Dual wield Hyaon's Fury Flicker strike [2.0] Build still works! better dps possibilities!

Alright everyone this is going to be the introductory of the 2.0 changes and what actually made this build almost -astronomically- better!


>With jewels of humming there is a lot more lightning damage to be had on the tree now!

>New crackling speed notable in the skill tree

>Blood rage doesn't guarantee frenzy charges anymore

>blood rage is now -physical-

>Other small changes to the tree to make things more efficient

>No enduring cry on CWDT doesnt matter to daresso user

>Dark ray vectors variant is a lot better now and more consistent

>Blood dance boots 100% beat out degen from blood rage now

So with all these nifty changes, how do i see the build now? better, worse? unplayable.

honestly, about the same.

The build still works as intended, and the guide below still is relevant, the numbers are changed and the equipment is the same but its all functional and I ran piety and dom no problem [havent touched act 4]

The links are the same since theres nothing new on the table for this. so i'm going to update some of the skill tree's and other links in the build, the guide is still sound and everything still works! and its much better now! higher DPS, more opportunities with more points!

So this is my first theory crafted build for 1.3, I haven't been able to play because of internet issues but i have a few builds I want some help on doing for the new standard league when I'm able to play.

Seeing the duelist new duelist tree was disappointing to say the least But i want to make things work for him, but this is my normal standard duelist. Who was a WoE+BoR duelist i made for funsies a while ago, but since i've always wanted to use Hyaon's fury dual wield i decided why the hell not.

Heres the tree

Alright lets discuss gem and gem links for the build i have in mind for a bit better vision.

Gems & Gem links

Flicker strike > Multistrike > Melee splash > blood magic > Weapon elemental damage > Lightning penetration

If you decide to get mana leech or get a theives torment, drop blood magic for added lightning damage instead. With all the attack speed in the tree faster attacks can be optional, lighting penetration provides much more damage overall, esp with quality.

Herald of thunder > Curse on hit > Assassins mark > Blood rage

Herald of thunder > Curse on hit > Poachers mark > [insert gem of choice here]

I prefer assassins mark over conductivity, since most of the time you're shocking as is.

Poachers mark makes this build much more consistent now, due to blood rage changes, 50% to get a frenzy charge is still half the time and you may run out at times, with a 75% chance instead, its much better, so this is still the players choice in the end.

Wrath > Herald of ice > reduced mana

Both heralds are great for the build, and wrath adds more lightning damage overall

Vaal haste > increased duration > Immortal call > CWDT

Immortal call will help out a lot since were running daresso's defiance to gain endurance charges, for the hit or two we acutally take it'll be a boon.

Whirling blades > faster attacks > blood magic

Gotta get around somewhow.


So obviously we're running two Hyoan's furies. so what about the rest? what to look for.

Weapons: Duh
Chest: Daresso's defiance.

I think this chest is highly underacted, and since the block and lightning coil nerf i think its in a nice spot. Don't get me wrong lightning coil still would be great for this build, but its more about preference.

Gloves: Attack speed, life, resistances, EVA
Boots: Blood dance, or Dark ray vectors.

Dark ray vectors give a frenzy charge. and that really really nice 2% per dodge chance, then for the matter of fact you are running acrobatics. daressos defiance. you get a whopping 61% chance to dodge attacks for free with 8 frenzy charges. Which is pretty insane and i recommend these boots if you want a safer chance against physical packs that manage to get that one hit on you.

Blood dance with 7 frenzy charges pretty much overwrites blood rage degen. also provides frenzy charges without the need of blood rage, though this is much more inconsistant.

rings: thieves torment, or WED, life, res rings

Thieves torment takes away the need for mana, but robs you of two rings, and potentially at least 40% weapon elemental damage that could boost DPS dramatically, but an extra link could boost it too, its a judgement call.
Belt: WED, life, resists
Amulet: WED life, resists
Helm: Life, resists, evasion

My current equipment


Its a nice idea, but show me the numbers!

DPS no auras, no frenzy charges
Coming soon!

DPS with auras
Coming soon!

DPS with charges.
Coming soon!



70 bog map. [Shows the rippyness of the build]


Example and guide for leveling with ungils gauche's


69 Blue shore map


Q: Why duelist?

