[3.7] LiftingNerdBro's Uber Lab Warchief Totem Champion - Great League Starter!


Build status in 3.7

Legion brings with it significant buffs to the build. The new Mortal Conviction (behind Blood Magic) allows us to use an aura without it reserving any many/life. This opens up a few possibilities, but as it stands, for now, I believe the new Pride aura is going to be our best choice. This is going to grant us a significant damage boost.

There are also lots of interesting new support gems that might benefit the build, but I won't be able to tell for sure until a few days after I have had a chance to test it out.

You can start the build as it is for now, but check back in a few days for potential updates to the build.

Also, if you are playing the build and trying out some of the new skills/supports I'd love to hear your feedback.

One thing is certain however, the build is stronger than ever.


Please Read



1. Old video and gameplay guide here:

Note: Refer to the Path of Building link to see which gear/gems you should use now instead. The video is still relevant though as it explains a lot of the mechanics behind the build and shows of some gameplay.

2. Join us on Discord! Visit the #poe-help section if you need help or wish to get your build reviewed https://discord.gg/lifting.

3. The intention of this build is to create a cheap, simple and effective uber lab farmer. This is a monkey maker build.

4. My Path of Building link includes the leveling trees & the ability to swap between the budget and expensive version of the characters gear in the items section.

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/SBgnzsCA




- Budget/beginner/league start-friendly - start with rare items and upgrade to the suggested unique items once you can afford it.

- Very tanky.

- Permanent Fortify & Onslaught.

- High life regeneration, making labyrinth traps easier to deal with.

- Great uber lab farmer. The shaper and Red Elder is doable too with further investments.


- Some people don't enjoy the "totem playstyle"

Gem Setup

Damage setup:

- Vaal Ancestral Warchief, Multiple Totems Support, Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, Concentrated Effect (5-link) & Ruthless (6-link).

Note: Use a regular Ancestral Warchief skill-gem until you get the Vaal version of it.

Note: For mapping I suggest using Increased Area of Effect instead of Concentrated Effect.

Mobility, Cull & Curse

- Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, Culling Strike & Vulnerability.

Note: Even though Ancestral Bond prevents you from dealing damage; leaping unto an enemy while its below 10% still triggers the culling effect and thus kills it.

Utility 1:

- Enduring Cry, Increased Duration, Stone Golem & Life Leech.

CWDT Setup

- CWDT (lvl 6), Immortal Call (lvl 8), Vortex (lvl 9), Inc. Duration (max level).

Note: For this setup, it is important that your gems are exactly the level as posted above, otherwise it won't work. If you accidentally over-level a gem you can sell it to the vendor together with an orb of scouring to de-level it by 1. Or sell it together with an orb of regret to return it to level 1.

Optional, defensive setup for the budget version (No Kaom's Heart):

- Vengeance, Knockback, Life Gain on Hit & Blind.


Skill-trees, Ascendancy & Pantheon

Ascendancy Class: The Champion

Ascendancy Points, in priority: Conqueror --> Worthy Foe --> Unstoppable Hero --> Fortitude.

Leveling skill-tree 1:

Leveling skill-tree 2:

Leveling skill-tree 3:

Finished skill-tree at level 93 and 114 points:

Note: That if you at any point need more intelligence to level your gems then simply pick up the 30+ notables in the skill-tree and/or search the vendors for a Lapis Amulet.

Pantheon powers

- Soul of Solaris (great for boss encounters)
- Soul of Ryslate (filling up potions and extra effect of health potions)


Leveling Tips

1. Level 1-12: Use Cleave, linked with Chance to Bleed & Maim.

2. Level 12+ until you grab Ancestral Bond: Use sunder with a 2-handed axe, mace or staff. Link Sunder with Chance to Bleed, Maim and once you reach level 18 and/or get have a 4-link add in Melee Physical Damage

3. Once you get Ancestral Bond, start using Warchief Totems, optimally in a 4-link.

Note: Once you pick up Ancestral Bond your character can no longer deal damage with skills. You will have to rely on your totems from there on.

