[Perandus +Videos!] Infernal Blow 100% Fire Damage Champion aka the "Master Yi" build V1.3

Looks similar, plays similar to the widely known champion "Master Yi", and since this is a Champion Ascendancy build I call this the "Master Yi" Build!

Hello everyone,

things are running pretty well with my character this season, so I want to share my progress with you guys! I update this thread almost every day! I'm too lazy to write a changelog though, i just edit wherever needed =). So if you like this guide, you might wanna return in a few days to see how things turned out for me :).


First of all, since the Oro's Sacrifice sword deals only fire damage, the explosions from infernal blow it causes profit from Elemental Focus and Fire Penetration gems just like the initial hit.
Infernal Blow itself cannot ignite anymore therefore, but this is solved by getting the Chance To Ignite linked with Leap Slam and Vengeance, striking back automatically after taunting with Enduring Cry and still giving the character enough frenzy charges to get more damage and attack speed.

The culling strike against ignited enemies combined with the +50% area of effect radius modifier on the infernal blow as well as the melee splash can create some pretty funny mass explosions and chain reactions against groups of mobs up to one shotting mid to higher tier map bosses which are surrounded by mobs with a single attack (also called shotgunning).

Note on explosions:

The tooltip dps indicator always lists the -base- fire damage of 10% of maximum life no matter how high my increase in fire damage is.
What do we learn from that? Fire/Elemental Damage scales up the explosions, too!
In my case, doing the math including all the gear, passives and gems it should display a total of around 55% of maximum life which is just marvelous regarding the fact that this also penetrates 47% fire resistance and explosions cannot be reflected =)

This is why one should always go for fire or elemental damage first, weapon elemental damage and flat fire damage being more important for the single target!


Consists of life, life regeneration, around 20k armour without flasks, the 8 endurance charges. On top of that i went with the champion ascendancy giving it permanent fortify as well as increased effect of fortify, doubling armour on low life and removing freeze, shock, ignite on low life.

The primary reason why I chose champion and not juggernaut is a different though: this character deals only fire damage, and i don't want my main skill to be supported by fortify which increases physical damage.

Auras are only defensive unless i play easy maps, running Determination, Purity Of Fire, Arctic Armour to reduce a big chunk of the increased physical and fire damage this character takes because of the unique sword. I pretty often swap in the Anger aura instead of Determination though to clear even faster.

Molten shell provides additional armour and soaks up damage when damage is taken, as well as providing additional ignite for mobs.

As last resort in case of emergency I can use Vaal Immortal Call which is linked with Increased Duration, making the character unable to die for over eight seconds!

Pros & Cons:


-Dem explosions so juicy!

-Shouldn't play elemental reflect maps with this character unless you know what you are doing and have trust in your ruby flask!
-Doesn't get lots of move speed and can leap only all the time if there are mobs being hit to leech mana (high mana reserve, Enlighten lvl 2 required, 3 or 4 recommended for more consistant leap slamming)


is pretty straightforward and can be seen in my videos below the guide.

Step 1: Enduring Cry
Step 2: Leap On rare/unique mobs especially the juicy ones surrounded by mobs
Step 3: Make em explode all at once
Step 4 (optional): In case you take too much damage, pop the Vaal Immortal Call to stay alive no matter what and just hit these map bosses.


The tooltip doesn't calculate the real damage because it doesn't take account of the after-death explosions or melee splash. The only thing it really shows is the single target dps of the initial hit. Note that infernal blow (initial hit & explosions) currently penetrates a total of 47 fire resistance because of the passive points.

So in reality it depends on the number of mobs standing near the bosses, did my first one shot on a T6 map with the lord of the bow. For everyone who still wants to see it, here it is:

6l, running Anger instead of Determination for the easier maps, 4 frenzy charges up, no flasks used for this one!

Gear and links:


Rolled two six-links this season, in a time window of a few minutes and no 5l inbetween.
6L: Infernal Blow - Weapon Elemental Damage - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration - Melee Splash - Faster Attacks


I know i have a mod open, I don't need the lightning resist yet though. And my haku is shamelessly underleveled :)
4L: Enlighten - Arctic Armour - Determination - Purity Of Fire

Note: I tend to swap in the Anger aura instead of Determination pretty often for the easier maps.


Got it from exchanging the card set


Finally I got the 8th charge on top!


Fetched these as 'intermediates' from trade since i switched away from Darkray Vectors.
4L: Chance To Ignite - Vengeance - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks
This is required to still be able to get the Frenzy Charges since Infernal Blow cannot ignite anymore
because the Elemental Focus Gem is used to get more damage and keep it pure fire damage.


Still need to exchange these because of 1 mod lost, meanwhile they give me shitloads of armour, hp and chaos resist.
4L: Cast When Damage Taken - Molten Shell - Vaal Immortal Call - Increased Duration


I needed the int, still a decent allround amulet.

Ring 1

Unfortunately the exalted orb failed and i got + maximum mana. Decent rarity though.
1 Socket Enduring Cry

Ring 2

Best item on my character =)

Tree at 93, Jewels:


(The Templar jewel socket holds the Energised Armour unique jewel, the Scion socket holds Intuitive Leap to reach the 10 radius of area skills)


The character currently has 8 endurance charges as well as 4 frenzy total, getting all endurance from passive tree, one from the act 2 merciless quest and one on the belt. For frenzy charges it gets one from the tree, and two more are possible from a +1 frenzy amulet and +1 on the boots.

Deal With The Bandits:

Life - Skill Point - Endurance Charge

Map Run Videos:

Hope you enjoyed reading through my guide, gonna try keeping this updated as the character progresses!

If you find any mistakes or have questions, tell/ask here =).
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Do you know if the explosion damage would be modified by the Bane of Legends node on the Slayer tree?
testing the slayer was also part of my plan.

bane of legends itself definitely because it says increased damage. i didn't test yet if it works though.

i know that slayer would be a huge boost in damage though.

inquisitor could also be an option.
Well, I don't play a ton, so it wont be any time soon, but I will go ahead and tinker with a slayer variant. I can keep this thread updated on it once it gets notable if you want. I am not interested in starting my own thread.
Not really sure how this looks or plays anything like Master Yi. Just seems sort of like you just wanted to find a way to put in a league term. Also it looks sort of weak. Took a few hits just to kill a blue mob on a tier 8..?

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