[3.0] crit 1h flicker, 1kk+ dps, amazing map farmer

Hello, exiles. I want to present you my flicker strike character. I always liked flicker strike, but i didn't seen any good lifebased flicker strike builds here on forum, so, i decided to create my!
well, let's start

Note: Don't look on gems in my items. For all gem setups, check gems&links section.

1.Amazing clearspeed
2.Good survivability
3.Can farm up to t16!
4.Fun to play
5.Hc viable
6.Fast and ez uber lab
7.Not meta
8.You can't play this if you are true ethical ssf hardcore player
1.For high maps, you need expensive gear
2.You cannot control your character
3.Party members hate you
4.You can't play this if you are true ethical ssf hardcore player

Okay, now we know pros and cons of this build.
Also, i'll explain you my class choice
there are 5 reasons, why slayer > other classes for flicker.
1: Free bleed and stun immunity.
2: 50% reduced phys.reflect taken.
3: Good position on passive tree.
4: A lot of leech.
5: 20% culling strike.

Let's proceed to passive tree. I'll show you final tree (lvl95)

Bandit: Wee need Alira for 20% crit multi and resistances, flat mana regen will be good too on low lvl

Skill tree link

Ascendancy tree:
Bane of legends - Headsman - Endless hunger - Brutal fervour


In 3.0 GGG introduced pantheon system, which grants us good defensive buffs.
For my build i'll recommend take:

Yugul as your minor god for juicy reduced reflect dmg taken

Lunaris as our major god, cause additional phys.reduction is always nice cause of abyssus. Also, some upgrades for Lunaris pantheon like chance to avoid damage and immunity to chained projectiles are good for some situations.

lvling process, thanks to Mecielle
Our lvling skill will be bladeflurry, cuz we have pretty good tree for it, and also this is just very OPieOP lvling skill atm. Just get a Mightflay at level 35, equip 2 The Warden's Brand and start oneshotting everything until you reach act 10. Also a Great Old Ones Ward is a great addition at level 46. Until then use whatever shield you have so you get the bonus from the shield nodes we get on the tree.

If you don't like the -60% attack speed from the two rings, use phys damage rings you can use at your level. But using a Karui Charge with its attack speed bonus on top of movement speed will help with attack speed. Ah, and Maligaros of course for the small attack speed bonus, because you will be using those later on too if you don't want to go with Shadows and Dust.

CI version (R.I.P 2.5-3.0)

CI version lvl95 skill tree
Also i've created ci version of my build for my friend who hates lifebased builds, but wanted to play my build (rofl)
you need only two uniques for CI flicker, this is abyssus and skyforth
Other gear will be rares with high ele resistances and energy shield
Also, try to buy rings with accuracy and flat phys, amulet with flat phys and crit multi and craft %ES from elreon on them
Requirements for dagger are same as for lifebased variant
Also headhunter is very nice belt for that build, it boosts your clear speed a lot. If you don't have headhunter - just use crystal belt with strength and resistances or phys doryani's
Also, energy from within jewel will be good, just put it in socket near "melding" passive. On other jewels try to get elemental resistances if you aren't capped and ES + dmg mods
This is my friend's gear, with gear like this she can do all content
Sky_is_Over wrote:
CI version

Now, here i'll explain, which items you should use and why
Let's start from our dagger. We need dagger with as much flat phys dmg and %crit.chance as possible. Attackspeed isn't important, because our main skill gives 20% more attackspeed, and also each frenzy charge gives 4% increased AS. So, for base of our dagger we chose Demon dagger or platinum kris. If you can't afford good rare dagger, you can use Bino's. It will be enough for ~ t12 maps.
Here are examples of good daggers for flicker.

