Hegemony's Janitor PotCG Build

Link Explanation video

Explanation of Pillar of the Caged God Mechanics


Build @ 66

Build @ 90

Items to work out in the future
Abyssus + lightning coil

Current Gear @ 86:


Current Passive Tree @ 86


Works well with Marauder (slightly better imo if you are using pillar forever)
Bandits: Oak (+40HP), Kraityn (+8% APS), Oak (+1 End Charge)

Auras - Hatred/Vitality
Damage 20.7k Heavystrike 5L
6.9k Sweep 6L
Health - 5391
Mana - 645
Block - 25%
Armor - 2790
Evasion - 1156
Endurance Charges - 7
Health Regen - 460
79% All resist
-48% Chaos Resist

Feel free to catch me live on twitch.tv/hegemonyTV or get some end game video footage of the build.
8/8 Overachiever
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Watched you start this on your past broadcasts, this looks like a lot of fun!

Any tips for doing this in invasion? I see it is your ambush character wondering if anything is different for invasion, this must also be why I saw everyone asking for PoTG's last night in trade
8/8 Overachiever
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God damnit, I ripped at lvl 43 again Wraquichaqua or whatever and his friends... didnt know if he was an invader or the area boss and stupidly decided to fight him

Watch at 19 minutes for your enjoyment, some scrub just finishes saying GGG needs to maintain the current level of risk in hardcore... talks about how he is avoiding puncture damage... and dies like a bitch... im terrible
Could you tell me which bandits you did?
Here is lvl 90 build with more Health, Armor, and Str and same goodies exept Bloodless. 3% less attack speed.


Been tinkering with very similar setups with my Pillar dueler.
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8/8 Overachiever
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Nargrimm wrote:

8/8 Overachiever
Nice. I've always loved physical staff builds, especially with the Duelist. Pseudo-Oak all the way!

One question: Why Carnage Heart? If you could, would you switch to an amulet with attributes, life leech, and of course added physical damage?
same name in-game

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