[3.3] The Dancing Phantasm - Crit Cold BV/The Dancing Dervish/Perma phasing/Rampage

(Disclaimer: TDD can't be dual wielded)


Changes for 3.3
You can now corrupt Two-Handed Swords with "Resolute Technique". This means it will always hit (but never crit) which is a huge damage boost.

Remember that while it's not manifested, the Keystone will apply to you and you won't be able to crit until it's manifested. This is extremely relevant to this build due to it's crit scaling.

Also, you can get Vaal Blade Vortex for a little bit more spicyness. Not mandatory.

This build revolves around the Ranger's Raider Ascendancy with it's Onslaught/Phasing synergy making it pretty safe and using "The Dancing Dervish" (TDD) in it's manifested form as statstick. Manifest Dancing Dervish provides you with Onslaught while you have Rampage which means you have 5 seconds of Phasing/Onslaught instead of the 3 you get through the Ascendancy.


First a few questions.

- Are you kinda sometimes bored leveling up characters?
- Are you a hipster?
- Are you broke but still want to have some fun?
- Do you want to use Phasing as an effective tool instead of just a thing that happens?
- Do you want to have mad synergy between an item and your Ascendancy?

If you answered at least one of those questions with yes, this build might be for you.


I remember as if it was yesteryear when I first got in contact with this item

I really like this thing because it is really unique in what it does. It was the core of my first build ever to successfully and seriously get my casual ass into mapping up to two digit maps which is also why I tried to make a viable build with it in each subsequent league. In Legacy I managed to sucessfully make two other builds with it, a Scion and another Duelist. In Breach I tried myself on a TDD Raider which kinda went... meh... because you can't really scale TDD that well without minion damage and support gems are leveled up sometime which means it won't scale further.

In this Raider iteration I'm not relying on TDD for damage but for the utility it provides. You get Rampage and Onslaught through it and because I socketed Maim, Blind and Culling Strike in there, it will occasionally provide a small safety net on hit.

Noteable things about TDD in 3.1
TDD got a serious AI overhaul. It Cyclones hard now! (Before/After)

Since probably only like four people use it seriously, I got this TDD for 1 Alch or something.

A 6 Socket version is all you need because Manifest Weapon is an inherent Skill which gets supported by all gems in it meaning you have an artificial 7-Link comparable to Nhagamu's or Whispring Ice.

You always reach the Rampage State after just 15 kills now because it seems they kinda forgot to update that after Kitava encounters. I like it a lot.

It can also sustain itself in a bossfight now if it hits the boss in it's manifested form.

You can artificially create/keep up a rampage with thefollowing two things since 3.1


+ Rampage.
+ Fairly Cheap.
+ Fun to play with.
+ Perma Phasing while the Rampage is on.
+ The satisfying visual of a very nice Cycloning Sword.

-/+ You give away 6 sockets for The dancing Dervish but it itself is strong so it's pretty much even.

- You lose defenses as you cannot wear a shield. You do have perma Phasing and dodge chance through items because of it while the Rampage is active.
- If you fail to start a rampage, you are missing a lot of damage, defenses and clearspeed.
- Build only really starts at lvl 59 because you can only then equip TDD.

How to:

Skillwise I prioritized Spell Crit Chance and Multiplier.

When I reached lvl 59 I had too little dex and int so I went to get some items with stats on them

As of now at lvl 84

This builds defenses are Dodge through Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics aswell as Evasion.

I'll try to stack more Life as time comes.

Ascendancywise I chose:

Normal: Quartz Infusion

This helps your survivability immensly. You dodge, you have phasing and it's a nice investment in general for the Cruel Lab.

Cruel: Avatar of the Veil

Movementspeed is always good to have and Ailment Immunity rocks. Dodging Spell damage is a huge plus in my book

Merciless: Rapid Assult

Since I have Onslaught as offensive buff, I use it as placeholder to take Avatar of the Chase later which will be a huge bonus in general.

Uber: Avatar of the Chase

100% increased Onslaught Effect? Count me in, "more" Chance to Evade Attacks? Hello there.


In depth Gear description

This is mandatory. I got this for 1 or 2 alchs. Mind that they don't have to be linked to support "Manifest Weapon". In general, one of these costs 1 alch since, well, nobody builds this.

This provides Synergy with the almost perma Phasing you have. Since you're Evasion Based, 300 ER is welcomed aswell.

Since we have a lot of Evasion, this will provide Movementspeed aswell as res which are well needed.

Even more Phasing Synergy aswell as Onslaught.

This provides a small safetynet once you reach low life.

Hrimsorrow/-burn help a tad with the cold conversion we need to freeze monsters reliably. They are also purely Evasion based and provide with a tad of Strength we direly need. The ignite is not important at all.

This was cheap and I slapped it with a Vaal Orb. Since we're cold based, we leech a bit. I still gotta rework the tree a tad.

