[NEMESIS] CRAZYMAN NINJA = Frenzy + Melee Splash + Claw + Blood Dance (((VIDEOS)))


Video guide for the build: http://youtu.be/QxQn66vn0vM

Latest video:
The new blacksmith with zombies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UnxIKiIlzk


This is a full manmode build using 1h weapon and shiled, and single target attack with melee splash. What this build achives is high damage, high life leech, high life regen, which all translates into an extremely tanky build that hits like a truck.
The build is centered around using a gimp 6Linked unique chest called Tabula Rasa alongside The Blood Dance unique boots.
When it's all said and done you will have 8K+ armor, around 6K HP, 12K+ DPS with melee splash, 550+ life regen per sec and 15% life leech.


Build Guide video

Demonstration videos:

lvl68 Museum Map - det exalt :D. First time doing Museum with this character.

lvl69 Spider Forest - Double Boss face tanked - first time (ever) doing this map

lvl70 Cemetery - Double Mervail

Merci Dominus face tank

1.0.3 The Blacksmith 66 - regen vs chaos dmg


When I planned this build, I planned it to be a level 81 build.
So here is an initial level ~81 build: HERE

This is a full 117 point build (aka lvl 100), I'm just throwing it in here so that you guys can see what options there are for you to take, you may chose to switch things around. I don't really expect anybody to hit level 100 so it's stupid to plan up to that level.

For skilltree progression, see the leveling section or the build guide video.


Normal Help Oak, absolutely.
Cruel - Help Oak OR Help Kreytin. I actually don't even remember whom I helped lol.
Merciless - Help Kreyting for frenzy charge


Personally I leveled using a combination of split arrow and double strike.

I used Silverbranch unique bow with split arrow up to level 10, at level 10 I used Storm Cloud unique bow with split arrow until level 24. At level 24 I got an OK bone bow and used that until 35. At 35 you really want to get a solid Grove Bow, will make your life super easy. I used Grove Bow until level 44. At level 44...things got exponentially easier :).

For split arrow:
Split Arrow + Fork + Faster Attacks + Life Gain On Hit

For singe target I just used fenzy with faster attacks + life leech and some random gems that I don't recall.

At level 44 I could use the blood dance boots, so I equipped that. With blood dance had enough regen to support blood magic gem in a 6link. So I equipped Tabula Rasa, ditched Clarity and started running hatred and grace. I also have Rigvald's unique 2h sword, so I used that with double strike.

With this setup you want to use
Double Strike + Melee Splash + Multistrike + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic + Life Leech

From that point on, I pretty much didn't change my setup at all until level 62 when I got my hands on a decent claw. That's also the point when I had 7 frenzy charges, so it was the right time to start using frenzy. Frenzy underperformed in comparison to double strike until you get 6+ charges and the life leech nodes so that u can remove the life leech gem.

Passive tree progression:
24 points

32 points

42 points

63 points

79 points

87 points

99 points


FRENZY - 20% HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Your frenzy has to have quality, I wouldn't bother with this build if u can't get more than like 15%+ frenzy. You are better off going with a double stirke/dual strike build in that case.

You support Fenzy with these:

Blood Magic
Melee Splash - quality recommended, but not really required.
Melee Physical Damage
Added Fire/Faster Attacks/ 20% Added Cold Damage/ Blind

If you have only a 4 link, don't do this build.

If you decide to use a 5LINK instead of Tabula Rasa, then do Frenzy + Blood Magic + Melee Splash + Multistrike + Melee Physical

Keep it at level 1. If you can use it with faster attacks that's awesome, for now I just use it by itself and run it only on the remaining mana.

This skill...learn it, love it, worship it. When things get out of hand, it can save your life. It basically comes with built-in quartz flask. You will learn about it's desync problems and can avoid desync problems most of the time.

Grace + Hatred

For obvious reasons. To give you some perspective, Hatred adds 3K+ DPS.

Purty of Elements. You should level one of these as high as your intelligence allows you to. You will want to use this instead of hatred on elemental weakness maps.

