The Wild Strike Duelist! New for 2.1

After the new update, 2.1 I did a few little changes from the 2.0, and now it is even stronger.
At first, the Wild strike build became stronger, after the last update it shoots 3 projectiles instead of one. The main change I did is in the gem setup, I changed the GMP gem to Faster Attacks.
The low movement speed was really annoying me, so I did few changes to with the Equipment, I'm using now the Devoto's Devotion helmet, which grants 20% movement speed more.

When the wild strike skill released on the 2.0 I had a 2H spectral throw duelist build. I tried this skill with my duelist and I realized it has an awsome potential.
I just want you to pay attention that I tried alot of supporting gems combination for over two months untill I found the best combination.

In this guide I'll explain how to make a great, fun, and strong "Wild Strike" duelist build. There are few necessary items to make this build works well, and there are few items that takes this build one step beyond.
To make this build most effective, there is a kind of a playstyle that I'll explain later. Be sure you are going to use almost all the sockets in ur equipped items.
In fact, this build using two skills mainly, the first of course is the Wild Strike which using for AOE damage, and the second skill is Double Strike, using for bosses or pvp.

You should notice that the Wild Strike skill based on your physical damage and can be affected from many kinds of supported gems, which means a very fun supporting combinations.

Lets start with some Pros and Cons:

1. Very fast clearing speed
2. Tanky if u play with the right playstyle
3. Every mod play is possible (even ele ref mod!)
4. Can play solo very easily
5. Very fun build to play with!

1. Pretty expensive if you go with beyond items
2. Movment speed is pretty low (for my opinion)
3. Can be laggy on weak computers

The Wild Strike skill is a very interesting and comlicated one. It affected from elemental, physical, chaining, projectile and more.
The most important thing you should remember is that 60% of the physical damage is converted to elemental, and passive points spent on "increase physical damage with swords", or "increase physical damage with two handed weapon" does affect on the Wild Strike triggered attacks if it used the right weapon. Suppurting gems which adds physical damage like "MPD" does increase the melee damage of the skill, but not affect on the triggered attacks. The DPS values shown on the skill tooltip indicates only the melee damage of the skill, and doesn't include the elemental damage. The main target you should get is the cold, fire and lightning damage on the tooltip.

Here is the main idea of the build, the Wild Strike works awsome with spamming the skill, so for endless spamming and to solve all the mana problems, I choosed to use the Tournament Thief's Prismatic Ring, which grants +life +mana regain for each hit(!!!) and with the right keystone "Resolute Technique" it means you never miss and always have life and mana regain!
In adition, we dont need a mana flask at all, and we can use another powerful flask instead.
There is one more thing to consider, that ring doesnt allows you to use one more ring.
For those who asks themselves why I didn't use bloodmagic gem, I did and I added the Arctic Armor gem but it didn't work well enough, the damage was pretty low.

Defense we go on pure armour, with the "Iron Reflexes" keystone we don't need to stick to armour type equipment, and if you'll use "Belly of the Beast" as I suggest you will gain a nice HP bonus.
For maximizing the defense, we go on fortify and endurance charges with a CWDT combination. Enduring cry is no longer works with CWDT, so we need to find another solution, I recommend to use Warlord's Mark with curse on hit, and CWDT with Immortal Call, Molten Shell and Increased Duraion, as I'll explain on the gem setup later.


Passive Tree

Complete Tree
Current Tree
Level 20
Level 40
Level 60
Level 80
Level 90

Offence and Defense
Double Strike:
Double Strike with 3 flasks effect and Vaal Haste:
Wild Strike:
Wild Strike with 3 flasks effect and Vaal Haste:
Defense with 3 flasks effect

Next, I'll explain about the equipment you should use.

Here is my current equipment:

Helmet: There are two options, first, can be armour or evasion helmet with +HP +Tri Res. The second option, that I like to use is the Devoto's Devotion with great advantage of attack speed and mov speed. If you maxed your ressistance go for Devoto's Devotion.
Chest: I like to use the "Belly of the Beast" which give a high advantage of HP.
Gloves: Should be rare with high armour or evasion +HP +Tri res, if u feel tanky enough, u can take one with attack speed for more DPS.
Boots: Should be rare with high armour or evasion +hp +tri res +movement speed. The movement speed is very important here, this is the only bonus of movement speed u'll get on this build. Try to get atleast with 20% movement speed.
Belt: I like the Rustic Sush for the damage advantage, but u can use leather too. try to get one with +HP +Tri res. Go for elemental damage with crafting it works pretty well.

Now we go for the amulet and ring, as I said, you must use the Tournament Thief's, for he amulet i like the Astramentis, with that one, I dont need to spend passive points on Int or Dex.

Weapon: Two handed sword, remember! the Wild Strike is based on your physical damage, which means you need a high dps 2h sword, with increased physical damage and attack speed.

Gem Setup
Gem Setup
I would like you to know that I tried alot of combination with the wild strike skill, I spent many hours (and chroms) to find the best combination that will gives the most powerful damage from the skill. The multistrike is very important to keep high attack speed and recovering of the mana and HP pools of your character.
For Auras, we go on Hatred and Herald of Ash for the high fire and cold damage. Vaal Haste is recommended, and it gives a nice damage advantage.

