[2.1] Oro's Shocker, 240K FS, 200K WS & 6K hp

EDIT 2.1: The build became even better!

- Poison doesnt work anymore with elemental damage, therefore Snakebite is removed.
- With the change on the mana cost, we dont need the Blood magic node.
- Auras are usable! Anger is a great dps addition, with herald of thunder we still have enough mana for spam the skills.
- Gain Life leech and mana leech in the tree, it's insanity!

With 2.1 I reach 268k (real dps, not tooltip) static strike / 200k wild strike / 240K with 6 frenzy and onslaught selfbuff, no pots no tricks.

-If you have Vessel of viktar flask, you wont need Three dragon + innervate gem for most skills. However, the aoe of vinktar is extremely short, for a projectile build or wild strike, it will be easier and simplier to keep innervate + three dragon.

Viktar will still trigger malachai's artifice + herald of thunder elemental equilibrium on killing shocked ennemies, so everything work. Two flasks may be needed for perma shock.

This build is based on automatic elemental resistance reductions and shock.
It's the only way to reach a good dps with oro's sacrifice, equivalent to most atziri's disfavour and mirrored two handed weapons builds.

The real dps is *3 the tooltip after the calculation of penetrations, elemental reductions from curses, elemental equilibrium and shock.


flicker strike

Wild strike



- Insanely high dps for a RT two handed build: 240K+ static strike, 195K wildstrike, 234K flicker strike
- Efficient with a budget stuff
- An unique build with unique features
- High hp pool
- Good life regeneration
- Do malachai in merciless without potions
- Run almost all maps
- Can use ranged attacks without downsides
- Permanent frenzy charges
- Elemental life & mana leech in the tree
- Budget! less than 7 ex for a 180 000+ static strike dps with a 5L and 5000hp


- Low armor
- Low evasion
- No dodge
- No block
- cant run elemental reflection maps
- Atziri is immune to status so this build is suboptimal against her
- The optimal version will cost 30/40 ex with the 6L and legacy/corrupted items

^It's a troll but it works!

It can be played with dyadus + shield or 2*dyadus + a pyre ring if you modificate the build a bit in the tree, and gem setup, herald of ice with pyre ring is interresting, added cold damage gem too.

Stats & DPS


- Life: 6000 hp with kaom's heart / 4800 with lightning coil

- Low amount of armor/evasion: never count on it

- Life regeneration: 575 with 6 frenzy charges

- Life leech: 2%

capped res, -40% chaos.


29% chance to shock
30% chance to ignite for wildstrike, 78% for flicker strike
10% chance to freeze (with herald of thunder, doesnt matter)

wild strike dps


- 62 000 dps

Real dps: fire ele reduction (*2), shock (*1.5)

- 62 000 * 2 * 1.5 = 186 000

200 000 DPS wild strike for a weak oro's 1c weapon. It's decent with 6000+ hp.

Flicker strike dps


- 9 435average damage.
- 8.26 attack per second

Real dps:

- 9435 * 8.26 * 2 * 1.5 = 234 000

Flicker strike, oro's sacrifice and ignite interaction

- Oro's sacrifice gives one frenzy charge when you ignite per SKILL use, no more.
- Multistrike doesnt increase the amount of charge gained despites the 3 strikes.
- Multistrike gives two additionnal chances chances to trigger the ignite, one per strike, with a maximum of one charge per SKILL use. Very usefull with low ignite amount.

So, let's see what happen with flicker strike!

The cooldown of flicker strike will refresh each two seconds, it will not consume a frenzy charge when the skill is not on cooldown. When the skill is refreshing and used, it will suck a frenzy charge.

Flicker strike never use a charge if the cooldown is refreshed/ready to use.

Therefore, when you are spamming flicker strike, each two seconds you will potentially gain an additionnal charge because one charge will not be sucked, replaced by the refreshed cooldown.

to make it clear, if we never miss an ignite:

flicker used without charge -> cooldown, no charge sucked, strike, ignite -> 1charge
flicker while cooldown -> charge sucked, strike, ignite -> 1charge
flicker while cooldown -> charge sucked, strike, ignite -> 1charge
flicker while cooldown -> charge sucked, strike, ignite -> 1charge
two seconds later
flicker cooldown refreshed -> cooldown, no charge sucked, strike, ignite -> 2 charge
flicker while cooldown -> charge sucked, strike, ignite -> 2charge
flicker while cooldown -> charge sucked, strike, ignite -> 2charge
two seconds later
flicker cooldown refreshed -> cooldown, no charge sucked, strike, ignite -> 3 charge
flicker cooldown refreshed -> no charge sucked, strike, ignite -> 3 charge
Slowly increasing to the maximum if ignite never fails, with one charge maximum per 3 strikes / per use of flicker skill.