There is only one option - abyssus.
This is BiS for melee crit characters. It provides a LOT of crit multi, and flat phys dmg, which is important for flicker.
Best ench will be chance to gain frenzy charge on kill for bloodrage. It upgrades our chance to frenzy on kill from 25% to 55%!
Even after crit multi nerf, this is still best choice for pure dps

Well, we have 4 options.
They are cheap and provide you good crit chance and multi.
This is the best option for mapping, really! Rampage and unholy might gives nice boost to clearspeed. And a lot of fun.
Acuity is the best choice, cause instant leech on crit makes you immune to phys and ele reflect, also this is the only one option which gives u life and intelligence, when we talking about unique gloves.
You can use rare gloves with life, resists if you aren't capped, maybe attack speed, phys dmg to attacks, accuracy. Spiked gloves will be good base, because of implicit.

Body armour
Cause of abyssus, best choice will be lightning coil. You don't need 6l for this build to work, 5l will be enough.
Other option is:
It will be good, if you don't have any problems with phys damage mitigation. But forget about phys reflect maps, you'll one-shot yourself in big packs

you can get any rare boots with life/res/evasion/anything you need. Ms isn't important, if you are using Whirling blades. If you want to use Shield charge, try to get at least 20% MS. Best base for our boots will be two-toned base, cause enchantment on boots isn't that important
here are some examples of nice boots:

Like boots, on shield we need high life and elemental resistances. Also, good bonus will be high evasion OR free prefix to craft phys.dmg to attack from Haku. Also, phys damage and accuracy will be nice.

This unique shield is a good option too. It doesn't have good life roll or resists, but it gives a lot of dps cause of "hit's cant be evaded" mod. And also, you don't need accuracy on rings if you'll use it.

As belt you need rustic sash with high life, resistances and WeD.

Also, there are some unique options
You can use this belt if you have Atziri's acuity, it will give nice chaos dps boost.
This is very budget option. If you don't have money on good rare belt, you can use it. But it provides 0 life, so, i'll recommend you co change it as soon as you can.
This item boosts our clearspeed by 2-3 times, but it worth 70+ ex. If you can buy it, and can cap you resists without belt, i'll definetly recommend you to use it. Flicker with HH will give you unforgetable experience.

You should try to get decent rings with crit base and hp, accuracy (ignore accuracy if you are using Lycosidae) and elemental resistances. flat phys dmg will be good too.
Ring like these will be ok:

Try to find crit amulet with crit multi, life, phys dmg, maybe attributes if you need them. If you are playing std, you can get wraeclaw talisman with high roll of explicit crit multi, phys damage and life, something like this:

Flasks are only your choice, but i'll recommend to afford Taste of hate, Atziri's Promise & Lion's Roar to boost your dps and survivability. Also, vessel of Vinktar with PtL conversionor and Sin's rebirth will be good choice. Remember: for vinktar's, you'll need shock immunity flask. I'll recommend to roll basalt for shock immunity, cause phys reduction is always nice.

On jewels we looking for %max life(life is important!), ele resists if you are not capped for merc, and dmg stats such as: %phys.dmg with daggers, %melee crit multi, % global crit multi, % phys dmg, % melee dmg, % melee phys dmg while holding a shield, % phys dmg with 1h melee weapons.
Also, if you have problems with frenzy charge generation or can't afford abyssus with enchantment, you can use
from breachlord chayula, just take "cloth and chain" node and put jewel near it, you'll get free 15% chance to gain frenzy charge on kill
my gear


6L main attack

AND 5l if you don't have 6l coil

6L solotarget setup
Cause Blade flurry is OpieOP i'll recommend you use it for bosses like guardians, atziri, shaper.

CWDT setup

Use frenzy to generate charges if you're out of them.
If you don't like whirling blades, just use shield charge instead.