4L - Vaal Haste, Herald of Ash, Hatred, Increase Duration
6L - Wild Strike, Physical to Lightning, Faster Attack, Multistrike, Weapon Elemental Damage, Added fire damage. (with 5L - Faster Attack)
6L - Double strike, Faster attacks, Weapon Elemental Damage, Multistrike, Melee Physical Damage, Added fire damage. (with 5L - WED)

There are two options for curses, both works very good, the first option is more defensive and the second is more offensive. I like to use the offensive one but choose your favorite:

The defensive
4L - Leap Slam, Curse on hit, Warlord's mark, Fortify
4L - CWDT, Immortal Call, Molten Shell, Increase Duration.

The offensive
4L - Leap Slam, Curse on hit, Elemental Weakness, Fortify
4L - CWDT, Phase Run, Molten Shell, Increase Duration.

For Flasks, I go for this combination:
1. Life Flask (Immunity to bleed - must!)
2. Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask
3. Lion's Roar Granite Flask.
4. Atziri's Promise Amethyst Flask.
5. Quicksilver Flask (I like one with immunity to freeze)

Each of those flasks (except the life and quicksilver) adds damage. The Lion's Roar is very important for bosses or high amount of monsters pack, in addition, the flask that I like the most is the Taste of Hate, which gives high cold damage bonus and improves the defense thanks to the cold converting.
The Atziri's Promise is important too for the chaos damage and good solution for chaos ressistance.

Normal: Oak
Cruel: Kill All
Merciless: Kill All

If you follow my build you'll have 3 jewels sockets, I recommend for jewels with physical damage, melee damage, and atk speed. Jewel whcih adds life or mana on hit can give
a great advantage.
I'm using jewels like those:

Here we go for the playstyle, the idea is to gain fortify for reducing damage and curse the enemies with the warlord's mark for the endurance charges.
This combination makes you less vulnerable for damage and can preform the Immortal Call with the CWDT for your endurance charges.
You need to rush the mobs with the leap slam, that grants you fortify and curse them, and then start spamming with the Wild Strike.

Hope you'll enjoy this build, as I said, I really spent much time to investigate the right supporting gems for the skill, but it was really fun.
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Build looks really fun,think I'm gonna run it on the 1 month league.Good job with the guide!Question tho,any alternative to double strike for single?Really sick of it...
Last edited by Scarmad on Sep 16, 2015, 8:05:22 PM
Honestly i didn't try another skill than the double srike, but the idea as to atk as fast as you can. You can try something on your own and to share it with us :)
Hey i wanna try this build in the new flash league too, I have a question I don't a have a great pc, is it viable for my pc? here are:

-8GB RAM 1333 GHZ.
-GT 740 DDR5 1Gb
-Intel Core i3 - 3220.

I hope i can i have a fast reply, just 5 hours to start :o
Wild strike is not very good in a rt build, it's advantage is to trigger all the status ailments with a physical damage setup. So either you want % status or crit.

If you want to spam the elem after effect to clean packs, a attack speed setup/ pure elemental build will be optimal, if you absolutely want a RT build, oro's sacrifice and hyaon's fury and dyadus are adapted, penetrations gems work on the after effects and you will always deal one element.

Gmp doest work on 2 of the three after effects of the skill, it's a wasted gem. Faster attack is better in this configuration.

I think dps wise static strike have better real dps than double strike, static strike is a 220% mult and double strike a 190% one. Then you can replace added fire damage by phys to lightning. Thoo with this setup it becomes better to use lightning penetration than faster attack. Very better, despites the auras.

Also you are tanky enough, the tooltip dps is not bad too. With a 474 dps weapon you reach 100K dps double strike with blood rage + 3 frenzy charges. It seems decent.

Just the offensives options that bug me.

Anyway, geonomo, yes this build will run on your computer, it's not a CoC build and if wildstrike is a bit laggy sometimes... it's less laggy than lightning arrow+chain.
I will never be good but always I try to improve.
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I have a bit of problem...i'm duelist lvl 34, playing on normal.I went through act 3 and didnt get wild strike for reward.I'm now wondering how do i get it cause i can't buy it from anybody in town, do i need to trade it with somebody? help please
vagan or vociri sells it
Hi, I'll try this build. What kind of amulet you do recommend?
And second question is: On Double Strike setup you said "5L - WED" does it means with need to use WED or wait for a 6L to use WED?
Same question for the Wild strike setup where you say "for 5L - Faster Attacks"...
Be more especific on that please.

Thanks for the build!
im never sure with wild strike
IGN: TitanVaolox

motorlife wrote:
Hi, I'll try this build. What kind of amulet you do recommend?
And second question is: On Double Strike setup you said "5L - WED" does it means with need to use WED or wait for a 6L to use WED?
Same question for the Wild strike setup where you say "for 5L - Faster Attacks"...
Be more especific on that please.

Thanks for the build!

I recommend to use the Astramentis amulet, with this one you dont need to spend passives on dex and int.
For the double strike and wild strike, yes, the last link is for WED and Faster attack.

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