[2.2 PSC] MyCat - 78% Max Block/Spell Block Flicker


I just uploaded my 1st recording in my POE history.
The attached video is the LV81 78% max block/spell block Flicker striker (Duelist, ascendancy = Gladiator) running Gorge map. I was a bit nervous so made lots of clumsy movements in this video & also my gears are not good in shape yet. So be generous to my attempt

Lv81 Gorge Run


Flicker strike had been known for requiring one of the most expensive gears to play. This view has changed after development of Oro’s sacrifice Flicker strikes. As a person who doesn’t like 2H weapons in general (I know I’m a werido), I wanted to play Flicker strike with relatively cheap gear settings. As the announcement of ascendancy brought extended flexibilities of build utilities, I tried to come up with new-style of flicker for cheap budget.
I looked up Unique Daggers (we all loves daggers for crit!) which has not been implemented in most of builds. Mark of the Doubting Knight (http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Mark_of_the_Doubting_Knight) caught my eyes.
It has 5% additional chance to block while Dual wielding, +10% to all resistances, and 25% bleeding and poison on crit. These utilities could be effective for off-hand weapons, but was simply not enough to replace shields before 2.2.

The world, however, changed after 2.2 with ascendancies. Gladiator (6pts used) provides 4% additional blocks, 100% spell block convergent, and 25% chance of Frenzy/Endurance charge on kill. With passives from the skill tree (see the link below), the total block/spell block chances become 78% with Anvil (51% before Rumi’s). Also, for the people who can’t afford Bino’s, 2x MotDK is performing okay (Just Mirrored Dagger >>> Bino’s >> MotDK).

Pros and Cons

- Cheap
- 78% Max Block/Spell Block
- 4 endurance + 5 frenzy + 4 power charge

- Low HP
- Few Jewel Slot
- weaker than other Dagger Flicker strike
- Eye Cancer
- Boss can be difficult once you lose your frenzy charge (applied for all flicker strike)

Offensive Stat (@LV81)

Defensive Stat (@LV81)

Gem Link
Gem Link

4L: Flicker - Melee Physical Dmg - Multistrike - Melee splash
5/6L: Increase Critical Dmg | Faster attacck | Fortify | or your favorite gems

Whiling Blade - Faster Attack - Fortify

Frenzy - Multistrike/Faster Attack - Fortify - Melee Physical Dmg

Hatred, Blasphemy-Assasins Mark

Blood Rage, Ice Golem, CWDT-Immortal Call


81 pt (lv 60)

110 pt (lv 89)

117 pt

Required Items

1. Mark of the Doubting Knight (MotDK)
This provides %block + % all resistance
2. Anvil
For the 78% Max Block/Spell Block
3. Rumi
For the 78% Max Block/Spell Block

Gears(@LV83, same shitty gears as in Gorge Run)

Additional Commentaries

Regardless of the nerf of Critical multipliers, my build sustains substantial crit-chances (83% for power charges ||85% for 4 power charges) and 508% Crit Multipliers (no qual lv17 crit multi gem, so it will go up as quality and lv of the gem goes up).
One of many cons in this build has low hp (+144% increase max hp). To mitigate the damage penetrating 22% chances of hit, 3(or 4) endurance charges & Fortify is implemented. If I end up being lucky to have 5/6L Lightning Coils with better gears for managing all resistances, it will help more hp sustainability

Hope you enjoyed my theory-craft & all feed-backs are welcome!
Good luck on your build & get Mirror!
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what gear were you using in the video?
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Gears are updated. I just didn't know how to put it in - but figured out now.
hrm. very interesting. im definitely interested in a flicker build and this seems like the most interesting one. how was the leveling process? a guide on what points i need to have by the mid 60s would be nice

also, the video link is borked. also, where does all your dmg come from? certainly cant be those daggers.
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Video Link Fixed.
Thank you for the notice.

Talking about damage, it's relatively low (well might be quite low) damage compare to other fancy flicker builds.
Except Oro's, other flicker builds likely require end-game daggers (i.e., Roth Bane) so that they can kill the boss as quickly as possible before they ran out of Frenzy charges.
The main source of damage in my build is crit. Even after the nerf of crit in general, the crit chance of main hand (Bino) is still ~85% with power charges, off-hand (MotDK) is ~ 65%, and crit multiplier is over 500% ( 0 quality 18lv Crit Multi-gem used). I use Atziri's Promise to boost my damage. Once I have other flask - Taste of hatred - damage will be boosted even more.

Issue of leveling process.
I level up my character using Reave, but was kinda painful since it is my 1st char in PSC - so no gear. As melee characters are very sensitive for having a good gears in leveling processes. I would recommend you not to start this build as your 1st character.

Hope this answers your questions.

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anyone caring enough letting me know what Bandits to help and whom to kill?
3.2k life on level 81?
That is low even for a full block build, even 4k is pushing it if you want to see endgame content at all.
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Well that's not the build, that's the horrendously bad gear he has. Basically no life on chest, jewellery and gloves. 144% life is on the lower end, but with proper gear you would probably have around 4-4.5k.
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