[2.1] Physical Siege Ballista; Inexpensive; Atziri Viable

I disliked totem builds before 2.1, but saw some videos and siege ballista seemed interesting. It exceeded my expectations and it does excellent damage. It's not expensive. I have made iron grip and point blank archers before and figured it would work well for siege ballista. Point blank got a massive buff and now only deals up to 50% less damage as opposed to 100% less damage the farther the projectile travels prior to 2.1. Having to use a mana potion makes me sad though.

Required and Recommended Unique Gear


I leveled as a two handed infernal blow as I wanted to test melee splash. If you use a bow, you need lioneye's fall. Put it into the duelist slot and get point blank and iron grip as soon as possible. You want to switch to siege ballista at exactly 66 so make sure you pick up totemic zeal, ironwood, and totemic mastery. Don't forget to put in Rain of Splinters. Farm dried lake until 75 or 80.

Oak, attack speed or kill all, endurance charge

Avoid taking damage. You should almost always be moving unless you are casting totems. Keep your endurance charges up at all times. Lightning Coil and/or Taste of Hate are nice to have.


Auras: Hatred, Herald of Ash
Other links: Enduring Cry, Frenzy, Summon Flame Golem or Chaos Golem, Temporal Chains, Vaal Haste and Increased Duration. Put them all on blood magic.

or high attack speed and phys
Body Armour
Best Choices: Lightning Coil, Belly of the Beast Other: Daresso's Defiance, Hyrri's Ire, Restless Ward, or Tabula Rasa
Maybe get dex or int if you need it.
Physical damage and Attack speed highly recommended. Dexterity if you need it.
Get dex if you need it. At least 25% movement speed.
Rustic, leather, or heavy. Reduced flask charges are nice to have.
Recommend: Physical attack damage and/or attack speed
Recommend: Physical Damage, Dexterity, all attributes (need some int as well)
Recommend: Taste of Hate

Avoid if possible: Chain, phys reflect. If you have to do chain maps, make sure you keep your distance from your totems.

Take off hatred on ele reflect maps. You could probably do the other map mods.

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