4. Level 50-60+ try getting yourself a cheap 5-linked armor for your Warchief setup.

5. Level 61+ Get Kondo’s Pride.

Note: until you pick up blood magic and/or use the brutality support gem I’d recommend running Herald of Ash and Hatred for a nice temporary damage boost.

Bandit quest:

- Help Oak (phys damage, mitigation, and life regeneration!)

Unique items for leveling (OPTIONAL):


- Wanderlust
- Goldrim


- 2x The Screaming Eagle
- Limpsplit
- Wideswing
- Reaper’s Pursuit
- Rigwald’s Charge

Note: These items will be expensive during the very start of the league and will then rapidly drop in price a few days in. It is completely fine to just stick to rare items during the leveling process.

Threshold “guidelines”

Kitava, Act 5:

- 1000-1400+ Life
- 35%+ to all elemental resistances
- Conqueror Ascendancy

Arakali, Act 7:

- 1900-2300+ Life
- 40%+ to all elemental resistances
- 4 or 5-link

Kitava & Maps, Act 10:

- 4000+ Life
- 75%+ to all elemental resistances
- Worthy Foe & Unstoppable Hero Ascendancy
- 5-link +

Uber Lab Farming:

- 5000-6000+ Life
- 75%+ to all elemental resistances
- 5-link +
- 35.000+ DPS per totem
- Avoid Essence + Conduits if the lab has those buffs that day. You can deal with 1, but not both at the same time. At least not without too much risk.

The Shaper/Elder:

- 6700+ Life
- 75%+ to all elemental resistances
- All 8 Ascendancy's
- 5-link Stargeforge (you might need a 6-link)
- 90.000+ DPS per totem
- The Shaper/Elder fight are very mechanical fights. Don't expect to kill him in your first try. It takes practice.

Note: these are all per definition "guidelines" try and aim for these numbers, but don't get discouraged if you are a bit off.



Look for these stats on your rare gear (in priority):


1. Life
2. Elemental Resistances

Not very important:

3. Attack speed & Flat physical damage (only on rings and gloves)
4. Intelligence (only if you need it to progress gem leveling)

My Current Gear:

- Refer to the PoB Pastebin link to see both the budget and expensive version gear choices.


- Maximum life
- Physical/Melee/Sword/Totem Damage/Area Damage
- Attack Speed
- Resistances


- 1x Seething Divine Life Flasks of Staunching
- 1x Ample Sulphur Flask of Heat (prevents you from getting frozen when opening strongboxes)
- 1x Avenger’s Basalt Flask of Warding
- 1x Ample Quicksilver Flask of Heat
- 1x Lion’s Roar

Note: until you get more accustomed to the labyrinth traps, I recommend using at least 2 health flasks. Also, before you get a Perseverance belt, consider using a Silver Flask, to apply onslaught.


Weekly build guides: Youtube.com/LiftingNerdBro
Daily live streams: Twitch.tv/LiftingNerdBro
Friendly PoE community: Discord.gg/Lifting
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Note: my PoB crashed as I was finishing up, because of that I had to rush getting the information back in again. If you notice any mistakes or anything that looks wrong, please let me know and I will correct them.
Weekly build guides: Youtube.com/LiftingNerdBro
Daily live streams: Twitch.tv/LiftingNerdBro
Friendly PoE community: Discord.gg/Lifting
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Thanks Lifting! Looks good and will try asap. Appreciate the focus on cheap and efficient.
What about bandit choice?
LightW2 wrote:
What about bandit choice?

In the video he says Oak.
Hey Lifting, great guide! With your insane life regen, have you considered using Damage on Full Life instead of Faster attacks? Damage on Full Life looks at the player's health, so it gives an insane damage boost that's pretty easy to keep up. Thanks for the guide :).
Tell me pls, why Ancestral Warchief instead of Ancestral Protector?
"The intention with this build is to create a cheap, simple and highly effective uber lab famer. This is a monkey maker build."

This build is awsome I have always wanted an army of Monkeys!
How's map clear speed, or is this just for Uber Lab?
Could anyone point me in the right direction of the "cheap unique leveling item's forum post" that he refers to in this video? not having any luck finding it.

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