Slayer for us plebs. Leaguestarter and Uber Lab farmer.


This is for you, if you want to play a build that will:

* Do great as a league starter
* Can do most of the content in the game comfortably (Including t15 Beachhead and all Guardians. Not tested against uber Atziri, or Shaper).
* Farm Uber Lab fast, reliably and comfortable early into maps. My first try at lv 75 was a success, and I am yet to die in the lab.
* Want an easy first character that let you learn the game
* Not spam buttons for flasks or skills

- I've tried it in Solo Self Found and it was a breeze until maps.
- It seems hardcore viable, without any previous knowledge of the play mode.

Total Levelling Expenses: 50 c
(Tabula Rasa and Ngamahu's Flame with 1 socket)

Just dive in and start spinning. As long as you're leeching, you will probably live.


* Survive easily
* Decent clearspeed
* Cheap to gear and easy to optimize (just a small bit of luck from drops and some know-how in crafting)
* You can gear way beyond the damage seen in the videos (Opal Rings, Steel Rings with good WED and phys, Gripped Gloves, Wise Oak - if resists are balanced or fire highest, Dying Sun flask for extra molten balls, Taste of Hate for more damage)
* No Vaal Pact - Better survivability in the Endless Labyrinth.

* Hard to gear to be able to defeat Uber Atziri and Shaper.
* No Vaal Pact.
* Single Target damage can be lacking
* Elemental Reflect maps can be a pain

Recommended Uniques

Ngamahu's Flame

An affordable axe that doesn't have to be linked at all. All the gems socketed in this axe will support it's built in-skill Molten Burst and has 20% chance to be activated with every melee hit dealt.

Devoto's Devotion

For a smoother and faster playstyle.

Carnage Heart

Much needed attributes, some resists and leech. Also 30-40% increased damage while leeching, which we are almost always doing.

Atziri's Promise

A good all-round flask, fit for most builds, which grants more damage and leech.

Luxury Uniques

Xoph's Blood Amulet
10% increased Life and Strength, 10% more fire penetration and covers enemies in ash (20% increased fire damage taken and 20% less movement speed)


Ngamahu's Flame (1 socket/6 socket): 20/60 c
Devoto's Devotion: 10c
Carnage Heart: 10c
Tabula Rasa: 20c
5L Body Armour: 10c
6L Body Armour: up to 100c
Total Current Expenses with all the upgrades from start: 210 c
Jewellry and other gear is found or crafted with essences or just put an alchemy orb on a normal item.

Levelling Guide
Bandits: Kill all (+2 skill points)

30 points:

50 points:

72 points:

112 points:


Lv 1
Try to get a 3Linked item asap and socket in Frostblades, Chance to Bleed and Onslaught.

Around lv 6 you get a reward from Tarkleigh, grab Ancestral Protector for more attack speed and some support damage.

Buy a Molten Strike for single target damage. Socket in Ruthless if you have a 4L with the right colours (Frostblades-Chance to Bleed-Onslaught-Ruthless.

Chose these Rewards from quests:
Tarkleigh: Ancestral Protector, Leap Slam
Nessa: Added Fire Damage

Put down Ancestral Protector in every fight for your attack speed to be less shit.

Lv 12
Buy Sunder. If it feels better than Frostblades, switch.

After the spider in act 2 has been defeated, get Blood Rage and start using it.

Buy these from Vendor:
Faster Attacks x3
Physical Projectile Damage
Melee Physical Damage x2
Elemental Damage to Attacks x2

Chose these Rewards from quests:
Greust: Herald of Ash

Good damage setup for Sunder
Sunder-Melee Physical-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Faster Attacks

Lv 30
Travel to the Mana leech-nodes asap, and grab all adjecant to Spirit Void
Tree at lv 30:

Somewhere around here 4L will start dropping. Use essences and alchemy orbs on normal gear with links in the right colours with chances to get a lot better upgrades.
My axe, alc'ed and crafted attack speed

Chose these Rewards from quests:
* Piety: Cyclone
* Golem: Pick whatever golem you like. I chose Lightning for the slight attack speed boost.

Get Ancestral Warchief and Anger and level those. Also another herald and use it, if you have the mana.
I also used a random Vaal Skill, that dropped, for a couple of levels for faster clear and damage, Summon Skeletons.
Haste is also a good option for faster clear and smoother playstyle. It all depends on your mana reservation and the colours of your gear, there's not much use in spending chromatic orbs on changing the colours of your gear just yet.

Lv 38

After Piety is defeated, you finally get Multistrike from Dialla as a reward. If you haven't started using Sunder yet, now is a good time. Sunder-Multistrike-Onslaught-Faster Attacks.

But another Multistrike (to pair with Molten Strike) and a Greater Multiple Projectiles and level it in your secondary weapon slot or where there's room.

You can also get a Cast When Damage Taken and an Immortal Call and fit those in for better survivability.

By level 40 you may have reached the keystone Resolute Technique and grabbed several linked items to fit in all of your skill gems.

Lab Time!
Equip 3-4 life potions for precaution. The traps can be troublesome if you're not used to the layouts of the lab.

You can check for layout (it changes once a day).
Try to get as many Darkshrines as possible for an easier labrun.
When the lab is finished, chose Slayer as ascendancy and you can now chose:
Bane of Legends: For speed
Endless Hunger: For better survival.

Chose whichever you feel like you need at this moment, next lab won't be much harder when you do it around 2000 life.

Lv 60

You can start using Cyclone and run through almost the entire game comfortably with a 5-Link.
Cyclone-Faster Attacks-Melee Phys-Added Fire-Elemental Damage (3R2G gem sockets)
I experienced it to be slower clear and worse than Sunder, but better survivability because we're dropping multistrike and we are also always moving.

When you've reached 4000 life, Merciless Labyrinth should be safe enough to ease through on your first try.


Gear & Passives Showcase:
Tier 7 Beach:
Tier 15 Abyss:

Tier 16 Phoenix:
Tier 16 Hydra:
Tier 16 Chimera:
Tier 16 Minotaur:

Uber Lab, First run of the day. ALL Shrines, FULL keys. 29 Minutes:
Uber Lab, NO Shrines, All Treasure Keys. 12 Minutes:

My Gear at level 88

Link to profile, Character Name "TasteOfBalls":
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Yo man,

do you have any changes for 3.1?

Like ruthless aint a good choice anymore, what you take instead?
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GrandChampion wrote:
Yo man,

do you have any changes for 3.1?

Like ruthless aint a good choice anymore, what you take instead?

No changes. I haven't been running ruthless neither in 3.0 or 3.1.

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