[3.0] Aegis bleeder Gladiator. Watch the world turn red.

[This is my first time posting a build on this forum, so please give me some time to make it look alright !]

Hi there,

I like going my way when doing builds, not following the path of other exiles. This one might look usual at first glance, but has a few twists to it.
It might not be the quickest, the strongest, or the anything"est", but it's clearly the one that took me the furthest in that game.

Concept of the build :

Easy. What does a gladiator do best ? Block and bleed. We'll try to max those out around one unique I wanted to use : Aegis Aurora. We'll use a few uniques and mostly the shield nodes of the tree and gladiator ascendency to set our defenses.
Regarding attack, we'll use Earthquake. Classical. But we'll make it full phys, with 100% bleed chance. One hit goes big, everything bleeds, everything explodes. Not stuck with any special item, but I chose to use maces to get a bit of increased AoE from the tree.

Awesome achievements :

- Atziri goes down as easy as a pint of beer in a viking's hands.
- T15 Beachhead is super easy.
- Uber Izaro is an easy fight as well.
- Guardians down (Minotaur is a pain though).
- Twin corrupted Core.
- Atlas nearly completed (with bonus of course), miss a few uniques, vaal temple and T12-13 which i did not get my hands on.
- Facetank most bosses except thse with DoT or ultra massive "Hulk Smash" one hit abilities.

Failed attempts :
- Shaper (need more DPS)
- Hall of Grandmasters

To be attempted :
- Vinktar
- Vaal temple
- Perandus manor ?
- Pale court

Is it expensive ?

Base items and gems are not expensive. You'll then make enough currency to start maxing out the build. Rares will need to be assorted nicely, as we use quite a few uniques.

How does it kill ?

As said earlier, we'll use EQ with a mace (one handed, obviously). And ake everything bleed.
Bleeding has changed. It is now based on the base damage, meaning no more double dipping. But it has a much higher base rate.
We'll get 25% chance to bleed from "Gratuitous violence" ascendency, 50% from the tree, and an additionnal 25% from the support gem.
Note that we'll try to get as much nodes as possible that boost both main damage and bleeding. Meaning global "damage" and "physical damage" increases, or nodes that boost attack damage + damage with ailments.
As the bleeding damage is more than enough to deal with packs with one hit from EQ, we'll get the "Crimson Danse" node to make boss fights a bit easier.
We'll also get Resolute Technique, a bit of AoE, and attack speed for convenience.
The Vulnerability blasphemy aura will be a massive boost to the damage.
Also, "Gratuitous Violence" makes mobs go boom when dying, usually decimating the whole pack in a chain reaction.

So in the end, here is how it happens :
Shield charge in a pack. Hit the ground once, everything bleeds. Wait for the Earthquake aftershock, everything pops.

For stronger stuff, we'll get help from an ancestral warchief totem.

How does it stay alive ?

Now here's the fun part. I wanted to use the Aegis Aurora shield. It does give you a nice boost to resists, and a nice base block, but most of all it has a funny mechanic that replenishes a bit of your ennergy shield on block, based on a percentage of your armour. That means two things : we want to block very much, and we want some armour end energy shield.
So first we'll max out the block with the gladiator ascendency and the tree. And "The Anvil" amulet. Because the anvil is cool. Well, actually not exactly max out, because we'll keep in mind that "Painforged" ascendency mill give us 8% added block chance when in need of it. That makes a 78% capped chance to block attacks and spells. And everytime we block, well get some ES, plus life and mana from The Anvil. Cool.
Then we'll need to get some armour and ES. Being a gladiator, armour's easy to get, but ES, that's a trickier task. Let's quickly forget about going CI or low life. To get enough ES, we'll sacrifice too much on the tree and won't be able to get decent damage and armour. So we'll go hybrid.
So the first thing to do is max out the defenses coming from Aegis Aurora, by getting as much "#% increased defences from equipped shield" as possible from the tree. Then you could go for classical armour equipment, but in my opinion, that makes quite a poor ES pool, maxing bout 400 or 5OO.
Here is where it gets fun. As a gladiator, we can stack up quite a lot of strength, whih is a good thing for our life and damage. So we'll look around using all this strenght with Geoffri's Sanctuary body armour, which has a nice base armour, ES and life, but also gives us some flat ES based on our strenght. Feels good. Even better, the "Shaper Touch" gloves will now give us increased ES based on our strenghth as well ! So cool. That makes it easy to reach a nice "shield" of 2K ES.
Regarding Armour, we'll get a tiny bit from the tree, but will mainly rely on "Determination" aura to reach at least 10K.
We'll also grab as much life as possible, objective being to reach around 5K.
Because of Geafri's baptism, all of the life regen we get will go to ES, which is not the greatest of things, but we'll compensate this by getting a bit of Life Leech frem the tree to help against Chaos damage and other DoT.