It's the same with or without multistrike, i repeat, multistrike gives 2 additionnal chances to trigger an ignite with it's strikes but will not give more than one charge per skill use.

Concept & items

Oro's sacrifice deals high fire damage but the attack speed and the range/aoe size of melee skills aren't the best for ignite, unless you use flicker strike or leap slam there is no point to burn when everything is killed with 3 hits. Then against rares or bosses, shock is better with fast attacks too, but to get long shock duration on a boss or a very thick rare we need a lot of lightning damage.

- So Let's use Three dragon.

with innervate gem in the main attack link, we will get 30% shock.

- Now we can shock with fire damage, we can improve it with a simple ring!

socketed with herald of thunder.
* malachai's artifice with herald of thunder will trigger on the shock done by fire damage
* herald of thunder will freeze sometimes
* herald of thunder will trigger elemental equilibrium, reducing the fire and cold
resistances by 30% on the monsters struck by the lightning bolt
* herald of thunder will trigger "curse on hit" corrupted gloves

- This build needs gloves with elemental weakness on hit corruption, right now I use snakebite but it's not optimal anymore since the change of the poison's mechanic of 2.1. Use whatever you want! Fire flat damage + AS + Life + Resistances are the best, but ! ele weakn on hit comes first ;)

- We cant ignite anymore without cold damage so we cant gain frenzy charges so we need cold damage on a ring or an amulet.

- So we have frenzy charges? we can get % life regeneration, Blood dance is awesome despites the attack speed reduction, 400 life regen worths the lack of life & res.

- We use fire damage, we already have a 6L on oro's, we can use kaom's heart

- Wait you dont have a 6L on oro's sacrifice? You can use lightning coil, Malachai's artifice counters the resistance downside, you will need a bit more of fire & cold res.

- An amulet with life, resistances and Flat fire damage / % weapon elemental damage will be the best, i dont have one so i use

- then to finish, we could use doryani's belt but 0.2 fire leech is VERY BAD. It's absolutely USELESS AND UTTERLYCRAP, no hp and low amount of armor with low resistances, the fire damage is good but we have plenty of it in the tree. A good rare belt will be more helpfull because we need the resistances somewhere. Honestly you can also remove blood dance and use boots with resistances... You lose 400 hp regen and life to gain 0.2 % life leech and increased damage, not optimal.

- FIREBORN jewel is needed!

- Some extra dexterity is needed for Flicker strike variant, Fluid Motion jewel solves it if you cannot find this stat on your gear.

A build with 6-7 uniques, it's fun. It's even better when it uses good mechanics and intricated combos.

The numbers of the concept
So we shock, get 5-6 frenzy charges, automatically casts elemental equilibrium, curse on hit with gloves... We only need a dual curse setup to get a huge amount of reduced elemental resistances on monsters, and we get it in the tree.

43% fire penetration + 30% elemental weakness + 30% flammability + 30% elemental equilibrium = 133% fire reduction

So against a monster with 33% resistance we deal 100% MORE damage on it ( -100% res is the max ), then the shock adds another 50% More.

If a hit deals 10K on the tooltip, it reachs 20K damage on the target with fire reductions then 30K with shock.

At the maximum potential we multiply by 3 the tooltip DPS.
Automatically, without any move of your part, just by hitting and getting hurt.

Note, map bosses have a reduced effectivness of the curses by 60%. so the dual curse will only reduce the res by 24% but elemental equilibrium and fire penetration are untouched, so we will reduce the ele res by 97%.

The gems

Malachai's artifice socketed with herald of thunder.
A fire golem in an unused gem slot (or cwdt)
Anger aura

Main Attack

Make your own fun & efficient choice!

Core setup

Weapon elemental damage + Fire penetration + Innervate



Melee skills: Faster attack, Multistrike, Life leech, Increased area of effect, Concentrated effect

Melee projectile skills: Multi projectile, Slower projectile (great More multiplier!), Chain.

Flicker strike: Chance to ignite, Melee splash


- cyclone + conc effect has a great monotarget dps ( fast attack speed, low damage per strike, good shock chances), slow clean speed without Inc. aoe.

- Wild strike is an awesome map sweeper, the fire penetration gem works on the secondary effects, Weapon elemental damage gem too and we always deal fire damage so... This gem has no downside for us. It still sucks for monotarget but it's a far better skill for oro's sacrficie than it is for a physical setup (melee phys gem doesnt work on secondary effects). More or less 180 000 dps with a fully offensive setup.
Buffed in 2.1, it's now AMAZING and the best option in my opinion.

- Static strike/molten strike to get a very good monotarget dps with a bit of aoe, very balanced, i prefer static strike. The real dps with static strike is around 240 000 with a fully offensive setup.

- Ice crash has highest damage per strike, the dps will be good too, it can be supported with conc effect/increased aoe, probably the most violent monotarget skill with full offensive links on par with cyclone. It's dps reachs 180 000 with a fully offensive setup.