You want to have a ranged culling skill, ESPECIALLY if you are on Nemesis, it will save you life when you are trying to kill a nasty volatile blood rare, you don't want to get pwned like GGG_Neon :D

Personally (for now) I use Bear Trap + Culling + Blood Magic + Item Rarity

Bear trap has some issues with dealing with mobs that move a lot, so alternative option is to use spectral throw. If u use spectral you might even be able to remove blood magic gem and use faster projectiles, should give you pretty good utility. I've been too busy/lazy to test it out, bear trap works ok for now.

Cast When Damage Taken
This is being experiment with right now. I have 2 items, both 4linked dedicated to CWDT. So far what REALLY shines is summon skeletons :P. lol. As I level my Immortal call and other stuff I'll update this part to report my findings on what works well with this build.

Vulnerability + Enfeeble. Pretty straightforward. Most of the time you'll do so much damage that you wont have to curse anything but some rares and bosses. Do note that both of our curses require fairly HIGH INTELLIGENCE, which we lack severely, so you will likely be limited to using these curses under level 10.

Alternatively, u can also use Warlord's Mark, and that's for the endurance charges, especially if u r running immortal call with CWDT. I don't use it, but I'll try it.


My current gear as I write this, at level 76 on Nemesis (well I started writing at 76, but I'm 79 now hahah)

I have a real 6Linked chest! It's fairly shitty but it's good enough. I save 2 skill points with it and gain around 500HP, but I lose around 600 armor....in comparison to tabula rasa (because of the 2 skill points, I respecced out of sentinel)

If you end up getting one yourself, you definitely want to get armor base... 4 red is required, 5 is optimal but you can do with 4r2g just fine, anything less than 4r is gimp.

I will continue to approach this build as if I was using tabula rasa.



I mention frenzy again, because it's really important to understand that w/out high quality frenzy, the build is gonna be a lot gimpier.

The Blood Dance: Amazing boots. With these boots we have 9.5% life regen.
The penalty on the boots doesn't actually make your attacks slower per frenzy charge, it just makes you get 2% attack speed increase instead of 5% as you normally would per frenzy charge.

Tabula Rasa: 6L op. Iron Reflexes OP. 'nuff said.

In order Of importance:
+HP, Resists, Strength, Damage, Intelligence.

Since we use 2 unique items that have no HP or resists, we have to prioritize those above and beyond other other stats. You also want to get as much strength as possible on your gear, because strength = flat life, to help us compensate for the 2 uniques.

You want to get Intelligence if you can as well, because claws require intelligence to use. Most good claws will require 95 or 117 int, some even 131, and if you are really lucky you'll get one like me that requires only 73 int (don't count on it).

Feel free to ask questions or make comments.
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Added merci dominus fight http://youtu.be/NRZUv4XA3hQ
Added a short vid against the new 1.0.3 blacksmith
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I decided to try this build out, looks like a lot of fun. TY for the ingame help!
I looted a tabula rasa yesterday so now i got to try this build ^^
Cool build, i have to try it :)

But 1 question: All your gears are unverified now, i hope not for you but you are dead in nemesis ?

If yes, can you share your experience to avoid this tragic end ?
waa im trying this right now!!

could we have a screenshot of your def and off stats (w and wio charges)?
SHOP : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/682434
I'm running this build, currently lvl 69 in Domination. Dominus Merci was down at lvl 64.

It's just awesome and very fun.

I have made some adjusment on my passive tree (for end game), i will share it later after trying more things.

My current stats:

i don't know yet what to put in my boots and shield.


Huge boost with the nodes called Claws of the Pride =)

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and what about endgame map? you only post video of maps 70 what about 74-75-76?
SHOP : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/682434
11K DPS with my main claw now.
9.09 attack speed.

I have loot this beauty:

With it, my DPS drop at 8.3K DPS but attack speed is 9.60.
With the instant leech, it's good for survivability. I'm trying to reach 10K DPS with it.

And i would like to remove Blood Magic gem to use mana and replace it by Mana Leech but i need Thief's Torment for more testing and to know if it's viable or not.

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