[1.3] DW Lightning Strike Shocked Burn Proliferator

Intro and basic premise
This is a simple, yet very effective build made possible by the recent addition of

Gearing for this build is fairly cheap and only requires 2 unique items to function, both of which are quite cheap. Main attack only requires a 4L to function with additional links adding only add utility. This build utilizes crit but not to the extent of capping it. I have 40% to crit right now and because of the way you deal damage it is enough.

Most combat situation consist of you doing 1/2 attacks from range, killing a few mobs after which Herald of Ash and shock proliferation kill the pack.

Reflect is a non issue unless you are in the middle of the pack, which never really happens. Your attacks are mostly single target and your AoE DPS comes from HoA burn which doesn't reflect. Although one should be careful on a reflect map, preferable at a safe distance so only 1 beam hits the pack.

Core uniques

The "must have" item of the build.


Not required per se but you do get a huge damage boost from this item is too good to pass on.

Why Doryanis?
First off, it's a decent physical weapon by itself, reaching up to 320 pDPS. The most important part is that it gives 90-110% increased elemental damage. This is huge, especially so if you dual wield. It also gives elemental leech, global crit chance and cast speed, all of which benefit this build in one way or another. Without factoring damage from the passive tree Herald of Ash's proliferation will deal 7 times the overkill damage with the boost from shock prolif and doryani's alone.

Lets have some theory crafting shall we? My average hit does 7k damage. When I crit it does 28k on average. lets imagine one of the beams pierced and considering it's a crit the target it pierced is shocked, proliferating shock to the target behind it. The target behind takes 42k average damage. Let's imagine it was a not your average white trash mob and only a 1/4th of the hit is counted towards the herald of ash ignite. That's 10.5k damage which at minimum is multiplied by 7 = 73.5k Ignite damage over time. Impressive?

Now imagine how much it deals when critting a trash white and counting bonuses from the tree AND penetration/curse.
That's the beauty of this, double dipping of all the bonuses come together to do insane damage, that is reflect safe.

Bandit rewards
Bandit choices don't make or break this build, but swinging your mace faster and having a bit longer IC is neat.

Main attack:

LS - WED - PystLight - Prolif - FA/Multistrike/LightningPen/RangedPhys (The attack doesn't need attack speed due to most packs dying from 1 hit, but if you have to choose take FA - doesn't freeze you in place, better with not capped crit and proliferates longer shocks)


Needs no explaining.

Auras and buffs:

Only buff you need is Herald Of Ash linked to proliferation and Reduced Mana. You are free to use any auras you deem necessary. Note that you should avoid using Hatred and Herald of Ice, you don't really need the damage they provide and the shatter effect seriously hampers your shock/Ash proliferations.

I use Herald Of Thunder with CoH Warlord's mark as to have life and mana leech avalible, as well as a constant upkeep of Endurance charges. HoT deal a lot of damage by itself, thanks to a huge amount of increased elemental damage we have (cast speed on doryanis also speeds up the beam lightning strikes) and will often stun enemies coming into your range (rhoa charge, not even once). Considering our AoE is based on overkill damage it's always nice for your target to be on low HP due HoT strikes as well ^_^

Warlord's Mark is invaluable. Elemental Weakness is always nice as well.

Spare links:

I decided to have a Vall Lightning Strike in my spare 4L for bosses. I use it for bosses that can't be taken down by Ash prolif or are too dangerous. Ex: Maegara, I just straight up run to her, perform the vaal LS and run around while the skill quickly bursts her down.

The way Vaal LS works is it applies a sort of debuff that damages the target based on your attack and releases a beam at every enemy in radius that then chains back at the boss. It also stacks, hence the multistrike. Without mobs to chain it is enough to kill most bosses by itself, with targets to chain to it will burst ANY boss down. Only downside is that you need to get close to the boss to apply it.

My gear

You should be looking for resists and life on your gear, then focus on getting flat accuracy and flat phys/lightning.

My tree
Focus mainly on Life and Elemental damage as it boosts both the main attack and the Ash proliferation, effectively double dipping. Crit chance nodes on our path are very efficient and don't require effort to reach, you should be sitting at a neat 38-40% crit chance after taking them and considering we only need to crit once, it is enough.

My stats

Guide Video
Residence map 74(shitty quality)
Shrine map 77(shitty quality)
IGN: Smegacore
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Added a "guide" video, for your amusement.
IGN: Smegacore
it seems you like elemental damage.. nothing wrong with that. its just that the clear speed is so sloooow.

i can understand the penetration gem pick because of the full lightning conversion however it seems you are better off maxing your attack speed.
I'm not sure why you think it's slow. Well in the both map videos I'm under Temporal Chains curse so it might seem slow. I could go faster if I spammed quicksilvers and used a mobility skill though.
IGN: Smegacore
So I've been playing this build for about a week now and I've gotta say its pretty amazing. The only gripe I have about it is that on higher level maps I seem to be quite squishy. Have you thought about grabbing IR and running grace instead of wrath? You say in your video that wrath doesn't really affect your clearspeed and with and this would give you good phys DMG reduction to counteract using abyssus. IR is also only like 2 nodes away.
Clearly you took time to make the build, and made a write up. It doesn't go unnoticed, unfortunately your build is only viable on certain rolls and shows very low survivability on maps above 73. I rolled a %33 increased Monster damage, 30% increased life Mountian Ledge... I got murdered by the spikes. I'm running a higher Armor, flask, and life pot setup - and still died fast. Over 4K life + over capped reses, 40k DPS on the tooltip.

I suggest making it work better and being more versitile by dropping dps clusters and getting more armor/life/survivability.

Everyone I've talked to loves the build - its mega fun, but too glass cannon. I give you good rep for taking a dumpster skill like light strike and making it fun to play/strong. But I just hate the rips ive given the build. Going to respec soon, and try to solve this glass cannon prob.
Nice build, works like a charm for me even in 78 maps. I noticed though that i had to stack armor quite a bit to counter the abussys. The damage is just sick on this one.
I have been trying this build now for a few days and I really like it. Thank you so much clear speed!

It is a bit squishy but hey standard so who cares.

Only thing i did is used my sixth link for GMP and the quality heralds really help this build

Here is my gear:

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