[#1 BL Duelist] 2H Cyclone Atziri Slayer, Small 2.0.0 Update

Welcome to my build thread

I've decided to update my build for the Awakening with a bit of theorycrafting, for I'll be busy and won't be able to play till August. Expect a better fleshed out guide middle August.

What's new in 2.0.0?
With the release of the Awakening, GGG has given us new tools for our Cyclone build, among those you can find new interactions such as Arctic Armour with Hypothermia.

Fundamental Changes in 2.0.0
* Mana Reservations: We'll be removing PoE/Haste and replace it with Arctic Armour (more on this later)
* Frenzy Charges: It is easier to start using Blood Rage now, due to it being a physical degen now. They also grant +4% More damage per charge, this is huge. We now grab the Kraityn Merciless reward.
* Armour: Monster damage has been increased endgame, so I'll be dropping some life nodes and get armour ones instead.
* Intelligence stat: Conc Effect's downside is far too great in 2.0.0, so we don't need to worry too much about this stat. We also don't use PoE anymore.
* CWDT+EC+IC: Good night sweet prince

Arctic Armour in 2.0.0
This gem has been completely reworked in 2.0.0 making it a fixed reservation of mana instead of a consumption. The value is 25%, which fits perfectly with our previous setup, Hatred (or Determination!) and Herald of Ash.

Arctic Armour enables two things in a Cyclone build now:
* Chill on 99,99% of the monsters in the entire game, Single phase Atziri and Haast being the only exceptions to my knowledge. Your damage is irrelevant because you leave chilled ground as you pass.
* Unlocks Hypothermia, the most powerful multiplier in the game, 40% more damage on chilled enemies and 10% chance to freeze at lvl21.

Remember that chill is also a -30% reduced attack/cast/movemement speed debuff! this is massive for your own good!

Kaom's Heart Setup
Weapon: Current 5L (not up for discussion) is Cyclone+BM+Fortify+Melee Damage+Hypothermia. For a 6th link I still haven't decided between Faster Attacks, Life Gain on Hit or another gem with a new potentially powerful interaction.

CWDT 4L: Temporal Chains + Blood Rage + Summon Chaos Golem. The level of the CWDT is determined by the highest possible Temporal Chains level you can socket.

Aura/Buff 4L: Hatred (or Determination) + Herald of Ash + Arctic Armour + Vaal Haste (or Grace!). If you have a nice Unset Ring, move Arctic Armour there, and add Increased Duration to your Vaal Haste.

Secondary Skills: Leap Slam + Enduring Cry + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic

Don't know yet what to add when not using Kaom's.

Protip: Vagan can craft LVL1 Blood Magic Support on Maces (prefix), grants you an effective 7l endgame, add AoE and swap it for Conc during bosses ;)

Level ~30, the Start: Use Cleave or Spectral Throw before level 12, when you enter the Caverns in Act 1, Nessa will start to sell Sweep, buy it and link it to Melee Phys>Faster Attacks>Added Fire (priority-wise ordered). We get mana nodes so we don't have to rely on mana pots. Wideswing is a crazy leveling weapon for cyclone/sweep (level 20 AoE gem!), before that, use a Shiversting if you got it.
Level ~35, BM Switch: Spec out of the mana nodes, get the blood magic keystone and Bloodless. Melee Phys>Fortify>Faster Attacks>Added Fire. If you have access to unique 2H weapons, use Rigvald's Charge->Terminus Est
Level ~40, RT: Get RT and the nearby life notables.
Level ~50, Marauder: Go through Barbarism and Butchery into Marauder, up to Warrior's Blood for that sweet regen, you can start using Blood Rage now (you don't need to level it if you don't have enough DEX).
Level ~55, Templar: Enter Templar and grab that regen, life and AoE. Drop the Blood Magic Keystone and run Hatred/HoA/AA, links (in order of importance) are BM>Melee Phys>Hypothermia>Faster Attacks.
Level ~60, Scion Life and Armour: Get Constitution, the Jewel Socket and Armour Mastery (MS, Regen, Armour), jewel with whatever that has 6+ life or 20%+ damage.
Level 75~: Get all endurance charges and the appropiate weapon damage clusters for the weapon you are using (both notables to the left of marauder. Good early endgame 2H weapons are: Kaom's Primacy, a bit weaker in 2.0.0 but still good, gives culling strike; Marohi Erqi, similar DPS to Kaom's, might feel a bit slow, you get free AoE gem; Doomsower, this one can carry you much further than the formers, comes with 15% free AoE for Cyclone.

Level 85~ Fill out the Scion Life and Soul of Steel as well.

Final trees for all 2H weapons (subject to change)
There are small diferences in the duelist start and the path to Bloodless compared to the leveling trees.




In addition to our spinning to winning, we now use Enduring Cry as well, it is your own choice to pick Oak over Kraityn in Merciless.

OLD 1.3.0


Current #1 Duelist in the Bloodlines Challenge League using 2H Axe Cyclone as a main skill.

