Kikoyou's "Run Baby, Run..." 1H Bino & Puncture

This build was originally a shadow guide, then a Scion guide
Now it's a duellist based guide

This is my first posted build, still in progress.

I called this build Run Baby, Run....
Mostly a PVP build, but very powerfull in PVE

Pros :
- Impressive damage over time
- Set 3 DOT on crit
- High crit chance
- Makes allies regenerate life
- Few hits needed to kill. No mana, reflect & corrupting blood worries.

Cons :
- I'm facing around lvl 80 to a certain lack of tanking. Even with near 1K regen life/SC, i still need more HP.
- No crit multiplier on nodes. Need it on gear
- Can be countered with potions like Remove bleeding and Remove Burning, and Chaos Innoculation (Adder's Touch poison)

Actual build at lvl 83

This is a puncture build, based on Bino's Kitchen Knife. This weapon hits my mind from its critical strike chance and it's poisoned based ability. I'm seeking to deal massive dagger physical damage, with high critical strike chance in order to poison my targets (Adder's touch) With high HP, high armor (Iron reflexe)and a shield in order to farm everywhere.

Bino's kitchen grants a 30% increase damage over time. With damage over time nodes, I reach up to 111% increase damage over time. Works wonderfull with puncture, linked to an added fire damage (with high crits, burn enemies). I don't even speak about Vulnerability curse

My actual gear :

Gems :
Puncture + Melee Physical DMG + Added fire DMG + Melee Splash + Additional Accuracy (5SL) + Critical Multiplier (6SL)
As my 5th gem on a 5SL, i can use Additional Accuracy, Increase Critical Strike and Increase Critical multiplier if needed. With 20% quality, Puncture last over 8SC. There's no point of using Increase Duration. With a nice stuff and a crit, i can reach up 50K DPS only with Puncture DOT.

What about DOT :
When crit, 3 DOT are set on the enemies :
- Puncture DOT.
While bleeding, they take damage over time based on how much damage was dealt in the initial hit.
The highest hit sets the DOT. In this case, obviously, the crit gets the highest damage.
- Burn. Added fire damage gem grants also a DOT based on a % of the fire damage.
- Poison. With Adder's touch, on crit, the effect lasts for 2 seconds, dealing 20% of initial hit damage in total.

What about Bino's regen :
The Bino's regen is pretty impressive
On killing a Poisoned enemy, nearby allies Regenerate Life

With my actual gear and a low crit multiplier (i reach only 300% for now), it gaves to nearby allies around 700 life regen/sc on kill. Very impressive for ES users with Zealoth Oath !

If i get a Soul Taker, i'll swap my build to this :

I'll use Snakebites gloves, in order to keep poisoning my targets even without adder's touch. I wont take those very good daggers nodes from the shadow in order to crit even with my Soul Taker. Dual Wielding crit nodes from the Duellist start are very impressive, and will make the same job.

Special thanks to ComradBlack, Zorker and Halava for helping me.

Link to selling post
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Does this build work in 74+ level maps?
And what skills are u using for Single and Aoe? only puncture?
Auras? only grace?
Last edited by Halava on Apr 2, 2014, 4:50:15 AM
Haven't tried it yet many times on 74+ maps. I need more HP and armor, almost get one shoted by every single boss.

6 SL for PVE : Puncture, Melee physical DMG, Added fire DMG, Additional accuracy (or maybee a crit chance/multi), Knockback and Melee Splash.
6SL for PVP (solo target) : Puncture, Melee physical DMG, Added fire DMG, Additional accuracy (or maybee a crit chance/multi), Knockback and Increase Duration.

Auras : I often play with low HP Glass Cannon guys. Many auras.
But when I play solo, i rather use Determination & Grace, or Hatred & Grace. Depend.
And i only use 4 skills.
Puncture, as main attack
Vulnerability as curse
Smoke mine and whirling blade for movement

Can u check this build? it starts from ranger (becouse i have 75lvl ranger with restarted skills from the patch) and i don't think there will be problems with hp,, i got 262% incr hp i think its more then enough.
+Have u tried the new Snakebite Assassin's Mitts (poison gloves) They are weary nice + nice hp/atk speed and acy,, solves some problems,, what do u say?

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