[1.3] LeapSlam | Cyclone | Discharge | Mjolner

I know vidoes and guides have been done before on Mjolner and Discharge but I feel like there are alot of different options for end game variations for someone to take with this build (Max Block, Dual Curse, Atk Speed etc). Full Build Description in the YouTube Link.

Build: Cyclone (LeapSlam) Discharge Mjolner
Class: Duelist - Maurader, Templar, Ranger, Witch options all avaialable
Level: 80
YouTube Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29wnXAnDu6U&feature=youtu.be
YouTube Leapslam Variation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXEaabDZCdE&list=PLKPLjVpFpCq0wXKlO7BAqBHMsRO9r0F_Q

*Fast Clear Speed
*Fun To Play

*Dying from Reflect if not careful (Avatar of Fire + Rise of the Phoenix theorycraft to negate reflect)

Skill Links:

There are some minor changes to the video after discovering Multistrike doesn't interact with Cyclone. a 5L is NOT required unless you use Dual Curses

Discharge -> Iron Will -> Lightning Penetration (Most builds will run arc, with the damage increases from lightning pen and iron will I don't feel it necessary to slot another DPS gem)

Leap Slam -> Faster Attacks -> Curse On Hit -> Elemental Weakness -> Enfeeble, Temporal Chains, Conductivity, Flammability for Avatar of Fire variation.

Cyclone -> Faster Attacks -> Increased AOE -> Blood Magic

You could also 4L your Leap Slam to increased AOE and Setup your curses to Herald of Thunder.

I currently run: Herald of Thunder, Herald of Ice, Haste for offensive auras. You can switch to Purity of Fire purity of Lightning and throw in Haste or Discipline etc. the aura configuration has alot of room to setup for your style


From 80-100 you can either continue to get block nodes to max it, the tree runs through pretty much every block node.

Hit points

Elemental Damage, I currently 1 or 2 shot most mobs so I feel like more defensive nodes would suit. I would get more elemental damage if I went avatar of fire.

Recommended Quality Gems:

Discharge 20%
Iron Will 20%
Faster Attacks 20%


Again, I know Mjolner builds have been done many times. I personally like the variations and options that the end game gives. There are alot of skill points spent in the witch area but I needed the INT to be able to equip Mjolner (equipped at 60) There are some double stat nodes I would take if I respecced from that area (Ranger +20int +20str) and a few others, but I still haven't decided if I am taking double curses, avatar of fire or some of the HP nodes up there.

Required Gear:

Other Gear:
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Is this good for a Beginner like myself?
Look how Awesome my MTX Marauder RF looks

Enjoying the build so far, how will this look/do in 2.0?

I originally found this build on reddit but it looks like people complained about the current tree.


The biggest issues I'm having with this build is reflect and mobs that explode. I started this on a lvl 60 I had laying around and I'm up to 72. I will test out avatar of fire + Phoenix next level. Another concern is how low the life is with this build. If I can figure out reflect to make it less of a risk then I will strongly consider using this build on my 88 duelist in 2.0.

I find the build fun and very strong, I had to swap out my Rats Nest because the movement speed was too fast and I'd be in a elemental reflect mob and dead before I knew it.
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