[2.0][WB] Rainbow Cleaver - 99K ELEMENTAL DPS [5L]

This is my take on a elemental cleave dual wield character.

It reaches 48K DPS WITH NO AURAS / BUFFS in a 5L

It features a hybrid defense duelist with high DPS with relatively cheap gear.
The Rainbow part comes from the fact we use all 3 elements almost equally to inflict our damage, we do not focus only on cold or lightning or fire.

DPS with Blood Rage + 3x Charges + Atziri flask, other dps values listed below.

This build achieves high DPS even with no offensive auras.

Quick Breakdown:
* 5.1k HP at 86, taking regen & armor+life in next 2 levels
* 5.6k armor (36% estimate), 17k with flask
* 5.9k evasion (36% estimate), 15k with flask
* 4 endurance charges
* Fortify
* 3.5% life regen atm (4.8% later)
* 40%+ crit chance with 395% crit multi
* 9+ attacks per second
* Scales good even without offensive auras (48k dps without any auras/buffs)
* Uses only rare equipment, which makes it relatively cheap


DPS - No Auras

DPS - Auras

DPS - Auras + Blood Rage

DPS with charges & posted above, DPS with Onslaught is 108k, DPS with frenzy charges but no flask is around 87k.

Defense - No Flask

Defense - With Flask

Passive tree

Current Tree

Planned Tree

Iron Reflex Version

Gearing & Bandits


Normal - Oak
Cruel - Craytin
Merciless - Oak or Craytin or Kill All (i took Oak)


Weapon Elemental Damage makes a BIG role on dps, as such the difference between these two swords:

245 Elemental DPS

365 Elemental DPS with Crit Multi

The dps difference is only 2k dps. So it is a totally viable solution to use 200 elemental dps foils with 20%+ weapon elemental damage weapons.
Jewelry plays a big part in our dps, for example my ring Gloom Gyre gives me 7k dps while buffed.

Order of priority for stats are shown below:


For a weapon base you want the following:
T1. Elegant Foil = Fancy Foil = Jewelled Foil = Jagged Foil = Serrated Foil = Spiraled Foil
T2. Whalebone Rapier
T3. Basket Rapier = Estoc = Pecoraro = Dragonbone Rapier = Wyrmbone Rapier
T4. Thorn/Apex/Harpy (we consider these only if they come with Crit Multi rolled as suffix)

* Attack Speed (15%+)
* Crit Chance (Mastercraft can work, 25%+)
* Weapon Elemental Damage (25%+ or no WED and 3x Ele)
* Lightning Damage
* Cold Damage
* Fire Damage
* Crit Multiplier (If you get this, make sure it's 20%+, it boosts all your dps so it's better than some elemental rolls)


* High WED (26%+ OR Medium WED + Flat Elemental Damage OR High Flat Elemental Damage)
* Accuracy (200+, 250+ prefered)
* Life (40+)
* Resist
* Crit Chance
* Inteligence
* Attack Speed


* Armor %
* Attack Speed (With One Handed weapon, With Swords, While Dual Wielding, General Attack speed all work)
* Melee Damage
* Area Damage
* Life
* Critical Multiplier
* Other


* High Life (70+)
* 1 High Resist
* Open Suffix for Attack Speed
* Armor
* Evasion
* Flat Elemental Damage


* High Armor
* Life (70+)
* Evasion
* Resist
* Inteligence


* Life (70+)
* High Armor
* Accuracy
* Resists
* Evasion
* Inteligence


* Life (70+)
* Resists
* Armor
* Evasion
* Move Speed (not needed at all, whirling blades move you way faster)
* Inteligence


* High WED (30%+)
* High Life (70+)
* Resists
* Armor

My Gear

My jewels are:
Loath Hope
4% attack speed
11% critical multiplier while dual wielding
17% increased armor

Damnation Flame
6% attack speed while dual wielding
6% maximum life
12% increased melee damage

Hypnotic Joy
5% attack speed
7% attack speed with swords
16% increased armor


4L: Cleave + Multistrike + Blood Magic + Life Gain on Hit

Try to get the Curse On Hit / CWDT + Warlord mark setup asap also, do not run blood rage until you get the 3% life regen.

Actual Links:

6L: Whatever you feel like adding, Faster Attacks, Life Leech, Added Lightning and LGOH are all equally valid. Even Conc. / Increased Area of Effect if you want.

Movement + Fortify

Our source of leech & Endurance Charge uptime

Blood Rage & Golem, self explanatory.

Enduring cry for fighting bosses & maintaining endurance charges

CWDT+Warlord Mark for bosses mostly, since you can't rely on CoH there.

Put this where you want, it doesn't need to be linked to anything.


If you have access to static electricity unique jewel you want to level with the following tree:

You will get 1-82 flat lightning damage quick which trivializes leveling.

The tree is pretty straight forward, use the leveling to branch out to ranger & templar/marauder areas, take life & armor/evasion as needed.
I wouldn't spec into crit until level 60 or so.

Grabbing twin terrors + fatal blade will really push your dps and crit, so grab those when you get access to fast swords with crit.

For defense purposes, iron reflex is really close and an easy way to cheese the leveling process with Grace. If you are starting from zero i would advise speccing into IR and using grace until you get gear good enough to run both armor and evasion.

You also do not need to aim for hybrid arm/eva on each slot, it is perfectly fine running pure eva/arm pieces and then combining them like:
Chest - high armor chest
Head - high evasion helm
Boots - high armor boots
Gloves - high evasion gloves

However i do not recommend pure evasion chests as it makes chroming a nightmare.



Will continue working on the leveling/gearing parts and potential links if the popularity of the build picks up.
If you have any questions feel free to ask me @: Artorhias
[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662
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[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662
Good Job mate!!!
Updating the build thread later today with new stats, more DPS, more Life, more Armor.
[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662
Build updated, better stats all around.

DPS without offensive aurasgoing above 60k np with frenzy/blood rage.
[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662
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Looks really good! How have you found dealing with reflect so far? And how are your defenses holding up in higher maps?
Denezen wrote:
Looks really good! How have you found dealing with reflect so far? And how are your defenses holding up in higher maps?

Reflect maps do not seem possible atm, the dps is too high, maybe with LGOH instead of WED, will have to test.
For single target reflect a jade flask is enough to mitigate it since you evade most of the reflected damage.

Currently running 75 maps without much troubles except the Orchard boss, but that boss is just insane for melee generally. Still able to freeze rares/packs with my cold crits so that is nice, even perma-stun some monsters with attacks.

Curse immune maps are a bit annoying, generally don't run blood rage there because the leech from warlord mark won't be active, could be bypassed by running LGOH in the 5L (instead of added cold) or life leech.

For my 6th link i will probably run LGOH since i have almost 10 attacks per second now and feel that adding another DPS gem would be redundant (dps will still go up because of my auras / heralds / skill gems still leveling up anyway).
[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662
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Cool, thanks for the reply.

I've been toying with the idea of starting a new char with all the gear I've amassed in WB.. would like to see how this build does while leveling and how it scales later in game. Clearly dps isn't an issue, so more toward how survivability could be bolstered.

any vids?
dantven wrote:
any vids?

No vids atm, but will try to produce some when i get the time.
[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662

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