(2.1) Jedi Strike -- litesabr's Doryani Lightsabres - BACK IN ACTION!!

I'm starting to update this guide, but it may not be ready for a couple of days, depending on my work schedule (as of January 23).

DISCLAIMER: I use the American system of 1.2 = 12/10 and 1,200 = one thousand two hundred.


ign: crixus_sabr
Able to use any of these characters for a little different flavor. Ranger and Marauder are my current favorites.

- Ranger
- Marauder

- Templar
- Duelist
- Shadow



Update (23 January 2016)[in the works]

1) New 2.X skill tree.

2) Armor AND Dodge versions.

3) More characters available for start point.



Update (21 November 2014)

Updates to
- Atziri Guide
- Skill Tree
- Defense Screenshot added
- Mana vs Blood Magic


Update (19 October 2014)

Added thread in Ranger forum.


Update (7 October 2014)

1) Added Build Logic

2) Changed Build Name


Update (1 October 2014)
1) Added Atziri guide.

2) Removed old duelist tree and added 2 different version: more life and more damage.


Update (28 September 2014)
1) Updated DPS calculations to include explanation of Iron Grip and Point Blank.

2) Removed Ondar's Guile: I'd rather get more life nodes. :)

3) Updated duelist tree for more life.


Update (20 September 2014)

Changed the following:

1) Added Ondar's Guile to help evade Atziri's bleed spear and reflect for lava balls.

2) Use Armor/Evasion nodes instead of Armor only. Then Jade Flask for normal use and use Grace for uber use.


Update (13 September 2014)

Added ranger dodge/evasion tree. Also updated duelist tree, removing some damage and adding more life.


Update (21 August 2014)

Updated to duelist start for POE version 1.2.


Build Logic - The Why's of the Build

Doryani's Scepters

When most poeople see these scepters, they only think of the +100% elemental damage to support spells. However, I see a 300pdps weapon with +100% weapon elemental damage with 6.68 crit chance. Even better, you get to leech from that critical strike chance as well.

When using damage conversion skills, all the added effects like Herald of Ash, and Added Fire, and Taste of Hate all have their damage based on the physical BEFORE conversion. This is then multiplied by 3 for each of these gems from only the weapons, and then by another 1.5ish from the WeD gem.

There is no physical damage dealt because of 100% damage conversion effected by

DPS Calculation of Ele vs Phys Damage

This explanation will only include basic estimates of calculations with Taste of Hate, Herald of Ash, Added Fire, Weapon Elemental Damage (gem), and the ele dmg boost of 100% per scepter. Remember that all ele dmg Added As boosts that are based on physical happen before conversion as per the wiki under the ADDED AS portion.

[30% cold (hatred) + 39% fire (added fire) + 15% fire (herald of ash) + 100% fire (active skill + phys-to-light)] * 300% (scepters) * 159% (WeD gem) = 877% elemental damage compared to original phys dps

Life Leech

The new life/mana leech nodes, Vitality Void and Spirit Void, near the Duelist start are absolutely amazing and vital for this build. I currently have .4% elemental leech from weapons and 1.6% attack damage leech from the skill tree --> 2% life leeched total. Let's assume 60k damage with Taste of Hate and 6,000 health. Getting to Vitality Void also gives + 40% leech speed (or you can just use Atziri's Acuity):

80k * .02 = 1,200 hp leeched per second per enemy hit

6k * (0.2 * 1.4) = 1,680 hp possible max leech per second

IMHO, defense on belts is better than offense if you have to choose. Both is better, of course, but don't get a Doryani's Invitation over a belt with good life rolls.

Physical > Elemental for jewelry

Almost all the damage in this build starts out as physical and either is added as damage based on the physical (Hatred, Added Fire, Herald of Ash) or is damage conversion also based on physical (Molten/Wild Strike, Physical to Lightning). What this build excels at is bumping this elemental damage to ridiculous levels.

Because of this, the best offense stats on jewelry are as follows:
1) Critical strike Chance
2) Added Physical
3) Critical Damage Multiplier (amulet or Maligaro's gloves)
4-5) Accuracy
4-5) Weapon Elemental

6L Gems for Active Skills

These are the support gems I use in order of importance.
Added Fire --> Lightning/Wild Strike
Added Cold --> Molten Strike
This allows for gem swapping and keeping same colors with relatively little change in damage.

Multistrike > Physical to Lightning > Weapon Elemental Damage > Faster Attacks > Added Fire

We want to use gems that give the most out of the melee AND projectiles portion of the attack. We don't want any gems that focus only on one or the other. Examples of gems to avoid:

Melee Physical - Concentrated Effect - Greater/Lesser Multiple Projectiles - Increased AOE

Mana vs Blood Magic

No more debate with Spirit Void passive. Mana all the way!

Importance of Flasks

Here are my current flasks for armor build:

For evasion/dodge build, replace the Rumi's Concoction with:

Whenever I come up to a reflect mob, I use either Rumi's or a Jade flask since reflect from attacks can be evaded or blocked. You can even use both if on the armor version if desired.


Reflect isn't a big deal from mobs any more, just map mods. If you don't have Atziri's Acuity, then don't do elemental reflect maps. If you have it, be careful and keep Rumi's Concoctions or Jade Flasks handy.

