3.2 Bloodsplosion Infractem Split Arrow Gladiator | 37k Armour | 52/75 Block | One Shot ALL Packs ♪

3.2 UPDATES (30/03/18)

Please follow all the gear, tree and jewels outlined in this Path of Building link instead. Please read the changelog carefully. I have made significant changes to accommodate for the new 3.2. The build is a lot tankier now (very high armour and block). With the 3.2 changes to Gladiator, Bleed Damage has been increased significantly by a multiplier of 1.375 (25% more damage from Gratuitous Violence and 10% more damage from Maim). For single target, we now use Siege Ballista for its 170% multiplier. For packs, we still use Split Arrow. We also use Infractem now over Slivertongue.



3.2 Changelog

- Going Armour with Determination + Grace + Enlighten (~30k Armour without Flasks)

- Using Iron Reflexes instead of Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics

- Ideally, we want Perfect Form for the free Phase Acrobatics and Arctic Armour (Although regular 6L is fine too)

- Going Infractem over Slivertongue (slightly less damage, but guaranteed pierce is far more valuable)

- Going Block (52% Block and 75% Spell Block with Painforged and Rumi's Concoction), with Phase Acro, we have 82.5% (1- 0.25 x 0.7) chance to Avoid Spells.

- Versatile Combatant instead of Outmatch and Outlast (Block from Rearguard)

- Using Siege Ballista for Single-Target.

- Dropping Leech Nodes (you will now need mana leech from gear).

- For Pantheon, use Soul of Arakaali + CWDT / Immortal Call combo to trigger 50% increased life recovery by 1.5x. (Character is made immune to Bloodrage for a brief moment which triggers the bonus life recovery).


Hey guys, this is my updated build guide for my Split Arrow Gladiator, that heavily scales bleeding damage to deal a massive amount of Bleed DOT and cause monsters to explode, based on the Gladiator's Ascendancy Passive "Gratuitous Violence".

This build is built very defensively, with the new 3.2 version having 30k+ Armour due to running both Grace and Determination, in combination with Iron Reflexes. Rearguard is combined with Versatile Combatant and Rumi's Concoction to provide a significant Block / Spell Block boost unmatched by nearly any other Archer Build.

Since the 3.0 changes, Bleed builds have been buffed quite significantly through the addition of new support gems, but they need to be built completely differently. I scale the bleed damage of this build through increased physical damage, damage over time and ailment damage. I also utilize a lot of 'more' multipliers to further multiply the bleed damage.

Our choice of Skill is Split arrow, as it allows us to save on using GMP. This allows us to use an extra support gem for more bleed DOT. I don't have any 3.0 Videos due to some technical issues, but my clear speed has improved dramatically beyond what the below videos showcase. Although, my single-target has fallen due to the 3.0 Boss HP changes.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5npZcQGQBoA(New Video)

http://youtu.be/IQIrlcnoqVo (A bit outdated run on a 4L. My 3.0 Clear speed is noticeably better)

http://youtu.be/x_lV0mgHNVM (Russian build showcase, presented by Cursedone66)



+ Insane clear speed
+ Defensive
+ Budget
+ Can do nearly all map mods
+ Can scale further with more currency / better gear


- Single-target is harder in 3.0+

SKILL TREE (Outdated! Follow PoB Link Above)


Passive Tree (For level 91)

Ascendancy Points: Gratuitous Violence, Blood In The Eyes, Versatile Combatant, Painforged

Bandits: +2 Passives (Oak is fine too)


I have run many simulations of this tree on Path of Building, to optimize the build for the highest Bleed damage. At first glance, this skill tree looks quite peculiar since we grab some two-handed melee nodes. However the two-handed notables (Destroyer and Executioner) actually give us increased ailment damage with two-handed weapons (bows are also two-handed). We grab as many efficient damage over time nodes, ailment nodes and physical damage nodes we can get, to maximise our DPS output.

Defensively we grab the Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics Keystones for a massive boost to dodge and spell dodge. We also grab a moderate amount of increased Evasion and Life. For our ascendancy points, we use Gratuitous Violence for explosions, Blood in the Eyes for solid maim chance, reduced damage taken and increased damage. We also use "Outmatch and Outlast" for the 10% more physical damage at max frenzy charges. It also allows us to gain frenzy charges on kill with main-hand weapon. (although this is not as effective since our bleed does most of the killing). Painforged is our last ascendancy node and is useful for providing us with a bonus 40% increased damage.


We generally want high life, physical damage, increased damage, damage over time and increased bleeding damage on our jewels. Attack Speed is not that important. I highly recommend grabbing life on our jewels as it improves our defenses substantially.





For our weapons, we want a bow with very high base damage. Slivertongue offers exactly that, and I would highly recommend using it unless you can find another bow with higher base damage.


For our quiver we use a rare quiver with high physical damage bonus and life. Preferably on a broadhead arrow quiver base for the additional physical damage.