- Ranged melee attack skills like Lightning strike and Spectral throw are good choices

- almost everything is doable, it's a matter of taste and efficiency.

- Flicker strike variant!
For the flicker strike variant we have something very simple to do: SWAP GEMS!
Yeah. We will use fire penetration against bosses like merveil when needed, otherwise we use melee splash for the packs, because we already have enough penetration and damage for thoses packs. Actually they die so fast that fire penetration gem doesnt matter at all.

I put my fire penetration gem in my brightbeak when i dont need it.

gem setup:

Multistrike + Chance to ignite + weapon elemental damage + Innervate + flicker strike + melee splash

And swap melee splash with fire penetration against bosses.

As we can see, we do not have difficulties to get the right colors on oro's, most links will be a 2r 2g 2b setup or similar, nothing undoable on a dex/str weapon or armor.


Cast when damage taken lvl 2 + flammability lvl 6 + molten shell lvl 11 ( a little dps gain, armor, optionnal) + whatever you want ( blood rage, detonate dead, a fire spell, artic breath to chill, fire golem...)

Vengeance + fire penetration + weapon elemental damage + something else.


Flicker strike + faster attack + fortify

on swap : leapslam + faster attack with brightbeak or flame dash + faster casting & faster cast rate weapons.

The Tree

- Resolute Technique because we have no accuracy on the items nor crit chance nor the need to crit nor dex.

- The duelist cluster with a fireborn jewel gives a lot of fire damage and attack speed.

- Some jewels nodes, they are better than a lot of possibilities.

- Mantra of flame: we have fortify, flame golem, herald, frenzy, molten shell, onslaught, 24 to 72 fire damage is not bad for one jewel.

- Life & mana leech in the duelist area... it's genius!

Templar tree


Duelist tree
The same tree but with attack speed nodes then life/eva then attack speed nodes at the start.


- a 6L: 15-27ex (6L oro's sacrifice is cheap to buy, very hard to sell)
- Elemental weakness gloves: 3-5ex
- Oro's, Malachai, Blooddance, Three dragon: 4 chaos
- Lightning coil legacy: 1-3ex
- Kaom's heart: 5-8 ex
- Good res belt, ring amulet (with a bit of cold damage): around 3-5ex
- fireborn jewel 1ex

So let's say around 30-50ex for the maximal optimal price.

Elemental weakness on hit is not essential, you can use cwdt + dual curse but... it's really better, it changes the life and the build because herald of thunder will autocurse.

With unlegacy lightning coil, a 5l, and uncorrupted gloves:
6c + 3ex rings/belt/amu + 2 ex 5L +1ex = less than 7 ex for a 182 000 dps build and 5000hp.


1.1 - added flicker strike infos, some dps infos for the skills.
1.2 - With the 2.1 I have modified the tree and removed snakebite gloves/poisons informations, removed Blood magices nodes, added anger aura. Dps gain, life gain, life leech gain, no mana problem. Pure win.
1.3 - Extra infos, littles modifications about flicker strike, added flicker strike tooltip/screen.
I will never be good but always I try to improve.
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Updated the main thread, it's now easier to read.
I will never be good but always I try to improve.
GOOD build +1

if have vdio.
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Nice concept, a good read. +1

The idea is that you take 20% chance to ignite (+10% from tree), and use three dragons to convert it to chance to shock,

which then procs herald of thunder that is infused with the equilibrium from ZiggyD's unique ring,

Which hits targets with lightning damage, lowering fire resistance further.

Looking forward to gameplay.
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
no, we cant convert ignite to shock, qith Three dragon fire can shock with % shock chance! so innervate gem is needed.

and cold will ignite and will give frenzy charges, it's an effect of oro's sacrifice.

Otherwise it's right ;)

Gameplay... It's a normal Hp sponge melee dude, it depends of your attack gem really.
I will never be good but always I try to improve.
added flicker strike infos and dps of some skills; minor changes.
I will never be good but always I try to improve.
A little up to keep this thread alive, it's not the best build but i believe that it's the best Oro's sacrifice build :)
I will never be good but always I try to improve.
I respecced a 67 duelist... damage wise is doing great!


Barely managed to cap resists... not sure how it was done with lightning coil.

Not that much life either, how did you get to 5.8k with all these uniques?
You lose a lot of life by not using kaom's heart, also you are level 67 !

with kaom's heart it's 5900 life on a 6700 life pool
with lightning coil you have a lot of lightning res with malachai's artifice and you want more fire & cold resistance
I will never be good but always I try to improve.
Managed to pull up the life more, will try to get nice life jewels with some damage

Also switched to molten strike, feels to have better clear.

If I were to swap in life leech which gem should I take out?

Molten Strike - Multistrike - WED - FA - Innervate - Fire Pen (took out for now)


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