Point Blank & Iron Grip
This is if you're ONLY using Molten Strike.
Iron Grip = NO

The 6/7 in the projectile portion of my calculation is for my estimation of melee physical damage including strength, melee only damage nodes, and multistrike. I figured that if I removed 10 str, my damage would go a certain amount down. I used this to infer the rest of the melee only damage from the tooltip DPS since it won't be included in the projectile damage. While everyone will have a different amount of strength, I think that 6/7 is a good starting point estimate for 100% damage conversion calculations in general.

Since 6/7 = 18/21, Iron Grip will add about 1/3 of the missing damage (21-18 = 3; 1/3 * 3 = 1 --> 1/21) to the projectiles, so they would have only a debuff of 19/21. IMO, this isn't worth the extra points just to travel to it.

DPS calculations with Iron Grip:

266K theoretical MS DPS = 80k [tooltip] + 80k * (19/21) [for projectile damage] * 3 [projectiles] * .6 [projectile debuff] * (1.43125) [point blank]

266 / 256 = 1.039 = +3.9%

204k realistic DPS = 80k [tooltip] + 80k * (19/21) [for melee only damage] * 2 [projectiles] * .6 [projectile debuff] * (1.43125) [point blank]

204 / 197 = 1.035 = +3.5%

Compare this low bonus to the Point Blank bonus in the next spoiler.

Point Blank = YES

Mark_GGG wrote:
Distance 0 to 10: 50%
Distance 10 to 35: scales linearly from 50% down to 0%
Distance 35 to 120: scales linearly from 0% down to -100%

With Molten Strike projectile range = 5-20, point blank improves 6/16, or 3/8, of the balls (5-->10) by 50% and the other 5/8 (11-->20) by a linear 48% --> 30% (each unit of distance from 10 to 35 has a 2% lower increase in damage).

DPS Calulation of Point Blank multiplicative damage bonus.

3/8 * 50% [5 to 10 units] + 5/8 * (48% + 30%) / 2 [11-20 units] = 43.125%

DPS Calculations with vs without point blank (see iron grip calculations for w/ PB dmg)

203K theoretical DPS w/o PB = 80k [tooltip] + 80k * (6/7) [for projectile damage] * 3 [projectiles] * .6 [projectile debuff]

256 / 203 = 1.261 = +26%

162k realistic DPS w/o PB = 80k [tooltip] + 80k * (6/7) [for projectile damage] * 2 [projectiles] * .6 [projectile debuff]

197 / 162 = 1.216 = +22%

22% of total DPS is MUCH better than Iron Grip which only is about 3.5%

22 / 3.5 = about 6x more effective


Leveling Guide

Mainly just follow the path while getting some dmg and life nodes on the way. I don't generally like leveling with this build, but if you do, I'd suggest Resolute Technique until lvl 75 when you can use the Doryani scepters.


Level 20

Level 40

Level 60

Level 75

[PRE-POE 1.3]

Character Stats

Tooltip = 115k (Lightning and Molten strikes are the same). Includes Hatred, Herald of Ash, Herald of Thunder, and 3 power charges. (No vaal skills or Atziri Flask.) Who else has 7k AND Acrobatics w/o Kaom's Heart?
Current Offensive Stats
1st Pic: Molten Strike
2nd Pic: Lightning Strike

Current Defensive Stats

This is a theoretical DPS if you use Maligaro's Virtuosity and Abyssus.
Theoretical Stats
233k tooltip DPS = 747k

[PRE-POE 1.3]


Tooltip DPS = 126k

Total DPS Calculation

Theoretical Molten Strike DPS --> 404K = 126k [tooltip] + 126k * (6/7) [for melee only damage] * 3 [projectiles] * .6 [projectile debuff] * (1.43125) [point blank]

Realistic DPS --> 311K = 126k [tooltip] + 126k * (6/7) [for melee only damage] * 2 [projectiles] * .6 [projectile debuff] * (1.43125) [point blank]


Skill Tree and Bandit Quests:

Bandit Quests
Normal = Oak (+40 life)
Cruel = None (Skill point)
Merciless = None (current) or Kraityn (+1 frenzy)




Rest of my current gear:

Optional Gear:


NOT UPDATED since 1.3

Doryani's Catalyst 1 - Movement Setup that proliferates group freeze/burn/chill

Chest - Lightning Strike is better solo clear speed. Molten Strike is for groups and tough bosses.

Doryani's Catalyst 2 - Purity of Fire is mainly just for Uber Atziri

Helm - Herald of Lightning with Mana Leech is just amazing...especially with the higher mana cost Lightning Strike

Atziri's Acuity - cwdt Setup

Boots - Curse and Vaal Skills. Spell Totem + Enfeeble are for Atziri.
ign crixus_sabr
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I love your build, but I'am little "paper". I have too less armour or spellblock, block.
What Can I do?
ElysiumGate POE Klán:

IGN: RedDuh
2 options:

1) replace hatred with grace for more armour

2) use 1 or 2 rumi's concoction. it gives you so much block%.

Also, are you using duelist or another character?
ign crixus_sabr
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You've update to passive tree? o.O

Atziri kill?
ElysiumGate POE Klán:

IGN: RedDuh
Last edited by sandor555 on Aug 22, 2014, 11:35:30 PM
Yes, I updated and got many more life nodes.
ign crixus_sabr
Hi. So this bulid can do Atziri? If yes can you upload a video with atziri kill.
Added the Atziri video.
ign crixus_sabr

Bandits rewards?
Players gonna play play play, GGG gonna nerf nerf nerf
Hi. Can Atziri's Acuity be swaped with smthng else? Cause dat price...
Looks good. Is this a suitable build for HC?

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