REEEP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wf8ys-a8eg

Still #1 Duelist of the league for a very long time


All done in the Bloodlines league
A friend carried me through Poorjoy's, though :^)
Vaal Temple Bosses were HARD AS BALLS, I do not recommend you to do it

In-game Screens

3 Frenzy Charges (standard state)

Frenzy + Onslaught Boost from Slaughter (you're frequently in this state)

Frenzy + Onslaught + Promise

Frenzy + Onslaught + Promise + Vaal Haste

Defensive Stats (Onslaught + Vaal Haste add each 21% movement speed for a total of 87%)

RIPPED Gear and explanation

Weapon: Get the highest pDPS 2H Axe you can get, for they have the longest reach out of all 2H weapons. If possible try getting one with a free suffix to craft +2 weapon range through LVL7 Vagan.

Helmet: Get a Devoto's Devotion, it's an excellent piece for this build with many great mods. Great chaos resistance to run Blood Rage; Attack Speed which is amazing for Cyclone; Dexterity to run hungry DEX skills like Blood Rage without worrying too much; AND 20% extra movement speed which greatly increases survivability and fluidity through movement.

Chest: Until you get your Axe 6L'd, use a HP/Res Chest or, even better, a Belly of the Beast. After that, get a Kaom's Heart.

Rest of gear: You only need resistances (incl. Chaos for Blood Rage) and life, IAS on gloves is pretty good too. After Kaom's you can consider getting a Ming's Heart. Your boots should have more than 25% MS.

Twink Leveling Gear

Till lvl14, use Spectral Throw with Last Resort
Till early Merciless, use Leap Slam (linked with faster attacks and melee physical damage) with the following sequence of weapons. Shiversting->Quecholli->Geofri's Baptism->Rigvald's Charge
You can switch to cyclone now without killing yourself to blood magic (BM+Life Gain on Hit+Melee Physical Damage). Rigvald's Charge->Terminus Est->Kaom's Primacy; the latter can last you all the way to mid level maps.

Tree Progression

28 Points, Exit through IAS nodes and go down to the big 2H cluster. Level with Leap Slam.

46 Points, Go under Marauder and grab the HP on the way there and lastly, RT.

59 Points, Hurry to the Scion Life Cluster and take it all.

75 Points, Head to templar and get all those sweet HP+AoE nodes

87 Points, Path from Barbarism through Butchery into the Marauder

103 Points, Grab the following Notables in this order; Slaughter->Unrelenting->Cleaving->Martial Experience.

111 Points, Take the marauder starting life and the res of the 4% HP nodes, you might need INT/DEX nodes for Conc Effect/Blood Rage.

At LVL95 you should start to decide for either of the two following min-maxed LVL100 Trees (both Oak/Kraityn/Kill). The 4% reduced mana reservation is there for the sake of hosting Haste as a third aura.

Path of Life Nodes (+19% life)

A bit more damage (+16% attack speed and +10INT)

Normal: Oak +40 Life
Cruel: Kraityn +8% Attack Speed
Merciless: either Kraityn for the frenzy charge if you are running Blood Rage, or kill all

Gems and links

Cyclone: [UNDER DEVELOPMENT] Current 5L is Cyclone+BM+LGoH+MPD+Added Fire. Solo DPS is 20700.
When I get my axe 6L'd, I will try either of the following:
*Cyclone+BM+LGoH+MPD+Added Fire+Conc Effect for DPS
*Cyclone+BM+LGoH+MPD+Added Fire+Physical to Lightning for Phys Reflect Maps
*Cyclone+BM+LGoH+MPD+Conc Effect+Increased AoE for clearing speed

Auras: Hatred and Herald of Ash are required. Last aura could be anything, I am using Purity of Elements (Vitality is cool if you have good elemental resistances, but crappy chaos res) because my gear isn't the best yet. When you get to a very high level you can opt to grab two nodes from the Sovereignty cluster, and slap the Haste Aura. 4L: Hatred+HoA+PoE+Reduced Mana

Chicken when Damage Taken: 4L is CWDT (L12)+Enduring Cry (L12)+Immortal Call (L12)+Increased Duration (L20). Raise it to a higher level when you break 7,5k HP. Quality on Immortal Call is important

Movement: Leap Slam+BM+Faster Attacks. We have one more slot here, so I put Blood Rage in as well.

Extra 4L before Kaom's: I am currently using Portal+Faster Casting+Vaal Haste+Increased Duration. This will go away when I get the chest.

Spin to win; you don't curse, you never stop, you just spin, and you win!
Life Gain on Hit + Blood Rage should keep you topped on life in most situations.

Bloodlines and how to tackle them
Pulse Blood: they deal almost no damage, so you can just yolo inside and wait till they drop.

Chaos Bond: Cyclone is one of the few skills that just laughs in the face of this mod. Even before I had a high chaos resistance to run Blood Rage, LGoH was enough to cancel out the Chaos Degen. Just never stop spinning!

