[3.3] The Dancing Baron - The Baron/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage/SRS Summoner (1.2k+ Strength)

(Disclaimer: TDD can't be dual wielded)

Changes for 3.3
You can now corrupt Two-Handed Swords with "Resolute Technique". This means it will always hit (but never crit) which is a huge damage boost.

Remember that while it's not manifested, the Keystone will apply to you and you won't be able to crit until it's active. This is not that relevant to this build but still worthy to be noted down.
Changes since 3.2
None, it remains the same build. It got buffed a lot due to the Ascendancy changes and the introduction of The Dancing Duo.

This build revolves around Duelist's Champion Ascendancy Nodes focusing on stacking Strength to buff "The Dancing Dervish" in it's manifested form and his Skulls aswell as the 10 Zombies (eventually 11/12) which are acting as meatshields.

Why not Witch or Scion you ask? Well, because I already made a Scion and a Witch with this unique already. I also wanted to make a Duelist Summoner because of his "Inspirational" noteable and other things to buff minion damage.


First a few questions.

- Are you kinda sometimes bored leveling up characters?
- Are you a hipster?
- Are you 16 C broke but still want to have some fun? The Baron costs more than a Shav's atm for WHATEVER reason. Even in standard it's relatively expensive. It's not that expensive anymore since the nerf!
- Do you not care that you'll be most likely unable to solo ubers?

If you answered at least one of those questions with yes, this build might be for you.


I remember as if it was yesteryear when I first got in contact with this item

(Ignore the Additional Accuracy, I'm trying to get a nice corruption)
I really like this thing because it is really unique in what it does. It was the core of my first build ever to successfully and seriously get my casual ass into mapping up to two digit maps which is also why I tried to make a viable build with it in each subsequent league. Now in Legacy I also have a Scion which has come far. In Breach I tried myself on a TDD Raider which kinda went... meh... because you can't really scale TDD that well without minion damage and support gems are leveled up sometime which means it won't scale further.

Noteable things about TDD in 3.1
TDD got a serious AI overhaul. It Cyclones hard now! (Before/After)

Since probably only like four people use it seriously, I got this TDD for 1 Alch or something.

A 6 Socket version is all you need because Manifest Weapon is an inherent Skill which gets supported by all gems in it meaning you have an artificial 7-Link comparable to Nhagamu's or Whispring Ice.

You always reach the Rampage State after just 15 kills now because it seems they kinda forgot to update that after Kitava encounters. I like it a lot.

It can also sustain itself in a bossfight now if it hits the boss in it's manifested form.

You can artificially create/keep up a rampage with thefollowing two things since 3.1


+ Extremely fun to level because you can wear The Baron pretty early on which buffs your minions pretty nicely.
+ Fairly Cheap, I'm was 1K Strength atm and I maybe invested 16 Chaos into it. The most expensive things were the 18% Alberon's and the two 6% Str Brawn Jewels which cost around 3 C each which is explainable due to a certain person playing a Strength stacking build increasing those items prices a bit. But I'm broke and I could do it soooo... you will need to invest 1 Ex for The Baron as it is right now. Else, stacking Str is cheap.
+ Non ES items are generally much cheaper than ES ones which means you can cheaply stack stats.
+ Inherent tankyness due to Strength stacking.
+ A makeshift Decoy Totem through the Conqueror Noteable.
+ 10+ Zombies at your command.
+ The satisfying visual of a very nice Cycloning Sword.

-/+ You give away 6 sockets for The dancing Dervish but it itself is strong so it's pretty much even.

- Strength stacking takes some effort and I only reached 1K at lvl 73. You don't have to reach 1K but to fully utilize The Baron, it is recommended.
- You lose defenses as you cannot wear a shield. You do have a Zombiehorde and your weaponswap though aswell as a makeshift Decoy Totem through the Conqueror Noteable.
- If you fail to start a rampage, you are missing a lot of damage and clearspeed.
- Build starts at lvl 59 because you can only then equip TDD.

How to Baron:

I started out selffound and with a normal melee setup with Zombies as my first meatshields. I wanted to make this an Iron Will Caster but it felt clunky af so I went with SRS soon enough. The zombies later recieved a melee damage gem and minion damage. This went on until I got my hands on The Baron at lvl 26. Skillwise the Minion skills were little priority and I only increased my zombies survivability and numbers when I had a bit of strength. I kept using a Clayshaper until I switched to The Dank Dervish.

Skillwise I prioritized Jewelslots and efficient strength nodes. Mana Flows was taken because of the Int and Mana you will need.

When I reached lvl 59 I had too little dex and int so I went to get some items with stats on them

I invested points into aura effect and a bit into reduced mana reserved nodes.

Since my gear doesn't have too many res on it, I had to get some jewels and passives for that purpose.

As of now at lvl 80

With this tree and Items I am at 1201 Str atm.

Ascendancywise I chose:

Normal: Inspirational

This leads to you and your minions to be beefy and get more MS.

Cruel: First to Strike, Last to Fall

This means if your Spelltotem hits something on full life, it will be intimidated. It also helps if you get attacked and need to survive.

Merciless: Conqueror

This helps your survivability immensly. You don't take damage if you don't get hit. The 25% chance to Taunt also applies to your Ball Lightning Totems. This means the enemies will attack the totem and not you. OFC you still have Rallying Cry to get the other boni for yourself, but this is a real lifesaver.

Uber: Worthy Foe

Taunted enemies by your Totem take 20% more damage and deal 10% less damage to you and your minions. This is the bomb.

If you take the Lightning damage out of TDD and change your Golem you could potentially go Elemental Equilibrium. I maybe do it in the future, but not now atm.