For our helm, we use a rare helm with high evasion and life / resistances. If you are rich, try to get a helm with the "Split arrow has 2-3 Additional Projectiles". That would be a huge boost to your AoE coverage.


Generally for our Chest, we want a high Evasion chest. If you are rich, I recommend using a Kintsugi, Queen of the Forest or Cospri's Will.

Gloves and Boots

For Gloves, we want high phys damage, life and resistances. If you have the currency, try to get gloves that curse enemies with vulnerability on hit. This will be a huge DPS boost.

For boots, we want high resistances, and Life as well. Try to get good movement speed on your boots as well. Also go for high evasion gear.


For the Amulet, we want an amulet with high phys damage, life and resistances. Also try to get intelligence since we don't grab a lot of intelligence from the tree. Once you have more currency, you can afford better jewellery.


For our rings we want a Warden's Brand and a rare ring with high phys damage, life and resistances. Warden's Brand is great as it allows us to gain Frenzy charges on Stun as well as providing us with a huge phys damage bonus that scales up our bleed hit. The attack speed loss is irrelevant since we generally only hit once. Lategame a GG Steel Ring might be more optimal than Warden's brand.


For the Belt, we ideally want a rare rustic sash with good resists and life.


Split Arrow Setup

For Split arrow, the links are shown above. We use Split Arrow so that we can save out on using GMP. Chance to Bleed provides us with a huge boost to Bleed damage, the same goes for PPAD, Brutality, Deadly Ailments and Swift Affliction. All of these are 'more' multipliers which multiply our Bleed damage very significantly.

Frenzy Setup

This setup is not really necessary, but it is useful for boss fights when you are running out of charges. Frenzy charges are great because they multiply our Bleeding damage. You can also attach knockback so that enemies move when they are hit, causing them to take 3x more bleeding damage. Faster Attacks is used so that we can generate our Frenzy charges quickly. Alternatively you can also put your Curse on Hit setup on your Frenzy, so you will no longer require vulnerability gloves. However, this will slow you down as you will have to attack twice per pack rather than once.

Single Target Totem Setup

For single-target Bosses, we generally want to force them to move, so that they take more bleed damage. This is accomplished by the above setup which is really useful in knocking back enemies very quickly. I think ideally, faster casting is better than GMP, I just couldn't roll the right colours.

Mobility Setup

This is the main mobility setup which involves using Blink Arrow and Faster Projectiles. This ensures that our projectile travels very fast and we get from one location to the other very quickly.

Aura Setup

This is our Aura setup and we use Arctic Armour and Grace. Grace provides a huge defensive boost and allows us to evade a lot of incoming damage. Arctic Armour provides another defensive boost to mitigate damage that does penetrate our evasion.

Golem / Utility Setup

We use an Flame Golem for the bonus to damage. We attach it with minion life so that it stays alive. You can also go for stone golem if you prefer a bit more tankiness. Bloodrage gives us life leech, frenzy charges and some attack speed. It helps us maintain our Frenzy charges at maximum. I suggest using the Pantheon ability '25% less physical damage over time taken while moving', as it helps us sustain Bloodrage better.


Generally, just use any physical bow to level. You can level with Facebreakers or Split arrow straight away. Upgrade your gear constantly every 10-20 levels until you can use Slivertongue or a strong rare bow.


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Looks like this has been mixed with 2 different builds?

EDIT: You've fixed that now :)
Last edited by Norodian on Oct 12, 2016, 10:36:36 AM

Yeah just using my other build as a template for this one. Finished the build guide now.
Lol oh man, coincidentally my friend asked me today if there are any interesting Gladiator builds and I suggested Slivertongue + Drillneck...then I Googled it and here I am! Good to see it working! :)
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If you aim to be at max frenzy charges anyway, what about adding Snakebite gloves to the build?

Haha thanks. Yeah I wasn't sure if it would work when I put it all together, but it turned out alright.


Yep I thought about Snakebite, but with 10% reduced duration per Frenzy charge, at max charges our Frenzy charge duration becomes 5 seconds, which is really difficult to sustain.

The 50% reduced duration is why I dropped Darkray vectors as well from the build.
Nice build, i'll try it with my new character.

A question:

What's the ascendancy order?
another question:
would Cospri's Will be a good armor for this build?

Gratuitous Violence, Blood In The Eyes, Outmatch and Outlast, Painforged.

Cospri's will is alright because it lets us do hexproof maps easier. But otherwise, LC and Kintsugi are better.

But a 6L rare evasion chest is generally a lot cheaper.
Big pack explosions.
Decent single target.
Has potential to be extremely budget friendly with Puncture + LMP.
Extremely strong with just 2 ascendancy points.
Gratuitous Violence is just out of this world.

Has flexibility to go crit or non-crit.

Thanks again for your ingenuity supreme_pizza!

With your build guide I made a monster with a few minor tweaks.
Still finding upgrades for some of my pieces.



(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (㇏(•̀ᵥᵥ•́)ノ) ✧*。:゚✧(◕‿◕✿)✧*。:゚✧

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