Bearers: they are not as dangerous for cyclone, because you are always on movement, it gets even better when you wear a Devoto's Devotion. Just keep an eye out, you can easily get bursted down.

Phylacteral Dicks: LGoH works, you know what to do.

Cult of the Elements: probably Cyclone's Achilles Heel. They do the following things:
* Permanently Shocked->dangerous in reflect maps
* Permanently Chilled->loss of mobility->loss of survavility
* Permanently Chilled->loss of DPS->loss of survavility
This mod is pure cancer, play carefully.

Otherworldly: Dangerous for everyone. I suspect there is a 100% phys to chaos damage conversion when the cloud is visible. Act with care around physical damage mobs, I usually just wait till it dissipates, and then I yolo in.

Bearers of the Guardian: the unique boss is kinda squishy and doesn't deal much damage. LGoH+BR keeps me always topped on life.

Living Blood: there are least three variations of this unique boss (bleed ground slam, fire beacons, chaos bombs), LGoH+BR should keep you topped on life for all of them. Get ready to press your staunching flask as soon as the boss does a ground slam. You'll be fine.

Frozen Sky: rip in pieces frozen sky. This mod deals no damage unless you run with -60% cold resistance.

Heralds of the Obelisk: watch the FUCK out. From what I remember there are 5 variations (HAVE A TOPAZ AT ALL TIMES):
Storm Call: don't be stupid and walk into a ten stack of them.
Lightning Warp: probably the least dangerous one, still play with care.
Lightning Cloud?: Still unsure what this thing does, still play with care around it, keep your topaz up.
Ball Lightning: pretty dangerous if you don't have a topaz, or enough mobs too leech/LGoH off.
Wave RIP-tier bullshit: this is the biggest reason for which your topaz must be in your belt at ALL times. DO NOT DO LMP/GMP MAPS, FOR THEY ARE PROJECTILES. CARE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyOeUYsmb9E&feature=youtu.be

Legacy Bloodines: Legacy of Vigour isn't a big deal, however Legacy of Zeal seems to add a massive increase in damage to the last remaining monster... with a another character I nearly died to a poison zombie with like 10 of those charges. Care.

Corrupted Blood: press your staunching as soon as you are done with the pack.

Union of Souls/Mark of Cannibalism: tankier but not deadlier mobs, just keep doing damage.

Necrovigil: a bit annoying, you can use leap slam to knockback the last few mobs.

Spirit Walkers: XP Clouds.

Shared Boon: not so dangerous against enemies that aren't freeze pulsers or dischargers. Play carefully in academies!

Shrouded: uhh, just normal mobs, you can usually distinguish what they are because of their behaviour or silhouette.

Voidspawn of Abaxoth:
*Ephij: facetank with topaz up.
*Bameth: facetank lol, remember he has Vaal DD. Zombies should keep your pots up.
*Na'em: facetank when you have a decent HP pool (7k+), your pots are always full because he spawns skellies like a retard.
*Tzeteosh: don't attempt in closed spaces. Usually a waste of time to kill him.
*Haast: use a sapphire of heat, ez pz. Don't attempt in big groups, you want to kill him before your flasks run out!
*Abaxoth: not getting close to this guy :D

Top Secret Crit Staff version (NOT TESTED [probably not bloodlines, err, I mean not phylacteral viable], MAYBE GOOD)
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cool guide thxs for info and thxs for representing duelists world wide!! haha!
Awesome! You have big balls mate. And here I was thinking that 2h was pointless and melee was dead.

What's your current life pool?

Also, that is one sexy axe :P
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
Etherfire wrote:
Awesome! You have big balls mate. And here I was thinking that 2h was pointless and melee was dead.

What's your current life pool?

Also, that is one sexy axe :P

7.5k, a friend lended me his kaom's and I get over 8,8k
Is this build Uber Viable?
Added Fire instead of Faster Attacks.
Only 25% movespeed on boots.

Nice build, I rate it 4/10.
Bruailen wrote:
Is this build Uber Viable?

At least not until crit
H4NS wrote:
Bruailen wrote:
Is this build Uber Viable?

At least not until crit

So does that mean it can do Uber Atziri?
"Cleave with Last Resort" good luck with that (claw)

I lvled my bloodlines cyclone builds with the BM keystone, it's possible to spin in HC even at lvl 24. Sadly my third Bloodlines cycloner has died (all in merciless, all to mouse disconnecting at critical times)
noobdw wrote:
"Cleave with Last Resort" good luck with that (claw)

I lvled my bloodlines cyclone builds with the BM keystone, it's possible to spin in HC even at lvl 24. Sadly my third Bloodlines cycloner has died (all in merciless, all to mouse disconnecting at critical times)

I'll fix the cleave mistake, thanks!

Regarding the BM keystone, it's possible, sure, but I believe leap slam clears faster for early game, with the mentioned twink weapons you can leap pretty fast and one shot most packs.

BM also prevents you from using hatred or hoa, so you are losing potential DPS.

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