Just some cheap Stats

Weapon Swap

I found dual wielding those to be quite effective and really cheap. They provide Crit Multi and singletarget damage. If they summon adds you get free Frenzy Charges. It's win/win.
Alternatively you can also get 2 80% Singularities if those tickle your fancy. They are however a little bit more expensive and conditional.

How to play
1. Approach a pack of monsters

2. Kill a few monsters. Eventually they will die, you will rampage and you can move on to the next pack.

3. Repeat step 2

4. Repeat step 3

5. ????

6. profit

Skills and Links
Disclaimer: Those are just the skills I'm using in the setup they are in. You don't HAVE to link them exactly like that because there surely is room for improvement.

Blade Vortex - Spell Echo - Crit Chance - Crit Damage - Hypothermia

This is your main clear skill. I abandoned the hope of using Frosbolts because of the meager Bossclear you get through it.

Increased Duration - Arcane Surge (lvl 10) - Assassins Mark - Vaal Clarity

Vaal Clarity gets you to a comfortable 75/75 Dodge Chance. Assassins Mark reliably procs Arcane Surge which also helps your clearspeed. So far it's at 57/50 while just Phasing and 57/58 if I've been hit by a spell recently.

Decoy Totem - Increased Duration - Minion and Totem Ele Res

This is a lifeline you shouldn't ignore. If the enemies are taunted they don't attack you which means you don't take damage.

Stone Golem / Clarity / Herald of Ice

Some utility.

Dank Dervish

Since it's just 5 socketed, this is what I chose.

Melee Physical Damage - Helps it to deal a bit damage by itself.

Culling Strike - Is what it is, it helps with clearing trashmobs and keeping the rampage up

Blind - Helps, pure utility

Maim - Helps, pure utility, you don't deal much physical damage

Minion Speed - pure utility, it can move around faster, hits faster and applies more ailments

Weapon Swap

Warlords Mark

Since the Weaponswap is your bosskilling thing, Warlords Mark will help you sustain through the fight. I might add Arcane Surge to the mix if I ever manage to get the colours right.

Help Kraityn for additional defensive stats or Kill them all

Map experience with it up to now

Reflect is a problem
Unlucky Dodge no, just don't
Any DoT If you're not careful, you're dead
Reduced Mana and Health regen, bit of a problem because you really run out of mana pretty fast
Elemental Equilibrium , might slow you down a notch, but nothing impossibly
Totems, not a problem
Extra damage, not a problem
Extra crit, gotta watch out for those oneshots.
Bloodlines, no problem
Beyond monsters you have to watch out for but it works out
Nemesis Mods care about corrupting blood when you don't have your Dervish out.
Shocking/Burning/Chilled ground no problems up to now, the chilled ground can impede your Rampage though
desecrated ground can be a hazard if not cautious
Rogue Exiles Some are danagerous, but nothing impossible
Master missions are possible without much of a problem except particular Vorici missions

GL, hf, Bye.
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14. September 2017

- Created Guide

20. September 2017

- Revamped build to be Crit BV instead of Crit Frostbolt because the latter was severely lacking in bossfights
- Minor Changes to Skilltree
- Added Strand Video

10. October 2017

- Added Port Video

10. December 2017

- Upadted the Guide to 3.1

20. December 2017

- Cleaned up post for readabilities sake

2. February 2018

- Added the 3.1 Buffs section for TDD

4. March 2018

- Added 3.2 Notes

18. June 2018

- Added 3.3 Notes
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I think you don't need to basically copy paste a build with sub 100% increased life in tree more than five times. Instead you can make a single guide with variations listed. While you haven't said the build is top tier, my opinion is that it's a very unrefined build and should be, at most, posted as a concept and not as a guide.

It's really nice idea but I'll love to see how it performs after lvl 80 and in red maps before I add your guide to my build list. Let me know when you do some more of the hard content.

Maxintosh wrote:
I think you don't need to basically copy paste a build with sub 100% increased life in tree more than five times. Instead you can make a single guide with variations listed. While you haven't said the build is top tier, my opinion is that it's a very unrefined build and should be, at most, posted as a concept and not as a guide.

You seem to have missunderstood the "Other TDD Builds" Tab. Each build in there is different to the next and uses different aspects and classes. The only "copy pasted" builds are the The Baron builds. The rest is different.

Amongalen wrote:

It's really nice idea but I'll love to see how it performs after lvl 80 and in red maps before I add your guide to my build list. Let me know when you do some more of the hard content.


Will do :D. So far it's able to clear up top tier 8 rare maps, but it takes relatively long to kill bosses and you have to kite around pretty hard.
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Which one of your builds is your favorite? Which one clears the fastest?

Have you tried a Berserker BV version?
Gonna try this with Doryani's Fists since I got them both in the same day.

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