[2.6] Norse's Earthquake Slayer / Budget Viable / Guardian & Shaper Farmable

This build has been nerfed pretty damn hard in 3.0, I'd honestly recommend just going a generic hatred/ash version of Earthquake over this.

This build utilizes Earthquake for generic clearing and Ancestral War chief totem for Single target, we go for all physical damage and apply bleed and poison for more damage.



We're aiming for a high pDPS axe preferably with bleed our best option would be an Atziri's disfavour but you can use a 400+ pDPS axe until you can afford one, some good options are a kaom's primacy or hezmana's bloodlust.


A Devoto's Devotion is our go to helmet because it has movespeed / attackspeed / high dex.
A rare with Life/Resistance can be used if you would like more life and resistance but having devnotos makes the build feel a lot smoother.


Cospri's will grants us poison and an extra curse which is easily worth dropping for extra life, good alternatives are Belly of the beast, a rare with high life and a Lightning coil if you can fill out the resistances.


A rare pair of gloves crafted with an essence of insanity grants us 20% more attack speed which is huge for our leapslam. A good alternative would just be a rare pair of gloves with Life/Resistance


A +1 Gems pair of Atziri's steps can usually be bought very cheap and is where we put our curses for a +1 gems to our enhance which is pretty big but can be pretty expensive. Before you get a pair of Atziri's steps I would recommend a good pair of rares with Life/MS/Resistance


For our amulet we want a rare with High Life / Intelligence because we use a couple gems that require high intelligence. Other mods you should keep an eye out for is, Mana Leech so you can drop a mana leech node, Resistance to help free up room for better gear and flat physical for some added damage.


We mainly use rings to fill out our resistances, so keep an eye out for Life/High Resistance rings, some other mods you also want to keep an eye out for is Intelligence, Flat Physical and Strength.

We also use an unset ring base to socket our Enduring Cry


Belts you want to aim for High Life and Resistance, a Rustic sash or Leather belt would be our Ideal base and if you could get a +1 Endurance charge corruption even better.


With Jewels we want Life and Area the rest of the stats the other two stats we want anything that can be of use to our build.


Flask #1 We want atleast one Instant life flask for when our leech isn't enough
Flask #2 Lions Roar for the more damage multiplier and the knockback
Flask #3 Writhing Jar for some emergency overkill leech and for lab
Flask #4 Ruby with Warding to get rid of those pesky curses
Flask #5 Sapphire Flask of heat for some anti chill/freeze action



We will put our Earth Quake in our axe, the ideal gem links are

With Cospri's:

5 Link - Earthquake - Melee Damage - Less Duration - Area of Effect - Fortify
6 Link - Earthquake - Melee Damage - Less Duration - Area of Effect - Fortify - Rapid Decay

Without Cospri's:

5 Link - Earthquake - Melee Damage - Less Duration - Area of Effect - Poison
6 Link - Earthquake - Melee Damage - Less Duration - Area of Effect - Poison - Rapid Decay

Poison only works really well with a lot of double dipping, Early on and without double dipping I would recommend added fire or melee damage on full life when you get Endless Hunger for the leech (Doesn't work with Blood Rage)


With Cospri's:

5 Link - Ancestral Warchief - Bloodlust - Melee Physical - Conc Effect - Faster Attacks
6 Link - Ancestral Warchief - Bloodlust - Melee Physical - Conc Effect - Faster Attacks - Melee Damage on Full Life

If you don't have a 5 RRRRGB Cospri's Swap out Melee damage on full life for Blind It's a nice added defensive mechanic

Without Cospri's:

5 Link - Ancestral Warchief - Bloodlust - Melee Physical - Conc Effect - Faster Attacks
6 Link - Ancestral Warchief - Bloodlust - Melee Physical - Conc Effect - Faster Attacks - Poison

Bloodlust only works when we have bleed on hit, I would recommend replacing it with melee damage on full life or fortify.


In the helmet we have our CWDT, you can use what ever you personally like in this setup.

My usual setup is:

4 Link - Cast when Damage Taken - Vortex - Vaal Lightning Trap - Immortal Call


4 Link - Cast when Damage Taken - Ball Lightning - Blind - Vaal Lightning Trap (Be VERY wary with this one, when you fight bosses that cast thorns it can kill you for instance the promenade boss and shavrones)

I would recommend the IC one if you're playing this on hardcore, just be wary that IC can mean no endurance charges for boss fights!

Vaal lightning trap doesn't matter if It's linked to cast when damage taken, It's only there to be used by itself.