Now let's go to the technical stuff.
Here's all you want to know about the setup. No more small talk.

The Tree

Y'oull find here information about the passive setup, and the path to follow for levelling.

Level 90, on official POE website or on PoE Planner

Regarding leveling, no respec needed. We'll first get to Resolute technique, grabing some life and damage on the way if needed. Then all the way up to the AoE nodes cluster, then get all the shield nodes needed, and finally polish the whole thing by adding life and damage at high level.
Still, I'd recommend taking "Unwavering Stance" on the way, to drop it once you feel confident in your ability to avoid stun.
First ascendency to grab will be Gratuitous Violence, to make levelling quicker, then Painforged and Versatile Combattant, and finally Violent Retaliation, which gets to stupid amounts of increased damage while fighting big packs like harbingers or breaches.
I found that Ground Slam (with one threshold jewell) was my favourite levelling skill for this build.

Bandits : help Oak of course.

The Soul of Arakaali upgraded pantheon power will help us with DoT

Gems and links

Need explanation ? Guess not.
Chest : Big Badaboom
+ Brutality + (?) I don't have a 6L yet.

4L : Help from above
+ Brutality

4L : I like to move it move it
+ Fortify + Leap Slam

4L : Protection
+ Cast When Damage Taken + Tempest Shield

3L : Charisma
+ Determination

3L : Retaliation
+ Maim


Required equipment, suggestions for gearing, and jewels.
Required uniques :

Regarding the weapon, get a mace mith as much phys dps as possible. Callinellus Malleus is a very nice one, but I'd like to get something that hits harder to attemps Shaper and Uber Atziri.

For the rares, We'll stack some Armour, Resistances, Life, Strength, (a bit of dex and int as required from gems and gear), ES and flat phys damage if it does not compromise the rest.
I'd like to add some chaos res as well.

Flasks are useful as well. Efficient life flasks for emergencies, a bit of mana in case of a low regen map, and at least a chaos + bleed resist will be a base. I like having a quicksilver as well.

For the Jewels, we'll want "increased damage" and "increased physical damage" on all of them. Other modifiers can be used to complete dex and int stats, resistances, life or armour, or attack speed for convenience.

As you can see, lab enchants as well as some rares are not entirely optimized. I haven't had hte balls yet to vaal this diamond ring for example.

[Coming Soon]

[Coming Soon]
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You can save yourself a +10 strength node at the beginning of your tree if you route from the Duelist Shield wheel over to crimson dance.

I'm looking to switch from surrender to aegis so always on the lookout for options :) I'll have a better look tonight.

I might have forgotten this, as I was keeping the option to invest in "Bloodletting", or the dex and int nodes. Will change that tonight.

Might also drop "Unwavering Stance", as with enough ES and other stuff, I might have enough protection from stun. Better invest in life and armour then.

Added Items.
Updated Tree.

New attempt on the Shaper yesterday evening.
Managed to go to second phase, but the buid is clearly lacking DPS at the moment. By the end of first phase, 90% of the ground was covered with vortexes...
Will need to upgrade the weapon soon, but what's "on the market" is a bit expensive at the moment.
Time to think about adding some videos ant screenshots.
What tools do you use for that ?
I believe I can find a way on my own, but some help / advice would be most welcome !
im looking for an ingame video!!!, you can use bandicam !!
and can you clear maps easily? i played 1 hand before but damage full buff was too low for high tier map

sory for my sh!t English!
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im looking for an ingame video!!!, you can use bandicam !!
and can you clear maps easily? i played 1 hand before but damage full buff was too low for high tier map

sory for my sh!t English!

I'll try adding ingame videos tonight.
With that gear, clearing maps is "clearly" (haha) not a problem !

Reflect is slower because you have to be extremely careful, and some of the mods are usually a pain, but nothing is a "no go" (did get the "unided maps" challenge alright)

Some bosses are a pain (Minautor for exemple), some other go down slow but steady (hydra and phoenix are EZ, their hard hits are very easy to dodge).

I wouldn't say it's extreme fast clear, because it is melee after all, but it moves fast enough, and usually kills packs in 1 to 3 hits.

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