[1.2.1] Another WoE build, this time without BoR.

Just wanted to share the build I'm going for this league.
Currently 84 and have no problem doing pretty much any maps.
One thing to note here is that this build "requires" a 3+% block Stone of Lazhwar, if you don't have the money to buy one, you will have to make your way to Weapon Artistry in the ranger area (going through Finesse and 2xDual Wield Damage). This sacrifices life/damage, but reduces the cost of the build by about 3-4ex.

The build has good progression throughout the game, so I'll just post the later levels, the path you go for is pretty much self explanatory, with the only real choice to be made being when to make your way to resolute technique (until you do that, I suggest taking the nodes up to Weathered Hunter).

If you're doing fine on resistances, you can skip the nodes leading up to Survivalist and put them towards more life or dps.

Bandits are: Oak, Kraityn, Skill Point

Lvl 84: http://goo.gl/j3bgQU
Lvl 94: http://goo.gl/XuLcep
Lvl 100: http://goo.gl/WLbU3r
Lvl 100 HC: http://goo.gl/11sqlp

Vaal Pact

If you want Vaal Pact, your options are:
1) Skip the nodes leading up to Survivalist, and reallocate the extra node wherever you see fit.
2) Drop 5% maximum life and Ondar's Guile by going up the more "efficient" route, taking the two Dex nodes on the side closer to Herbalism.
3) Drop 12% attack speed next to the Duelist starting area (the very first attack speed and dual weapon attack speed nodes).
Any other alternatives are either not worth it or not recommended due substantial dps/life lost.

To run Vaal Pact, I recommend adding yet another unique to this build: Geofri's Crest.
Within Geofri's, use Blood Rage + Immortal Call + Increased Duration + Enhance.
Take out the Immortal call from your CWDT setup and add in some other gem, I use decoy totem right after enduring cry.
To make up for the loss in resistances from the tree, you should add in Purity of Elements to your aura setup (if not there already).

Assuming a high quality blood rage + lvl 1 Enhance, you should be leeching around 5% of your damage instantly, making for much better survivability.
Remember to get chaos resistance on your gloves/rings.

Lvl 100: http://goo.gl/p6DkvD


Note that this new gear is quite a bit more expensive than the other set.

4L = ~20k
5L = ~32k
6L = ~43k

Lvl 84 = ~3.8k
Lvl 94 = ?
Lvl 100 = ?

76 Fire
76 Cold
75 Lightning (using purity is nice, since you're using Lightning Coil, but in reality it doesn't actually change the damage you take that much)

Wings of Entropy
Rainbowstrides (25% preferred, can be 24% if your block chance is 76%)
Stone of Lazhwar
Lightning Coil (technically not required, but as an evasion/block/dodge character, this is extremely useful)
*** Due to the extremely low Int-score of this build, you will have to pick it up from helm/rings/gloves. ***

Wings of Entropy = 1-15 chaos (get what you can afford, only the #% increased physical damage matters)
Stone of Lazhwar = 1 chaos OR 3-4 exalted (the % block chance saves you 3 skill points and gains you Ondar's Guile)
Rainbowstrides = 5-30 chaos (the higher the spellblock the better, but you absolutely don't need 25% to make this build work)
Lightning Coil = 2-10 chaos (based on life, might require a bit of shopping for max life)
Meginord's Gridle = 1-8 chaos (based on resistances) -OR- Wurm's Molt = 1-5 chaos (the higher overall stats the better)
Rings = 2-10 chaos (cover your resistances, and craft life/intelligence...got mine for around 5c each)
Gloves = 1-5 chaos (same as rings, 1-2% mana leech recommended here or on a ring, unless using Wurm's Molt)
Helmet = 1-5 chaos (same as rings)

TOTAL: 14-84 chaos (+3-4 exalted if you go the %block Lazhwar option)

Gem Setup
4L: Cleave, Multistrike, Faster Attacks, Melee Physical Damage -- this gets you between 15-20k dps, depending on gear/quality and if you're using Herald of Ash.

5L: + Concentrated Effect -- this gem alone will add around 10-14k dps to your build, resulting in 25k dps for low-end gear to 34k for the high-end.

6L: + Added Fire Damage or Life Leech -- don't have a 6L so I can't test the results of adding this gem.
You should have enough life leech from the tree/items to not need the gem, since you aren't taking much damage.

CWDT Setup
Immortal Call BEFORE Enduring Cry so that you can retain some charges after Immortal Call is triggered...you don't get hit that often so when you do get hit for a lot, you want to prevent death before you can react with flasks, but overall the charges provide more protection.

Aura Setup
Reduced Mana + Hatred + Herald of Ash + Proliferation/Empower/Purity of [Element(s)]

My Gear
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"Lightning Coil = 2-10 chaos (based on life, might require a bit of shopping for max life)"

Uh, what?
Tyreneko wrote:
"Lightning Coil = 2-10 chaos (based on life, might require a bit of shopping for max life)"

Uh, what?
it's rampage prices, calm down :)
How would you level with this build? Like how would you build it look for lvl 60?
A fine piece of a build!
I've refunded my marauder's mace nodes, reworked some nodes for stun... and here we go damage.
Shakmin wrote:
How would you level with this build? Like how would you build it look for lvl 60?

Added a skill tree progression section, starting at 20 points and then jumping by 15.
The later levels are covered in the original three links.
Level 62 now, and I am wrecking everything. This is insane.
How come you take Resolute Technique, isn't it worth going for a little extra accuracy in order to crit?
Shakmin wrote:
How come you take Resolute Technique, isn't it worth going for a little extra accuracy in order to crit?

It takes a significant investment into crit to actually make axes/swords with a 5% base work well. Axes don't have the accuracy implicits like swords, so it's also hard to make them accurate.

Let's say we get to 400% increased crit chance and 200% increased crit multiplier (150 from the gem).
That comes out to 25% chance to crit for 3.5x damage. We'll assume that we have an 80% chance to hit.

The total damage for crit comes out to:
(0.75+(0.25*3.5))*0.8 = 1.625*0.8 = 1.3

That's a 30% increase to your character's final damage at the cost of life/ block chance/ resistances/ GEM SLOT.

Now here's the damage again without the crit multiplier gem:
(0.75+(0.25*2))*0.8 = 1.25*0.8 = 1

That's exactly base damage...at the cost of life/ block chance/ resistances.
As an added bonus, Resolute Technique makes you immune to blind and enfeeble's accuracy penalty.
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