[2.0] Crit Lightning Striker

This whole thing started out as a Frost Blade character, however, when I got a 20% LS from a friend and was told to test it out I had been converted :D
I mainly went Duelist because I like the aestetics of the character and how he looks in the different armour sets.

The Skill Tree is pretty basic and covers the most important things: Life, Crit and Damage.


There are still a few free links on the shield, I have not decided what to do with them yet.


Lightning Strike:
LMP for more projectiles
Multistrike and Faster Attacks as Damage mulipliers
Physical Projectile Attack as an amazing damage increase, we also don't suffer the less attackspeed modifier because technically LS is a melee attack

Vall Lightning Strike serves as the single target skill, being able to quickly drain pretty much any bosses health with increased duration extending its use.

Frenzy is mainly used to gain Frenzy charges on the tougher bosses that take longer than 14 secs (Malachai/Dominus) while also apllying foritf to ourselves.

I'm using Hatred and Herald of Ice for the freeze/shatter combo which gives pretty much all 4 Power charges within the first 1 or 2 packs you meet.

I manage my mana entirely through +2 mana on hit jewels. You can get them with decent attack speed rolles for ~5c. 1 is enough for packs, however, 2-3 are recommended for single target.

Since I am using Lioneye's Vision and Abyssus, I've decided to not go Evasion/Acro.
With a good evasion armour this char could easily switch to Evasion/Acro by reallocating a few points. It would probably be more defensive as the current one.

All of the following stats are at level 67 and I still have quite a few Life/Damage increasing nodes to take, however the build has been doing very well for itself and I have blasted through A3 Merc and into maps very leisurely. Clear speed on the early maps has also been great.

Defense Stats

Offensive Stats

With all charges up


Unbuffed Tooltip

All charges up

I know the build still needs a bit of work, but I still thought it might be worth sharing.
Also, I'd like to have some feedback and/or tips on how to improve the char :D
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Bandit Rewards?
i am no sure how you are going to survive with only 3k hp?!
and no block node?

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