Blender Reborn - Bring Of Rain

Hi there - I did x2ps blender build back in POE patch 1.1
Recreated this, with pretty similar properties:

Defense Properties:

1.11k armor (use grace) + chaos golem = 55% dmg reduction

2.Block chance = 48%

3.Evade chance (from blind built into bor = 10% chance ,, but u hit 12 attacks per second so it pretty much blinds everything) = 50% chance to dodge (enemies = 50% less chance to hit)

4. 5k Life pool - 7.2 life regen per second = 360 life per second

5. Leech 3% (0.03*40k phys dmg per second = 1200 life per second)

6. Reave Aoe = huge,,, so you stand too far away from most enemies to hit you

7. You can move about the map and through targets with whirling blades - meaning if your in trouble you can just whirl/jump away in a split second.

Offensive Properties:

1. The dps on reave is insane - 50k with charges up,,, alot more with vaal haste + potions which you will have up nearly the whole time playing 70k with buffs.

2. Including the Increased AOE gem in your build, ofc gives you huge aoe - if however you wish to swap it out for something - weapon ele dmg for example your dps gets very big (Overkill)

3. The speed which you move around the map drastically increases clear speed - my whirling blades is like a teleport, its almost instant .. and the leap slam is extremely fast too - my favorite movement skills in the game.

Other Benefits: (you should probably read this)

1. Attack speed is sexy to look at
2. Build looks cool
3. I like extra gore
4. It can do all map mods (can do phys ref - but u need pots)
5. It don't die
6. Fast clear speed
7. Amazing for leveling gems (I level 12 enlightens with me)
8. Non Laggy
9. Unlimited skills - no mana thoughts
10. First proper build i ever did when i started the game... Has the feels =D


Speed test Gorge Run:

My Current Gear:
Will be upgrading the BoR + "Le Heup" + Boots + gloves + ammy sometime...

Skill Tree for 2.0:
I have like no good jewels - so it would be very much worth it to spec into jewels!

Normal: Kill all = skill point
Cruel: Kill all = skill point
Merciless: Frenzy charge (I didnt take because my char is like 2 years old and frenzys sucked back then) - will re-spec soon to take frenzy charge from bandit)
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thanks for the build. 76 Daylies from Vorici, Elreon, Tora and Zana were no problem at all with my lvl 70 Char, right now its at Lvl 75 and I haven´t even reached the 7th Frenzy Charge yet. DPS is with charges at about 40-45k until now (not sure, gotta check later when i´m home), will increase obviously soon. This is my current gear:

Might exchange the dagger though, but as you know high dps weapons with IPD are expensive ^^ Only my Lightning Resis is not completely maxed out (69%) but fair enough. Until now with lvl 75 only Beyond Monsters or extremely OP Monsters would be dangerous. I was thinking of selling the BoR ST etc. but then I thought Blender was too much fun and then I´ve found your build. Would be awesome if you add some new videos. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know.
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