leave 1 node for high Bleed chance if you don't have it on your Axe.

Take "Gratitous Violence" first, it's a huge dmg buff. It also gets rid of annoying "on death" effects against certain mobs (porcupines for example).
After that you have a choice:
1) "Painforged" into "Versatile Combatant"
2) "Outmatch and Outlast" or "Blood in the Eyes" as second node but reroll to point "1)" after clearing the Merciless Labyrinth. If you don't want to reroll then go straight to point "1)".
3) Both "Outmatch and Outlast" and "Blood in the Eyes" nodes are pretty good and either of them is taken as the last node. I would advise "Outmatch and Outlast" if you follow the build, especially curses.
"Outmatch and Outlast" gives 10% more phys dmg and that's quite a lot. Build doesn't really benefit from 25% to get frenzy charges though, you always have full charges with Blood Rage. If you use Enduring Cry or Warlord's Mark then you can also benefit from 10% reduced phys dmg taken.
"Blood in The Eyes" doesn't give "more" dmg but for example makes Maim more constant against single targets. 6% reduced dmg taken is also very nice (note: not just phys dmg).
I don't take Bleed chance from "Blood in The Eyes" into consideration because you will probably have more than enough Bleed chance at the moment you take the 4th node. But it can be pretty helpful if you take it as a 2nd node before rerolling.

My current gem setup can be found in "Current Gear" section.
-Main attack-
Sunder - Brutality - Melee phys dmg - Swift Affliction - Maim - Deadly Ailments
Earthquake - Less Duration - Brutality - Melee phys dmg - Swift Affliction - Maim
* We are taking as many "more" multipliers as we can.
* Deadly Ailments on Sunder reduces dmg with attacks but it gives huge buff to Bleed dmg. It has even more effect with stacking Bleed. It's replacable with other supports if you don't want to sacrifice your attack dmg. You can switch it for Multistrike, but I advise not taking it because it lowers mobility quite a bit. Sometimes not being able to move is too dangerous. You can use Faster Attacks for faster clear speed. Hypothermia is pretty useful if you use "Callinellus Malleus" during leveling.
* I don't find Increased Area of Effect support that much useful but you can still use it and replace with Concecrated Effect during boss fights.
* Use Brutality as soon as it starts to give more dmg than your elemental dmg on gear/gems (example: Herald of Ash). Check both total and Bleed dmg.

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic
* You can exclude Blood Magic if you want this link in your 3-linked gear, but it's really helpful.
* Maim is also a good alternative to increase dmg with the main attack.

-Cast when dmg taken (CWDT)-
CWDT - Immortal Call - Tempest Shield - Increased Duration

-Mana reservation-
List has no order:
* Arctic Armour
* Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark - Enfeeble or Vulnerability - Enlighten
* I advise Warlords' Mark as main curse because it solves several problems: mana sustain (mana leech), survivability (health leech and phys reduction from charges), Immortal Call duration.
* If you manage to get a good +1 curse amulet, you can choose between Enfeeble and Vulnerability depending on what you need: survivability or dmg. Enlighten is necessary for 2-curse Blasphemy because it will reserve 95% mana with Arctic Armour without the gem.

These gems can be used in different links and you can't have all of them so I'll list some notable choices.
I advise to get most of the skill gems, support gems are not as important.
List has no order:
* Reckoning - Ancestral Protector - Maim
* Increased Duration - Ancestral Protector - Blood Rage
* Reckoning - Maim - Life Gain on Hit
* Summon Flame Golem
* Vaal Haste - Increased Duration
* Ancestral Protector gives a huge buff to attack speed. It can also taunt bosses briefly, raising our survivability. I usually use it only for bossses/harbingers/breaches/etc.
* Blood Rage also makes us faster, increases life leech and gives a constant full frenzy charges.
* Reckoning is a nice addition to the block build which can also instantly heal on block with "Life Gain on Hit" support and Maim to increase dmg with a main attack.
* Summon Flame Golem is good for leveling but you can get rid of it when you have enough dmg because it becomes annoying summoning it over and over again.
* Blood Rage doesn't really need Increased Duration, it just feels a bit more comfortable with it.

* Oak is the main choice while Kraityn is a nice alternative.
* Oak gives quite a lot of survivability and increased dmg on both attacks and Bleed.
* Kraityn increases clear speed a bit and 3% dodge chance is a bit pleasant but I would still prefer Oak.
* You can also get +2 passive nodes if you feel that you lack them in your passive tree.

Major gods
* I think that every node except Brine King is good.
* I use Lunaris for both survivability and movement speed.
* Solaris is very good in boss fights.
* Arakaali gives a nice buff against dmg over time, especially if it's powered up.

Minor gods
* Use Ralakesh for leveling because Bleeding can cause big problems when you don't pay enough attention, the node gives more time to react.
* Yugul is very strong and is a much better choice later on, but reflect is not really a thing in early stage.


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Wow no posts yet?
This seems nice. I will try it!
Nice guide, thanks!
i got follow u build but u , use mace u up on axe damage skill points issit wrong ? or u swap weapon ?
Updated the build, tree, added EQ gem setup.
PwN.DaiKo wrote:
i got follow u build but u , use mace u up on axe damage skill points issit wrong ? or u swap weapon ?

I used maces for leveling because there are several really strong unique maces for this build. I killed act 10 kitava with lvl 32 "Flesh-Eater" for example :D
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Really good build. I got to 45 and died (100% my fault)
Really enjoying this build.
Could you suggest some improvements to my gear/gems setup ?

Im currently lvl 77 will easily make 90 but want to optimise if possible.

I also have 1 abyss jewel in my tree and plan to add 1 or two more.



PS, the reason im using Multistrike is I like the auto targeting it does :)
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