3.2 Champion TAUNTBOT aurabot support (Now Gives Endurance, Frenzy, and Power Charges!)

I have always loved playing support in the games that I played. PoE is no exception. I have played Support at least once in every league that I played, ranging from the popular NecroBots, to Occultist Cursebots, GuardianBots, to ScionBots, to ChampionBots. Yep, you heard me, A Champion aurabot. More specifically, THE MANLY TAUNTBOT.


*play me in background while reading*

I played the Tauntbot last Legacy league, and I liked the playstyle. Build is very:
* Very Tanky (~88% phys damage reduction, 5.7k ES, 84% elemental resistances, 75% chaos resistance)
* Can Intimidate PERMANENTLY (a debuff that causes the affected target to take 10% increased attack damage)
* Takes mob aggro away from your hitters (you spam taunts, more on the reason why below)
* lvl 22-28 buffs
* 10 Auras (+1 Envy, if using United in Dreams), 1 Curse, 2 Vaal Hastes, (and 1 Vaal Clarity=Optional/Interchangeable with Tempest shield), and gives Frenzy, Endurance, and Power Charges(if Power Charge on Crit Procs) to party.
* As an aurabot, not expensive to start and be effective
* People love you.
* Piety loves you.
Piety, the Abomination, in the Belly of the Beast: "Oh Duelist, you're so cute when you're bewildered."

Piety, the Abomination, after being defeated: "My beautiful champion, I knew I could rely on you."

Piety, after being restored:

"That's twice now that I've experienced a 'little death' with you, Duelist. This time it was just the rude awakening I needed.

When we shared our 'moment' back in the Lunaris, part of me wishes I'd died at your feet as intended. The little girl within me that shies from darkness, from greatness."

Piety's last words: "This is what I get for trying to be a bloody hero. An honest death... the only redemption I was ever likely to get. You know, it's a question that's always haunted me... whose face will be the last I see. I like the answer. Go, my pretty champion. I want that fine arse of yours to be the last thing I see."

Replying to Piety: "Oh, well, far be it from me to deny a lady's final wish."

Now as a Tauntbot, you are not:
* Not Chaos damage proof. You will die with poison and chaos damage (not a Shav's build)(we have a solution for that)
* Not built for speedclears, so you will maybe struggle keeping up. (we have a solution for that)
* Tooltip warriors will doubt your Aura capabilities
* Endgame gear can be very EXPENSIVE because of Enlightens and Empower
* Not a Necrobot, or should I say Scionbot (the top aurabot for speedclears IMHO)


Skill Tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/build/n6ljHe
POB: https://pastebin.com/6rJMaDFj

Mandatory Uniques: Victario's Influence, Alpha's Howl, Prism Guardian, Steppan Eard, Conqueror's Potency Jewel, Conqueror's Eficiency Jewel, The Vigil Jewel)

Notable Leveling Uniques: Leer Cast and Dying Breath if playing support in a party. Axiom Perpetuum if leveling as a Caster. Limbsplit, Reaper's Pursuit, and The Cauteriser if leveling with an axe skill. Facebreakers, Meginord's Girdle, and Skirmish if leveling as Ancestral Warchief.

I chose Shakari for my minor god for that sweet poison immunity once you caught the soul of the Infinite Drifts. As for the major god, I chose Arakaali for more Chaos damage and Shock protection.


Note that this an expensive gear setup. still can be effective with -Haste aura and switching to a Purity that is best needed in the situation.

How the BUILD works:
As a Tauntbot, we will mainly be spamming our taunts, on top of the auras you give. Taunts will be the main focus of this build, and it's mainly because of the huge changes to the already awesome Taunt nodes of the Champion Patch 3.2 has brought:

Conqueror: 100% chance to Taunt on Hit
6% reduced Damage taken if you've Taunted an Enemy Recently
2% of Life Regenerated per second if you've Taunted an Enemy Recently
Enemies Taunted by you deal 10% less Damage with Hits and Ailments against other targets

Worthy Foe: Enemies you Taunt take 20% increased Damage
Enemies Taunted by you cannot Evade Attacks

and to put cherry on top, Patch 3.2 Taunt changes makes Taunt viable on various endgame bosses:

"The following monsters are no longer immune to Taunt, though they may not retarget based on being taunted. This is primarily to enable new Ascendancy passive skills in the Champion Ascendancy: The Shaper, The Elder, Guardian of the Phoenix, Guardian of the Minotaur, Guardian of the Hydra, Guardian of the Chimera, The Eradicator, The Enslaver, The Purifier and The Constrictor."

