[Updated 2.6]CI Champion CWC Bladefall (Godly Tank/Support in party)

Do you wanna stand still and tank everything like a god? If yes,then this is the right build for you.This character has a very high mitigation towards elemental & physical damage and high penetration builds.So basically,almost nothing can kill you.

2.6 Updates
Scorching ray has been swapped with CWC bladefall due to the fact that CWC doesnt require any investment in mana regen(can reserve almost all of my mana) and you dont have to invest in castspeed.

1.Extremely tanky
2.Good for players who are not mechanically skilled
3.Beginner/budget friendly
4.Your teammates will love your trash talking(taunt) in party.(taunted enemies deal/take 20% less/increased damage)
5.Definitely Hardcore viable.
6.You make izaro's traps look like they never even existed.
7.Can use a variety of skills.
8.You dont have to worry about reflect.
9.Undoubtedly a build for a Lazy person.

1.You are kinda slow.
2.Dps is not that great in party.
3.Cannot run no regen maps.
4.Shaper cannot be taunted.Which means u are gonna lose your 20% more dmg multiplier and 6% reduction
5.Not a league starter build.

Why champion?
1.Permanent fortify synergies very well with scorching ray(#Lazy people)
2.20% more damage(worthy foe passive)
3.6% reduced damage taken from all hits and 1% regen when u have taunted recently.
4.The class that gives the most dps from a Tank class.

Core items & Mods

Your main source of mitigation towards elemental damage and penetrations.

Leo mod allows u to tank shaper's laser beam and traps from the labyrinth

Any es helm with the arctic armor buff effect will do.

Luxury mods

All the defensive mods from the essence of horror

Leveling tips
1.Use rallying cry for general clearing(It gives mana regen and damage boost).
2.Use firestorm as your primary skill until you have obtained the scorching ray gem.
3.Transition into CI once you have taken the fortitude passive(Champion notable) and once you have obtained the Incandescent heart chest.

Kill all

My gears

6L- Blight - Bladefall -controlled destruction - CWC - ironwill - Conc Effect

auras - vitality - discipline - arctic armor - empower - enlighten
movement skill - whirling blades - faster attacks
warcries- rallying cry/enduring cry - increased AOE

Extra tips
Shock can be really annoying sometimes.If you are lazy like me, you might want to consider crafting some shock avoidance mods on your gear or other elemental status ailments.

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How hard was it crafting those boots? I used about 25 horrors and no luck.
IGN - Xukai

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lol its all about luck. I used about like 3
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Incandescent Heart: No longer has 60-80 Armour. Increased Armour and Energy Shield mod increased to 220-240%. Now has 10-20% of Elemental Damage Added as Chaos. Now has Attack Damage Leech instead of Physical Attack Damage Leech.

Do you think this build is still viable without the chest piece?

I was going to attempt something similar, but not sure I will have enough elemental mitigation without the 25% of elemental damage taken as chaos damage mod.

Edit: Nevermind. Apparently the elemental damage added as chaos mod is in addition to the elemental damage taken as chaos damage mod. Poor wording on their part - they could have been more specific.
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Its a great buff 220-240%.That means more ES for this build
leveling this build is hell, right now I'm 54,

i have question how you get zealot's oath on passive tree?
lol FYI this build is not a league starter
I have just updated the passive skill tree, sorry for the delay... currently working on my new build.
Scorching Ray doesn't ever hit, thus can't proc the taunting. I don't understand the point of this.
orb of storms procs the taunting and ele overload and ele equilibrium

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