We have 3 options here
This is best option for bosses, cause HoA provides sweet dps boost

If you have problems with frenzy charge generation, you should use this setup

This is best option for mapping, cause power charges provide boosts our crit chance to cap 95%

Warchief totem
This dude helps us with single target

Other buffs
Put them in free sockets on your gear. If dont have 4 fee sockets, just drop vaal haste + inc.duration

Bosses and map mods to avoid

Map mods
You have few mods to avoid. Cannot leech is shit, ele reflect + weakness/- max res is shitty too. just reroll them. Phys reflect maps are easy if you have acuity's and lightning coil.
Regular map bosses (t1-t15)
For regular map bosses i use flicker strike. 6 charges will be enough to kill bosses up to t15. If you have some problems with bosses, just skip them, thay aren't worth killing anyway. Or you can use your warchied totem, he will do that.
Atziri and uber
Kill trash with flicker, swap flicker with BF for bosses. Normal atziri dies like a shit, on uber you need to dodge phys firestorm on trio, flameblast and storm calls on atziri.
Clear breach with flicker, swap flicker with bf for boss. All lords will be easy, thx for our crazy leech, only chayula can be a problem. Try to dodge everything on him, cause phys_chaos damage is scary for us.
Just swap flicker setup with BF facetank them. Each guardian can be facetanked, you only need to kill their minions sometimes.


This is my average dmg with hatred, HoA and ice golem.

This is my average damage with all buffs (flasks, 7 charges, slayer's 20% more damage)


That's all for now, exiles! Feel free to ask questions in this thread!
AND PLS IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS LIKE "Check my gear pls, and lemme know what to change" - BE SURE THAT YOUR CHAR PAGE IS OPEN OR I CAN'T HELP YOU
jogurtmeister wrote:
Hello there!
In the end of the Breach league I want to share my experience and conclusions about this awesome build.
Sadly i dont have much leisure time to play it.
I have distinction in class choice:
Raider is more attractive, because it doesnt need Helm enchant to work.
(The same way you can have flicker damage enchants instead of bloodrage)
It has more damage potential, cause of possibility to use Vinktar.

My gear:


Used Shadows and Dust just to imitate Sin's Rebirth flask effect for VALUE, and ofcourse Melee-splash swapped for WED
And "casual",almost without shenanigans:

Im very thankful to author, for this excellent flicker build!

Deadmaux wrote:
Alright time to give some first impressions. Got into a few T15 beachheads and some red mapping last night. Runs awesome, no issues with damage or bosses yet. Have not had to swap out to BF (will try some guardians and shaper / atziri tonight once i hit 80 and get on my steel rings). One thing ive noticed is when I get 10+ HH auras rolling it is possible to one shot myself on reflect. I have not yet figured out if its phys or ele ref yet. I will try a few things out in the boss room of the beachhead maps to see if it helps mitigate the problem. It could be that im still just too low of a level and lack a solid HP pool. Only at 4.6k so far. Should be up closer to 5.5-6k by 93-95.

Heres the gear:

Edit: this is all old gear from a scion BF char. I have to figure out what colors / links i want for the gems on my items. Ill have to take a look at what OP did and configure something similar. If possible id like to squeeze in a Enhance 4 to blood rage and Ice golem... we'll see what room is available though. More updates to follow.

Deadmaux wrote:
Spent the morning theory crafting, and crafting for real. Here's what i came out with.

Boss swaps:

"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast."
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This build only for solo farm,stole all my exp.....But btw nice build.
Typa top4eg
Nice build mate
kak frenzy nabirauytsya?
frenkyFTW wrote:
kak frenzy nabirauytsya?

"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast."
Na HC proboval igrat'?
Chasto li umiraesh'?
8mm wrote:
Na HC proboval igrat'?
Chasto li umiraesh'?

Я - не пробовал, но один тип который взял 100 на хк лиге играет щас этим билдом только через рейдера. Говорит что ему нравится. Дохну редко довольно, только если рандомная херня произойдет.
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast."
Nice build, im doing a similar one but with 2h sword and blasphemy + assassin mark for power charge generation, sitting on 86% crit chance. Just waiting for league to end so starforge's price gets lower in standart, then i will convert my build.

edit: no taste of hate? im disappointed :P
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tooltip kak u chuhana so standart ligi s mirror daggerom, lol.

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