[2.6] Starforge Lacerate - Becoming Master of the Universe (on a budget)

So, I haven't played any temporary league since Talisman League. However, Legacy League seemed too juicy to not play. I started out with an Ancestral Warchief Berserker, but was annoyed with it being fairly squishy and the fact you had to be in range of your totems so they would do damage. Next I decided to do Mortem Morsu Spectral Throw. It was good, but still abit too squishy for my taste (not being the greatest at dodging mechanics etc).

Having never played Lacerate before and Duelist being my favourite class, I decided to give it a go.
The good thing about this build is that it's extremely flexible in regards to gear, gems and passives. I decided to go with a Starforge and Blood Magic, but you can easily change it up with just respeccing a few nodes here and there.

As for the playstyle of the build, it kinda feels like Reave without the pressure to go fast to keep up Vaal Reave stacks.

This is a build that has good clearspeed mapping and similiar builds have killed all bosses in the game. If you want a build that can do all content, this is for you.

It requires no specific item to work, and you can start off with a bunch of 1 chaos\1 alch items.


Bosses and maps

T15 Colloseum @ lvl 83 - Ele Weakness, Enfeeble, Temp Chains++

T15 Colloseum -max res, crit, crit multi, cast speed, attack speed ++

Tul, Creeping Avalanche

Xoph, Dark Embers

Guardian of the Minotaur

Guardian of the Chimera

Guardian of the Hydra

Guardian of the Phoenix

In hideout with no buffs or flasks @ lvl 84 - Same gear as I used at lvl 77


Flasks and Bloodrage DPS in hideout @ lvl 84 with Ming's Heart - No frenzy charges up - Rest of the gear is the same as I used at lvl 77


Flasks and Bloodrage DPS in hideout @ lvl 84 - INC. AoE - No frenzy charges up - Rest of the gear is the same as I used at lvl 77


Flasks and Bloodrage DPS in hideout @ lvl 84 - Conc. Effect - No frenzy charges up - Rest of the gear is the same as I used at lvl 77


Gear @ lvl 88

For labrunning I a weaponswap with:

and I swap the Atziri flask and the Quicksilver with:

For poison and bleed immune bosses I swap Voidheart with either:


Gear @ lvl 89

Gear @ lvl 91

Passive tree @ 91

Passive tree
25 points:

42 points:

54 points:

62 points:

80 points:

91 points:

109 skillpoints:

You should take Dirty Techniques before equipping a Voidheart as it will help out alot.

I must point out that this is just a recommended path. You should adjust it depending on your needs. If you need more HP you can take some HP nodes before continuing. Likewise, if you feel like you need more damage, feel free to take some damage nodes. If you level with swords, you can take the sword nodes on the left side earlier. You can pick up Blood Magic when you feel like it. I recommend leveling with a mana flask and running Hatred and Herald of Ash tho.


I chose to go with Slayer for the leeching.
I'd recommend spending the ascendancy points in the following order:

Normal - Bane of Legends
Cruel - Endless Hunger
Merciless - Brutal Fervor
Uber - Headsman

My reasoning for this is as simple as the bonuses provided by leech will make it alot easier for to do uberlab and get those final points to put into Headsman. It is mostly just a quality of life node, hence I get it last.

You can of course swap it around, it's just my preference.


Normal - Oak
Cruel - Kraitlyn
Merciless - Kraitlyn

At the moment I went for an extra Endurance Charge from Merciless Oak. When I get better gear I will respec this into an extra Frenzy Charge from Kraitlyn.


To play this build you just need one 5L for Lacerate. This can be your armour or weapon. You can get a cheap 5L white armour for 1C and just alch it.

For the sake of this guide, I will assume both armour and weapon are 6L.

If you're running Blood Magic Keystone and use an Essence Worm, you can put in Grace (since we take Iron Reflexes), Arctic Armour, Haste or any Purity.

Weapon: Ancestral Warchief - Faster Attacks - Melee Physical damage - Concentrated Effect - Bloodlust - Less Duration

Don't quality Less Duration as the only thing it will give you are additonal reductions to duration. We use this gem for the "more damage" multiplier.

Armour: Lacerate - Faster Attacks - Multistrike - Melee Physical damage - Increased Area of Effect\Innervate - Fortify

I run with Inc. AoE and swap in Conc. effect for bosses. You can however use Innervate if you're satisfied with the AoE or want Onslaught.

Gloves: Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Flame Golem - Vortex\Enfeeble

I prefer a Flame Golem for more damage, but you can swap it out for a stone or chaos golem.

Boots: Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - Enduring Cry

Helm: Vaal Grace, Vaal Lightning Trap - Increased Duration - Blood Rage

Again, just personal preference. Blood Rage don't require any links, but I don't like to recast it if it falls off, so I include it with Increased Duration.

Vaal Haste is also quite good.



I bought the cheapest Starforge available and threw three Divination orbs on it for a decent roll. Then I just six socketed it and five linked it myself.