Now if you put it all together, it means:
**On top of your already OP defensive auras, you get 6% reduced damage, the enemies deal 10% less damage.
**On top of your already OP offensive auras, enemies you HIT FIRST (hit with shield charge or vigilant strike) and gets taunted will take 30% INCREASED DAMAGE (20% from taunt and 10% from intimidate if you hit first) and CANNOT EVADE.

Our Defenses:
Now, drawing all the aggro is a death flag in PoE. So, how do we combat it with this build? Well, we have various solutions:

*We have Iron Reflex. Yes we cannot evade but we have massive armour which translates to Massive Physical Reduction. (90% with Endurance charge @ lvl 91)
*We have constant endurance charges because of Enduring cry
*We have 84% Elemental resistance because of purities
*We have decent Energy shield (we are running lowlife as an aurabot)
*We have decent block at 61%, with Tempest Shield, Rumi's Concoction Flask,and Advancing Fortress(when fighting bosses, Brightbeak for map clearing for that extra speed on shield charge)
*We have Enfeeble on Blasphemy
*We have Coruscating ELixir, to combat Chaos damage through that Pseudo-Shavronne's Vestment effect.
*We have Fortify because of Vigilant Strike
*We have Lori's Lantern buffs because we have low life (8% increased movespeed, up to 25% additional chaos resistance when on low life, and Enemies are UNLUCKY when damaging us)
*We have Steppan Eard, for that nasty desecrated ground

***As an alternate slightly different build, you can sacrifice one node of ES and and put it to Conduit Keystone and use a Curse on Hit instead with PCoC and Frenzy (courtesy of Sephirvine) for added team support (you share 3 charges!). Of course you would have to adjust your gears accordingly if you use Curse on Hit.***

***You can ditch Iron reflexes and get 74% evasion and 63% physical reduction with everything up. You will have 6 more points to play around with.***

***If you are bored, you can solo clear most low to mid maps with an Ichimonji and a chest armour change. 4l skill should be fine, you got auras and taunts to help you clear***

Leveling is fairly easy. You can solo with most skills available as duelist, upto first ascension or Act 4 done if you have the patience. After that, get to party with people to hasten leveling. At this point, you can have 2 offensive auras to help you. At level 52, you will have your first aurabot spike, as you will be able to wear Victario's Influence. You will now be able to give all your offensive auras. Next spike will be at level 64 when you wear Alpha's Howl. You will be able to give 4 offensive auras, a curse of choice on blasphemy, and discipline. Finally, at level 68, you will be able wear Prism Guardian, and wear all your auras (10 auras)! You can also have Curse of choice on Blaspemy on Blood Magic, but that would put you on low life, I wouldn't recommend it at this point.

As for the tree, always try to get all the aura nodes first, getting jewel nodes depending on jewel availability. Also, try to grab as much dexterity as possible in your disposable gears while leveling. Below is how I progressed:

First Ascension: https://pastebin.com/iy4xghcA

A8 reached/onwards to Second Ascension: https://pastebin.com/6RSjzaSM

Merc Lab done: https://pastebin.com/NDiaDX80

Level 68: https://pastebin.com/tzvhenYn

I guess I have covered most of the good and bad points of this build. I would appreciate all the comments, criticisms, contributions, and anything, even spams. lol To end this long post, here is the screen shot of my old Legacy League Tauntbot:


with flasks and tempest shield up:

Champion Tauntbot support : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2093582
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Can confirm. Excellent build and support taunt tank. Great for bosses. Fun + different take.
would you recommend this as a league starter?
I always start league with an aurabot, so I don't see why not
Champion Tauntbot support : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2093582
The POB link doesn't seem to be working for me. I took a look at your profile and saw a champion support on standard. Is anything different from that one, or can I just follow from that character?

*Edit: Nevermind. I was just being stupid. Got it to work

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Hey, thanks for your build.

Working great atm.

Quick tip : You can also use Frenzy to generate frenzy charges for your party if using Conduit
How do you recommend leveling this build?
Sephirvine wrote:
Hey, thanks for your build.

Working great atm.

Quick tip : You can also use Frenzy to generate frenzy charges for your party if using Conduit


3 chargesssss! thanks man!
Champion Tauntbot support : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2093582
Hakaan256 wrote:
How do you recommend leveling this build?

Hmm, atm I am using Spectral Shield Throw just because. Probably easiest to level with totems.

Party up with people. and leech. kinda. lol
Champion Tauntbot support : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2093582

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