In depth Gear description

This is mandatory. I got this for 1 or 2 alchs. Mind that they don't have to be linked to support "Manifest Weapon". In general, one of these costs 1 alch since, well, nobody builds this. After a lot of Vorici crafting (If you aim for 3 blue sockets, use the "at least 1 blue socket" crafting option as it will cost less overall statistically.) I put in as much elemental stuff I could aswell as Innervate for the shocks and Onslaught. The 50% more damage with shock can lead to longer shocks.
Tl;dr Just put damage in there and look what works best for you.

100 Str helps tons. The 2% HP regen is also another bonus.

Another Core of the build. You need this to scale TDD into lategame. It really helps. Try to get as much Str in there as possible, it can have up to 40.

To be honest, this was a little bit more expensive and not needed, but it helps reaching 1.2k strength. Didn't take a long time to get it 6S 5L.

The Uncorrupted version of this Belt is the Best in Slot Belt for leveling because you gain 50% increased flask charges, up to 25% all res with at least 200 Str which you have anyway and 50 Str to beef you up and your minions. The +q Zombie is optional, but it works nicely.

Those Boots are needed for stacking strength even further. Try to get a 18% pair of them, sometimes they are offered cheap. You can pretty much ignore any other stat except maybe the chaos res.

This Jewellery is to complement missing resistances and stats. I got each for 1 C because they don't have any serious ES on it I guess.

Weapon Swap

This setup allows for your minions to get Frenzy Charges Victario's Charity combined with a fast hitting Ball Lightning from your Spell Totem allows your Minions be permanently on 3 Frenzy Charges which is an awesome boost for them. If Ball Lightning has Culling Strike, even Power Charges. (Combined with a possible Warlords Mark, you can even have all 9 charges on them from time to time.)
What those charges do for them (as seen on the wiki):
15% Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge
15% to all Elemental Resistances per Endurance Charge
15% increased Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge
15% increased Cast Speed per Frenzy Charge
4% more Damage per Frenzy Charge
5% increased Movement Speed per Frenzy Charge
200% increased Critical Strike Chance per Power Charge
3 Maximum Endurance Charges
3 Maximum Frenzy Charges
3 Maximum Power Charges

Remember that Rampage with a manifested Dervish disables your weaponslot which also includes your offhand. This means it's only useful if your Rampage indeed ended.

How to play
1. Get your Golem, SRS, kill a few monsters, summon zombies.

2. Approach a pack of monsters (care if they are ranged AoE mages, they will fck your sht up) and cast SRS. Eventually they will die, you will rampage and you can move on to the next pack.

3. Repeat step 2

4. Repeat step 3

5. ????

6. profit

How to play if your Rampage ended
If you are up against something where you can't get your rampage up and the enemy is singletarget, swap to Clayshaper/Victario's, get the Stonegolem out and swap SRS Melee Splash to Melee Damage/Added Fire Damage.

Skills and Links
Disclaimer: Those are just the skills I'm using in the setup they are in. You don't HAVE to link them exactly like that because there surely is room for improvement.

Raise Zombie - Minion Res - Minion Life - Fortify

Those are basically just your meatshield to prevent your enemies from reaching you.

SRS - Minion Damage - Culling Strike - Melee Splash - Minion Damage

The main damage setup to start the rampage. Get Melee Splash to kill packs quickly because of the overlaps and Added Fire Damage against bosses. I chose Culling Strike because of the flat damage and the AS/CS you get with Quality.

Hatred - Generosity - Summon Lightning Golem - Haste

Last Link just to support the minions because you don't need any added cold damage.

Spell Totem - Ball Lightning - GMP

This setup allows you to have a makeshift discount Decoy Totem which can apply the Intimidation Debuff from "First to Hit, Last to Fall" and the 20% more damage from "Worthy Foe". If you swap to Victario's Charity the totem will quickly apply Frenzycharges for allies (minions) around itself.


Have that somewhere in your Skillbard, you need it to resummon minions to your location.

Dank Dervish

You would be lucky to have more than 2 blue sockets.

I thought about this seriously and finally came to the conclusions to socket it with Phys to Light, Added Fire Damage, Innervate, Melee Physical Damage, Weapon Elemental Damage and Melee Damage on Full Life (TDD seems to not lose life has a LOT of damage reduction and if you have minion regen, MDoFL works on it.) You can fill it with any "more" multiplier you want.
This time I wanted to make it a Tri Elemental Minion with the potential to Shock.
Alternatively get some poison in there, might work pretty well.

>>-N-C-M-> Kill them all or get normal oak

Map experience with it up to now

Ele reflect is not a problem
Phys reflect is not a problem
Reduced Mana and Health regen, not a problem
Elemental Equilibrium , not a problem
Totems, not a problem
Extra damage, not a problem
Extra crit, you gotta watch out, the thing is that you can still be frozen.
Bloodlines, no problem
Beyond monsters you have to watch out for but it works out
Nemesis Mods care about corrupting blood when you don't have your Dervish out.
Shocking/Burning/Chilled ground no problems up to now, the chilled ground can impede your Rampage though
desecrated ground can be a hazard if not cautious
Cursed with Enfeeble is no problem
2 bosses is only a problem with certain bosses
Rogue Exiles I've encountered so far were not a problem except Antalie Napora with LA in a Vorici mission. It hurts if you stand in your minions and LA pierces through because you may not kill her.
Master missions are possible without much of a problem except particular Vorici missions and Vagan duels.
Hall of Grandmasters is pretty much impossible solo

GL, hf, Bye.
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Looks pretty interesting. Hope u will upload a video soon^^
Conqueror ascendancy also applies foe minions?
garantivil wrote:
Conqueror ascendancy also applies foe minions?

No, but it applies for your Ball Lightning Totem and you yourself.
You can now artificially create/keep up a rampage with the following two things since 3.1

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