This sword is the reason I went with Blood Magic as there are few auras that will benefit me greatly. If you are not using Starforge, I would not take Blood Magic and run Hatred and Herald of Ash instead. Get mana leech, mana gained on hit or run a mana flask.

Good starter swords are Doomsower and Kondo's Pride.

You can easily choose to use axes, just change the sword nodes to axe nodes instead.

Good axes to start out with are Hezmana's Bloodlust or Kaom's Primacy. Endgame you will want Atziri's Disfavour.



In the end I would probably use Devoto's Devotion or Starkonja's Head with a good enchant. Another option for mapping would be The Gull. Yes, it has ES, but it also has life and it drops shrines which are OP for mapping. It's fine to use it for endgame bosses on some builds, but I wouldn't do it on this one.


Until your gear is good enough, just go with a good rare with life and resistances.

Body Armour

Endgame I would use Cherrubim's Malefice for the increased leech and chaos damage.

Currently using a 6L Astral Plate which I got from buying The Celestial Justicar divination cards. You turn in six of them for a white 6L Astral Plate. Then I just rolled it a few times with alchs\scour\chaos\essences until I was satisfied. Mine is not a very good roll, but it's a 6L with life and resistance so I'm happy.

The cards are currently around 24-25 chaos each on Legacy Softcore League. If you decide to go this route remember to use a lvl 80+ character to turn them in. I turned them in at lvl 62 and got an ilvl 62 Astral Plate in return. It is capped at ilvl 80, hence wait untill that or get someone to turn it in for you.


I'm just using a pair of rare gloves with attackspeed, life, res etc.

Endgame you can use Haemophilia if your life and resistances allow it.


Will be using rares with life, resistances and movement speed for this slot.

Alternatively you can use Atziri's Step if you fancy yourself some spell dodge.


Voidheart for bleed and poison. As usual try to get good rolls.

Other ring can be a good rare with life, resistance, physical damage, attackspeed etc.

If you have a free ring slot you can equip one or two Ming's Heart.

You should also have a good ring to swap with Voidheart when doing poison\bleed immune bosses.

If you go with the Blood Magic Keystone, as I have, you can also use an Essence Worm with Grace.


A good rare with life, res, attackspeed, phys damage etc. Int and dex are hard to come by so additional stats on gear are welcomed.

Can also try out Carnage Heart, but endgame you probably just want a good rare.


Using a rare belt with life and resistance. If you can get reduced flask charges used or increased flask duration as well, those are great mods to have. When my gear gets better I will try and get The Retch for the flask duration.


I highly recommend using a Lion's Roar flask. Mine cost me 6 chaos on LSC.

Currently using

Before I got some unique flasks I was using

Many good options such as The Writhing Jar, Sin's Rebirth, Blood of the Karui, Rumi's Concoction etc. Can also use Taste of Hate, Dying Sun and The Wise Oak, but you will not get the full benefit.


While many of the unique flasks are quite good, a good rolled magic one is often just as good.

Personal preference is always having a Quicksilver which removes Freeze, a flask to remove curses and at least one defensive flask (Granite, Basalt, Stibnite).

Int is a problem with this build so I'm using Brute Force Solution which converts STR to INT. Other than that I try to get life with two damage mods or life with one damage mod and resist or stats.

My current ones

Gear at lvl 77

I leveled with swords and Cleave. Probably better to use axes and maces and use Sunder and Earthquake.

Good leveling swords

My other guides
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Reserved for whatever
Guide is mostly finished now, will update as I get to endgame, but don't forsee any big changes.
Updated with some screenshots of Atziri and maps.
Seems interesting!, is this HC viable?
Don't see any reason it wouldn't. It got a good HP and defenses. I do T15 with hard rolls deathless and the deaths I've had are mostly my own fault (like trying to switch gems while doing twinned t15 or alt+tabbing).

Gonna do a major content update soon, but the tree and gear will be the same, just to make it look better and flesh out some of the content.
Got enough splinters and killed Tul deathless today. My first time doing it, was easy. Can mostly facetank everything, tho not the entirety of his frostspray.
Can you do leveling passives and which type of passive i should get first.
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I've added skill tree progression.

However, it also depends on your gear when leveling.

If you need more life, you take some life, if you need damage, you take damage.

Also, if you're leveling with swords, you can take the sword nodes on the left side earlier.

You can also pick up Blood Magic when you want.
7thDayTheory wrote:
I've added skill tree progression.

However, it also depends on your gear when leveling.

If you need more life, you take some life, if you need damage, you take damage.

Also, if you're leveling with swords, you can take the sword nodes on the left side earlier.

You can also pick up Blood Magic when you want.

Cool! i will def try this out on HC!, hopefully my budget 130c will be enough for everything execpt starforge which i will be getting later in endgame once i got enough fund. I guess kondos pride will be a good starter until it? or a good rare sword

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