[2.6] Kaulder’s Flaming Sword Build (Heavy Strike Skill) [UPDATED]

Hello guys, im Hinnon and bring to u one really nice noob build. Talking something about me, I play PoE since 2013, and never have too much time to play the game because university got most of my time. So, Im not a strong player. But, all time, my fun in game is start new chars and try to build something strong only. Now, it’s my first time I did something strong (I think). Actually my char “Luccanus” is Lvl 72 and with him I successfully complete Tier 8 maps without problems and relatively fast. I’ll talk about the build to share it with all u.


[EDIT] The resistances uncapped u see its because i was in my hideout to take this SS. On maps, because debuff of 60% on resistances, u'll stay with a little more then 75%


Doing a Tier 8 Map (Here you can see how bad is my computer!)

Why this name?

Just watch “The Last Witch Hunter” and u will understand the name! There’s a scene on this movie where Kaulder (Vin Diesel) ignite ur sword in flames to attack the witch. Besides that, Kaulder is immortal while the witch still alive! And, with this build, u will be strong to survive almost to immortality (I say that because I died twice, Idk if because I tried to kill Izaro in third encounter when I was Lvl 65 trying to ascend faster, or because my PC have low configuration, or because the build isn’t too strong as I think). But I think u understand why I named this build like this!


The mechanic of this build is simple and easy. Just find enemies pack, leap their and hit all enemies once or twice if are normals, three to six times if are magics (depending of the suffix of the enemies), six or more if is rare or unique. To start a map, active 4 skills (one golem, one herald, one aura curse and arctic armor) and enter. U only need the mouse to play with this build along the maps, and u won’t need do too much to clear the waves. But pay attention, sometimes u’ll need to use flasks.


- High Damage
- Fast clearwave speed
- Funny and Strong build
- Don’t need too much strategy to work
- Almost use mouse only
- Relatively tanky
- Two mandatory uniques only
- Can do tier 8 maps with Lvl 70

- One of mandatory uniques cost 50c+
- Need maximize ur defenses (Cold, Lightning, Fire, Chaos)
- Not tested against Endgame Bosses
- Reduced dmg against fire resistant enemies

Mandatory Uniques

This build use two mandatory uniques only: the two-handed sword “Doomsower”
and the armor “The Brass Dome”.

Why this items?
Doomsower because socketed red gem grants 10% of physical dmg as extra fire dmg to skill. But, PAY ATTENTION: THE BONUS ONLY APPLIES TO ACTIVE SKILL GEMS, NOT TO SUPPORT. The Brass Dome because this is the most armored item on game, and u receive no extra critical dmg, eliminating problems against enemies with powerful critical.

Only one are required to increase the damage of your build. Weight of the Empire. You can equip 2 Weights, so you will have 40% chance to deal double damage!

Skill Gems Configuration

Main attack: Heavy Strike
Why heavy strike? Because this is the gem skill with the second highest damage multiplier (highest is “Vigilant Strike”, but the cooldown won’t interesting us). I choose to use that:
Heavy Strike – Melee Physical Dmg – Melee Splash – Fortify (4L) – Added Fire Dmg (5L) – Increased Area of Effect or Faster Attacks (6L)

ATTENTION: THIS SKILL SHOULD ONLY BE APPLIED ON SWORD!!! To maximize the dmg, u need to put it only on sword.

Other skills
Leap Slam – Vengeance – Faster Attacks – Melee Physical Dmg

Summon Stone Golem – Minion Life – Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance – Fortify

Arctic Armor – Herald of Ash – Warlord’s Mark – Blasphemy

Molten Shell – Immortal Call – Increased Duration – Cast When Dmg Taken

About skills, we don’t need 6L items to give a lot of dmg, just heavy strike + 3 support gems on Doomsower is enough to reach 14k DPS (without buffs, gems in lvl 17, char lvl 71). 4L items is easy to get, in all 5 items u’ll use just 50 jewellers and 25 fusing, if u have Vorici lvl 6. So, the only problem maybe u’ll have is buy one “The Brass Dome”. The other items has low costs (u can find some Doomsower on poe.trade for 1 alchemy).You may change Stone Golem for any golem you want, but i only recommend chaos golem (to reduced physical dmg) or fire golem (to increased physical dmg).

My Current Gear

This is the items im using now.


Skill Tree + Leveling

20 points:

40 points:

60 points:

80 points:

100 points (actually passive tree on Lvl 79):

Ascendancy Class

About ascendancy, the recommended is Slayer.
Try to get these passives in sequence
- Endless Hunger → to still draining after full life
- Brutal fervor → to increase life leech effects and avoid stun and bleeding
- Bane of legends → to gain free onslaught for 20 sec after killing rare or unique enemies and 20% culling strike
- select between Headsman (to reduce reflected physical dmg taken, gains 20% more dmg for 4 sec after killing enemies and increased radius for melee splash) or Overwhelm (to gains crowd control with area stun – always stun full life enemies + melee splash).


- Normal → Help Kraytin (+10% all elemental resistances)
- Cruel → Help Oak (+16% increased physical dmg)
- Merciless → Help Oak (to +1 endurance charge) or Kill All (+1 passive point)

So guys, im proud to share this build with all u. If anyone wanna upgrade them, feel at ease to do more for this build. I hope u have some fun with my playstyle. Enjoy!
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You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the bonus fire damage... here is the designer unveiling doomsower https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1120938 he specifies that red supports won't give you a bigger boost; you just get a flat 10% bonus if you put a red active gem in it.
korn_dawg wrote:
You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the bonus fire damage... here is the designer unveiling doomsower https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1120938 he specifies that red supports won't give you a bigger boost; you just get a flat 10% bonus if you put a red active gem in it.

Man, thank you for this info. I will edit the post to add this info. Sry for my misundestood.

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