[2.1] Physical Crit-Sword Spectral Throw || Budget, Tank, High DPS, HC Viable


Hey guys, this is my build guide for my Phys Crit-Sword Spectral Throw Character in the Talisman League. This build maintains a solid clear speed while also managing to be very tanky.

I started this league 5 days ago, so my build is extremely budget, with the only expensive item being my 5L Lightning Coil. I recommend using LC for this build because it works great in combination with Acrobatics.

I use swords because they are cheaper than daggers, and they also have the crit-multi implicit. I avoided using Rat's Nest in exchange for higher survivability.

Defensively (at level 87), I obtain Lightning Coil Damage Reduction, 40% Dodge, 30% Spell Dodge, 30% Block, 3.6% Leech, Very High Evasion and High Life. Coupled with High DPS, this allows the build to take down the very hardest of maps with very little issues.

My Character for Reference.




+ Budget
+ Good clear speed
+ Solid HP
+ Very Defensive
+ Atziri Viable
+ Whirling Blades is insane for mobility
+ Heavy Freeze
+ HC Viable (but LC is more expensive there)


- Needs Fast Gameplay to maintain charges
- Can't Run Reflect / Blood magic maps
- Capping Resist may be hard (with Lightning Coil).
- Uncapped Crit





Passive Tree (For level 90)


Passive Tree (For level 90)

Bandits: +Life, +Attack Speed (or Phys damage), +Frenzy


Since most of the powerful nodes are located near the starting areas of each class, we path from the duelist starting area, to the ranger starting area, then move towards the shadow start area. We grab around +4 Bonus Frenzy Charges.

We grab a moderate amount of Life (I recommend getting 7% life on jewels), a lot of Physical Damage, Crit, Crit Multi, Accuracy and Attack Speed. The Keystones we use are Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics.

We also obtain 2.4% Life Leech, 30% Increased Projectile Speed, 3.6% Life Regen and 36% Stun Avoidance. We also grab 0.4% Mana Leech which is all we need, however, early on, you may need more mana leech (you can respec out afterwards).

If you're playing in HC, grab the Life nodes first and fill them out completely.


We generally want high life, attack speed, physical damage and projectile damage on our jewels. Crit Chance, crit multi are also nice to have. If you have troubles with attributes or resistances, you can also get that on the jewels as well.


LMP DPS (Charges only)

With a 6L and a better sword/gear, you can expect to hit 30-40k GMP DPS.

If you want to go more DPS over survivability, I suggest going Rat's Nest, Maligaro's, Belly of the Beast. Drop some life nodes, drop Phase Acrobatics and grab damage. Also go Dual-Wield. This should allow you to hit 50k+ DPS.







For our weapon, we want a high DPS Sword with solid Crit Chance. Since swords are not in high demand, we can usually get good weapons for quite cheap. I bought my sword for roughly 10 chaos and then crafted on Crit Chance. +7.5% Base Crit Chance weapons are preferred, the higher the better. Try to get a sword with a "20% increased Crit Multiplier" implicit.


For our helm, we use a Starkonja's Head. I actually think this helm is better than Rat's Nest, since it offers up to 100 Flat Life and has a great defensive mechanism as well. The bonus dexterity also gives us a fair chunk of accuracy and % Evasion.


For our chestpiece, I highly recommend using a Lightning Coil. This armour synergises extremely well with Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics. With our high evasion, block and dodge, we will rarely get hit, but when we do get hit, we get hit hard. Therefore, Lightning Coil allows us to tank these hits much better.


For our shield, we want a high evasion shield with high life, good resists and block chance if possible (but not necessary). The higher the stats, the better they are.

Gloves and Boots

For Gloves, we want high attack speed, life and resistances. For boots, we want high resistances and Life as well. Get Intelligence if you can.


For the Amulet, we want an amulet with high crit multi, crit chance and phys damage. We also want life and resistances. Naturally, these amulets are hard to get, so just try and get some good crit multi and some defensive stats. Once you have more currency, you can afford better jewellery. Also try and get some intelligence.


For our ring, we want high life, resistances, crit chance and phys damage. Also try and get good intelligence since we only get a bit from the tree.


For the Belt, we ideally want a rare rustic sash with good resists and life.


Spectral Throw Setup

For Spectral Throw the links are shown above. If you have a 6L, I highly recommend grabbing either WED, Crit Multi, or Increased Critical Strikes. I prefer to use GMP, but you can also try out LMP (the damage loss is minimal). I also highly recommend getting quality on ST, FA and GMP, since 30% increased attack speed is quite significant.

Single-Target Setup

This setup allows us to melt single target enemies quite quickly. We mainly use this for the tougher rares and bosses that might take a while for Spectral Throw to take down.

CWDT Setup

I like using Tempest shield for the additional Block chance and Enfeeble, for their defensive capabilities. If you can't roll 2B1R, you can also use Temporal Chains. You may also replace Tempest Shield with Immortal Call if you want.

