[2.2] Dual claw blocker bor/viper with rive+fortress

Hey all, It's not a detailed guide, it is just one of my chars i wanted to share because i liked it a lot, but lately i'm pretty bored from the game to play for extended time, i am just theory crafting lately while i wait for next league.

What i use is in description from the thread, not something new, a pretty obvious build, but i think it was fun and strong, don't know if there are many posted, so i'm gonna post my items and stats screen for people to check out what they can achieve with given items/gems at lvl 80+

Gear i used with this char:


Core items:


Yes, the core item is only rive, it is a pretty versatile build(haha...) in matter of items.
Retch is a luxury possibility for the high leech from claws, but far from needed.

Optional items(that i tested and worked almost as effectively, but the listed items above are the optimal imo for defensive+offensive equilibrium)


Abyssus+coil doesn't give you that big damage, but it is an option(changed to bor because i don't think it was a really big dmg boost to be worth using),
- death's hand is probably the best offensive second hand
- bloodseeker is defensive, but in a different way, you will keep life up because of the free vaal pact using it on main hand, but i do prefer the fortress personally.

I was going to post stats screen, but it doesn't represent much without videos(which i don't pretend to do because computer is too bad to record and play), so i will just write.

Stats(char currently at lvl 88):
Dps - 42k with ash+hatred
block - 63(71 with the gladiator passive that gives 8 block when hit)
armor - Irrelevant amount(need pop up granite and endurying cry if you doing nuts maps, taste of hate is nice too).
evasion - actually at 28%
Accuracy - 87%, need better items for it to be higher, it is pretty important even though atk speed is at 7.5 without any buff.
Life - 5265, pretty good, you won't be one shot(unless vaal slam, dominus slam, i think, i didn't test, but gl with testing)
res - 75 all at least, always
chaos res - who bothers? hehe

I have around 4.5% leech, it is inherent from claws/nodes and some items, it works pretty good for blocker because you are hit sometimes and during the time you're not hit, you are recovering the life you leeched, so vaal pact isn't close to required, you can get it and test to see(i think it is annoying, if you don't leech you have to pop up potions all the time, so no to vaal pact).

Important item to note:

This is a suicidal item for this kind of build because your res are capped at only 75% and you don't have armor, so if they crit twice, you are dead(with this jewel it is pretty much possible).

I didn't have deaths on this char until after lvl 85+, when i started doing nuts maps and usually i don't read mods at all(i'm sc player), so i did some with increased critical strikes and yes, deaths started to happen. So i just decided it is a pretty bad item if you can't handle the critical hits(pretty obvious, but i'm dumb, so no). Then no more max [block] for me with that jewel for now.

My tree actually, which isn't optimal:



Version i think is optimal:



This is not a wow, such a build, damn, can i follow it completely? No, it is just me showing how a dual claw blocker works out, dps can get higher if you go more offensive, but i don't think it is needed(In fact, i was with around 70k dps with death's hand and decided it was too much because i could kill things fast and get even more defensive, so removed damage and decided to test the new claw, which is pretty good for its purposes). I was killing packs in less than one second with this char and bosses die fast(but it is smart not facetank dominus, even the residence one, so you hit, walk around, then come back while he dies to poison fast).

Believe it or not, my last sac sets i was farming atziri with this char deathless, so it i think it is really strong and fun. I give it 9/10, probably would give 10/10 if i had a nice 6l chest and could change bor(can't actually do it because bor is half the damage, you would have to sacrifice defenses elsewhere to keep around 40k dps[which i think is the optimal damage for this set up]).

Block is op, claws are decent(don't nerf them, pls).

- Last annoying words: my english is bad, but if you read up to here, congrats and sorry for being so lazy writing it. But try this out! Claws are pretty fun with viper strike, you feel like a real assassin(even though you are a duelist .-.)
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