[2.6] BEEFY'S ANIMATE WEAPON CHAMPION - LHC 85 - "Wolf Pack" - Dual Scourge!! - w/Video

This build was something I worked pretty hard to come up with. I know that others were asking me about this in HC Legacy and I am having shit tons of fun with this :D

VIDEO: The Quantity was shit in this video. For Demo purposes only.

Im currently level 85 and running breachstones in HC. The build feels and plays just like a Blade Flurry/whirling build but we use BF to cast animate weapon while channeling. This allows us to do the same thing we've seen with Wither CwC AW but take advantage of the HUGE minion/attack dmg increase coming from....

Dual Weild Scourge Claws.

Looks pretty sweet ya? Approx +328% minion and attack dmg (+140% after hitting with the scourge, 35% inspirational buff from champ ascend, vuln curse, etc.) Blade flurry does substantial poison damage this way which help spawn those sexy wolvies and also animates weapons at the same time.

WIth 2x Spirit Gaurd jewels, maximum animate weapons bumps to 66 over the normal 50. With 40x Spectral Wolves, we have a total of 106 minions possible at once ;p

Think with the mindset "minion damage is attack damage" Taking a look at the tree it will make sense. Can start maps without weapons if you want to. Super fast clears/boss kills. You will be saying, "pfft...holy shit" as the boss dies...

Biggest Pros:
Feels BA man. I believe this is how the scourge(s) were inteded to be used. Can defend yourself easily with this build making restarting of weapons very possible and not fucking you out of maps :D Scourges do sufficient damage to kill most mobs/rare mobs if you get your weps killed but most of the time you wont need to worry about taking lots of enemies on at once. And wolves, did i mention WOLVES!....lots of them...

Biggest Cons:

Tedious to level. Use a spell totem early for AW to make your life easy. Get used to losing 6 sockets. Low health pool means you have to be alert while you are fighting. being in the fray with your weapons is essential to maintain dmg buff from 2xScourges. Must have high enough quantity to sustain weapons in maps.

*note this is not a build for beginners. This build will take some patience to get going.

also options for dual curse are viable with other small differences. I just feel this was my favorite way to play this. Feel free to make your own adjustments if you decide to build this

Gems: BF + CwC + AW + Poison + Void Manip + Added Chaos

Gear: ***Cospri's chest, Cherubims, or Queen of the Forest 6-link's would be most ideal, but I haven't the time/currency atm to acquire one to test it

Dual Weild Scourge Claws
(*note : Gems placed into scourge claws will support summoned wolves. Each claw has its own seperate wolf counter so you can technically get double the amt you would from weilding one. I recommend Inc. Dur, Minion Dmg, and Minion Speed/Faster Attk.)
- bonus 4% phys life leech really comes in handy as well

Alpha's Howl
Need this to achieve optimal mana reservation. In Helm Use Grace, Haste, and blasphemy either Temp Chains, Vulnerability, or Enfeeble. Preferences.

Great source of minion dmg and good enough mana leech to sustain while attacking. Try to Vaal for extra Minion Damage implicit.

Use convocation, Vaal Grace, Vaal Haste, and rallying cry. DONT use a gaurdian or spectres or other nonsense. They are a nuisance to keep alive and wont really offer you any substantial increase in dmg with the trade of in gems slots.

Okay heres the Tree....now become the Blade...
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I'm glad to see someone trying a Duelist Summoner. I'm actually developing one right now, but with zombies instead. Regardless, your take is certainly interesting.

However, I'm a bit confused about your use of Rallying Cry. Are you using it solely for the mana regen, or are you also using it to scale both you and your minions' damage too? Are you taking advantage of the taunt in any way?

Also, have you tried Mind Over Matter yet? It could possibly be maintained with the Spirited Response jewel (in the jewel socket right above Elemental Equilibrium). Not sure if you'd have to sacrifice one of your mana reservations for it though.

Lastly, I noticed you have posted this twice in the Duelist subforum. I suggest editing the other thread to show nothing [or edit it to show the link to this thread] so conversations about your build are not split between two sources.
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I use Rallying Cry simply for the party damage increase. I didn't describe warcry's in the build as i felt it was more up to player choice for this if they wanted to use them. They aren't neccessary by any means.
When I taunt there are so many weapons usually that the enemies still cant fight their way to me. Taunting the enemies also makes them momentarily stop killing the weapons which will help keep you closer to max minions. Just move around immediately after taunting so they chase you while your weapons nip ther butts...

Taking MoM is something i mulled over with other uniques like "victarios flight" giving damage taken gained as mana. To be honest, I dont hardly ever get hit to take advantage of this effectively. Running breaches i get hit maybe once or twice here and there in the lag. Not worth the investment IMO but im sure others may think of something. Spirited response is nice but it works much better with chars who get hit a lot more often. There really isn't enough mana to spare on this build i feel. Also using this jewel will cut down on another potential source of minion damage which you will be wanting.

Thanks for the heads up in the double post. I have fixed now...
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boo i was first on other post :(
much love lokkey. :D Had to do some editing due to the fact that I suck balls at forum posting.
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Maybe change ur arrmor to Cloak of Tawm'r Isley to boost ur AW ?
A six cherubim's would be more ideal for increased chaos damage poison and great life leech. I plan to take phase acrobatics. Honestly, the melee damage and wolves more than makes up for cloak. Also, the build is not finished I just wanted to post so I could get it out there that I am doing this
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Duelist best class, he can do everything better than your dad; nice build!
great build im actully trying it!

but im still in leveling and i have already a few question.

bandit? maybe something like Oak,Kraityn,kill. but i want to know what you take.

how do you level your charactere(in deep if you can)? i actually lack dammage whit blade flurry, and AW dont work well since i dont have good weapon quantity.

and last they is some point in the tree im not sure if good, like Profane chemistry, can you explain why you take them i dont find them very usseful and maybe alchemist is better(and close too).

well that all thx for this build see you later when i actully do breach run ^^


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