Mobility Setup

This is the main mobility setup which involves using whirling blades. Faster attacks improves the animation and Fortify provides a great defensive boost. Blood Magic allows us to whirl around freely.

Aura Setup

This is our Aura setup and we use Herald of Ice and Hatred. This allows us to freeze and shatter a lot of packs. Herald of Ice also allows us to gain power charges when attached to Curse on Hit and Assassin's Mark.

Buff Setup

Vaal Haste allows us to take down Tanky Rares and Bosses easily. Bloodrage allows us to generate Frenzy Charges. We grab 3.6% Life Regen from the tree, which basically mitigates the degen from Bloodrage.


We use an Ice Golem for the bonus to Crit chance and Accuracy. You may also try using a Chaos Golem if you would like to go more defensive. If you get a 6L, then you won't have space for the golem, I suggest replacing Increased Duration with your Ice Golem


Basically, just level like any other build. Use some levelling gear and then switch to spectral throw when you can get a 5L and a decent weapon. Prior to that, I generally recommend the "Night's Hold" Amulet + Flame Totem. I also suggest using Firestorm + Trap + Multi-trap.


Thanks for Reading! Good luck and have fun!

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I find your claims about the budget very unrealistic.

250+dps, 7.5+ crit swords go from 50c up on poe.trade at the moment of writing (majority are 1ex). And are, in fact, slightly MORE expensive than the cheapest daggers with the same parameters. Definitely NOT 10x cheaper. And to be even more fair, you can't buy a sword as good as yours for less than 1.75ex.

Your jewels are about 20c a piece. Same goes for your Diamond Ring with life, flat phys and double res - 20c+, and your 80 life 100+ total res Rustic - 20c+. 5L LCs go for about 1.4-5ex and cost about the same to socket and link manually.

More reasonable cost for the build: 50+20+20+20+20+120 = 250c = 3ex+

Furthermore, since you claim to have been playing only for four days, and it is therefore impossible for you to have lvled your gems, flip them, and lvl them to 20 again, you must have bought them as well. While gems are not usually included in the builds cost - because you can just lvl them yourself -, they probably should be, since you could never have gotten yours by lvl87.

You have to remember that even if you got some those as a drop, or managed to snipe them at extremely low price, this is irrelevant for people who will be trying to replicate the build and will most likely have to buy the items at their standard prices.

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Hi Cabesi,

These are the prices I bought my items at.

Sword = 10 chaos
Diamond Ring = 5 chaos.
Topaz ring = 2 chaos.
Jewels = 10 chaos & 5 chaos
Amulet = 5 chaos
Rustic Sash = 15 chaos

I'm not sure if GGG has trading logs, but I can show you as proof.

Total = 10 + 5 + 2 + 10 + 5 + 4 + 15 = 52 chaos.

Quality gems are not necessary for this build, but easily an affordable upgrade. Neither is Lightning Coil, which is why I removed these costs from the equation. These are luxuries I purchased with remaining currency, that can improve gameplay, but are not essential to the build.

If you still think my sword is worth 1.75ex, I will gladly sell it to you for 1ex and you can sell it for a profit.

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Seems pretty decent. The headgear choice is questionable though, a rare one can have 700+ evasion and 120%+ resists. As for the 6th link, I seriously doubt you'll sustain 34 mana per throw with 0.4% mana leech and 610 max mana.
Hi parapaparapa,

I kinda like Starkonja's because it provides a lot of defensive and offensive bonuses at very cheap cost. 10% attack speed, 25% crit chance, +60-100 Accuracy is very nice to have. It's defensive mechanism is also pretty cool as well. But if you can't cap resistances elsewhere, then I would suggest using a rare helm, at the cost of losing some DPS.

Regarding the mana leech, I think it should be fine, but I would have to test on a Tabula to confirm. Otherwise just switch out GMP for LMP or get another 0.4% leech from gear.
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I brought that up, since you wrote HC viable and generally people don't run around with barely capped resists in HC... at least not for long. Which leads to the point about clear speed - if you drop 10% attack speed and 25% global crit in favor of resists, can the build keep up with dagger crit spec throw or 2H RT spec throw?

If you are in HC and decide to run ele-weakness maps, then you probably have to swap it out for a rare helm. If you are in SC or don't plan on running ele-weakness maps in HC, then I recommend using this helm. The damage loss isn't a big deal but you can still feel it (Probably 1.5k DPS loss).

Regarding your other question. It really depends on the dagger crit ST build. With the similar gear / weapons / gems, the DPS should be roughly comparable. I haven't compared so I'm not 100% sure.

Compared to 2H RT however, I can guarantee that the damage and defensiveness of this build will be a lot higher. Whirling Blades by itself increases your clear speed significantly. Single-Target might be better for 2H builds though since you can have 2 x 6-Links.
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