With Fortify in main links:

4 Link - Leapslam - Faster Attacks - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - Blood Magic

Without Fortify in main links:

4 Link - Leapslam - Faster Attacks - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - Fortify


4 Link - Vulnerability - Temporal Chains - Blasphemy - Enhance

For rippy content on Hardcore I would recommend swapping out Vulnerability for Enfeeble


34 Points
47 Points
66 Points
78 Points
88 Points
100 Points
112 Points
114 Points End game (Have to have atleast 0.2 Mana leech on gear/jewels to drop Vitality void.

  • Normal - Bane of Legends
  • Cruel - Endless Hunger
  • Merciless - Brutal Fervour
  • Uber - Headsman


Normal - +40 Life - Oak
Cruel - 16% Melee Physical - Oak
Merciless - +1 Endurance Charge - Oak

Leveling Tips

Kill Hillock - Buy Cleave and Molten Strike - Wisdom Scroll
Enter the Prison - Buy Added Fire - Quest Reward
Enter Submerged Passage - Ancestral Protecter - Quest Reward
Kill Brutus - Buy Leapslam - Quest Reward
Enter Cavern of Wrath - Buy Sunder - 1 Transmute
Kill fidelitis - Buy Herald of ash and Enduring Cry - 1 Alteration
Kill Weaver - Buy Melee Phys, Faster attacks - 1 Alteration
Save Tolman - Buy Hatred, Vuln - 1 Alteration
Kill Gravicius - Buy Earthquake and Ancestralwarchief - 2 Chance orbs
Kill Voll - Buy stone golem - Quest Reward
Kill Kaom/daresso - Buy Increased area - Quest Reward

Upgrade these weapons with the (1x Blacksmith, 1x Rare or Magic Rustic sash + Weapon) When you hit said level,
Level 6 - Jade Hatchet X2 - Skip doing recipie on these ones
Level 9 - Jade Chopper
Level 18 - Poleaxe
Level 23 - Double Axe
Level 33 - Shadow Axe
Level 37 - Jasper Chopper
Level 49 - Labrys
Level 58 - Karui Chopper
Level 64 - Vaal Axe

Buy flasks from vendors when you hit these levels
Level 3 : Medium Life Flask
Level 6 : Large Life Flask
Level 12 : Greater Life Flask
Level 18 : Grand Life Flask
Level 24 : Greater Life Flask
Level 30 : Colossal Life Flask
Level 36 : Sacred Life Flask
Level 42 : Hallowed Life Flask
Level 50 : Sanctified Life Flask
Level 60 : Divine Life Flask
Level 65 : Eternal life Flask

Tips :

Start to Brutus

Make a Shadow to grab a 2nd quick silver
Check boots in vendor early on for 10% movement speed
If you have wisdom scrolls left over at the start and there are no movement speed boots, buy an iron ring
Grab another one handed weapon to get the duel wield bonus as soon as possible
Pick up unidentified magic items early on to vendor for transmutation scrolls
Pickup or buy a Light brigadine before fighting brutus and wear it once you star the fight, you will take significantly less damage
Make sure to upgrade your life pots before fighting brutus
Don't use Chance orbs or vendor transmutes they will come in handy

Bandits :
Normal : Oak : 40 Life
Cruel : Oak : 16% IPD
Merciless : Oak : +1 Endurance Charge


Normal : Bane of Legends
Cruel : Endless Hunger
Merciless : Brutual Fervour
Uber : Headsman


Is Iron Reflexes worth it?

No, With the evasion we get we have a decent amount of chance to evade, converting that to armour will give us a tiny bit of physical reduction against small hits, but this build shrugs small hits off anyway. I'd take 30-40% chance to evade over a tiny bit of phys reduction any day.

Why is your character different to the guide.

I usually have my character build for certain activitys, being doing hard end game bosses or doing halls of grandmaster so I change a few things just for them.
IGN: @Norse
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IGN: @Norse
What about other weapons mate?
What's your life leech total?
un_answered wrote:
What about other weapons mate?

Still got to get around to adding more weapons, going to do that now!

ExiledPoe wrote:
What's your life leech total?

On the tree I have 2.2% life leech and another 1.2% from blood rage.

My increased leech per second is 158%
IGN: @Norse
how about uber lab? was it good enough with budget build?
To many spoiler tags that don't do a thing and still wondering where the "budget viable" part is at.
Wondering if you plan to actually write a guide or if this is just another total waste of space guide that isn't a guide.
jinhaoxuan wrote:
how about uber lab? was it good enough with budget build?

Running a similar build but with 5L Hezmana/Cospri with vuln on hit and enfeebleBlasphemy and it does Uberlab real smooth. Died once to a fully buffed Izaro out of maybe 20 attepts.
I am currently running pretty much this build.

My gear is fairly high end, similar to Norse's. I have to say the build is extremely fun, and seems to handle end game content without fuss.

It has very high mobily and unlike BV (which I was running) no stupid flask spamming.

I recommend it to anyone who has not played with EQ before.

OCEANIC EXILES https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/581434
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