A: He's near the first frenzy charges and he's near some of the better nodes for this which i will go into detail later, His start is mostly attack speed which is great for flicker strike, and master of the arena is such a great QoL for melee.

Q: Why crit? Swords have shitty base crit, it'd be better with ele daggers!

A: I feel like crit for flicker and hyaon's fury provides the shock chance, especially with multistrike being in the picture for flicker striking [Which i know how multistrike and crit works, all crits or no crits]

Tree traveling and why

So lets discuss where I go now on the tree.

All the frenzy charges.

Hyaon's fury explains why i touch all the frenzy charges quite easily.

Heartseeker cluster.

This is my first ever crit build, so im not 100% sure on the effectiveness on it overall, if this is bad it's bad and i will remove it, Crit multi helps a lot in the damage department which i feel this build may lack.

Arcing blows

50% more lightning damage for 3 points? Hell yes.

The trek to the witch area, Worth it?

In my eyes I believe it is, there are two things you could do with it honestly, you could subtract all the points traveling to the witch lightning damage and go for the elemental damage tree on the templar's side instead, grab catylse and drop blood drinker entirely then go to celestial judgement. I'm not 100% sure on the damage difference so its something to experiment with.

Life wheel

self explanatory

Fatal blade notable

Pretty good, doesn't provide a lot of phys damage but this build doesnt look for phys damage.

Thats most of the explaining, as stated at the start i'm not able to test this due to some internet problems I'd like to see if this would work out or is a pipe dream instead, so i'm 100% open to critique.

Questions i'd like answers to

Q: Is it wise to run wrath instead of hatred since the physical damage isn't there?

Thanks for reading!
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First, for accuracy you have 2 times +20% from Hyaon's Fury then +118% from the passive tree for a total of +158% and I think it's far enough. You can trow away Eagle Eye without prob.

For mana it's a real probleme since you don't have a decent mana regen.
There is thoose possibilities:
- spend more passive points in mana and mana regen
- use Thief's Torment
- use the mana leech sup gem
- go for blood magic

Blood Magic seems good, you have +20 life gained per kill per frenzy charge per Hyaon's Fury. But the Keystone is a little far, you have to release some points.

Like this:

Thank you for the reply and the better pathing option through the right side of the tree. saved me a few points!

As for the blood magic alternative tree, I do believe it can work, if i was going CI or had a shav's since I really want to run herald of thunder and wrath, but no energy shield buffer means the aura's would hurt a lot.

Though with the new pathing option, I think instead of any block I can run a daresso's defiance along with acrobatics and phase acrobatics for a bit of a defensive aspect to the build.

For the mana issues, i might just use the blood magic support gem, since the links i have in mind and i will edit the main thread after this post. Flicker strike > Multistrike > Blood magic > Weapon elemental damage > Lightning penetration > Faster attacks

If Thieves torment is used [It'll be difficult to cap resists then] You can replace blood magic with added lightning damage instead.
Flicker is way better with melee splash IMO.
Oh my god i overlooked melee splash because I was working with a leap slam build. Thank you for pointing that out, i'm editing the post.
flicker only hit with one weapon, the DW isn't usefull.
flicker only hit with one weapon, the DW isn't usefull.

It alternates weapons, but the dual wielding serves other purposes.

"12% increased Lightning Damage per Frenzy Charge
+20 Life gained on Kill per Frenzy Charge"

Those two notables themselves provide, with the frenzy charges we get, 280 life gained per kill, 168% lightning damage. Now granted the near 50% [42% to be exact] damage You take with the frenzy charges with both active is a determent, but the damage you get out of it is astronomic. You could run one with frenzy and melee splash but you wouldn't get nearly as much damage. Dual strike could be done, but the only way to generate frenzy charges would be blood rage or blood dance boots, plus dual strike melee splash is a bit iffy honestly.

There are a few ways you can take the build, i chose flicker.
Updated with equipment, am currently updating dps as soon as i take screenshots in game.
Trying to work on the build in my free time, currently am working on another build in torment.

Cleaned up the thread, showing current gear as of now such as my tabula i managed to find.

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