[3.2] - Elderblake's 2-Sword Allround Cleave Champion

+ Removed Carnage Heart as per Suggestion of Kiss_Me_Quick, it is a fun amulet but didnt do anything for this build
+ Added new Pastebin with slight Changes to Passive Tree
+ Added an Image (yay...)
+ Added Bandits section
+ Added Pantheons section

1.1 https://pastebin.com/K5S6tiyn (now uses "Rampart" node cluster)
1.0 https://pastebin.com/WctDSgAy


What is this build?
+ Potentially very cheap, scales with budget
+ Quite tanky and sturdy
+ Excellent Labfarmer
+ Good Bosskiller
+ Good League Starter
+ Newbie friendly
In short this build is like a pickup truck. Usually cheap, not the fastest on the road, but damn reliable and pretty versatile.

What is this build not?
- Not a quick farmer (it can do maps at a decent speed, but unless you invest currency it will always be a bit on the slower side)
- Not fit for Physical Reflect Maps, better avoid those

Can this build do?
+ Uber Izaro
Yes, even with crappy gear
+ All map tiers
Yes, speed depends on gear
+ The Guardians
It should be able to do so with a budget of less than 150c I think
+ The Shaper
Yes, if you know the mechanics
+ Atziri
? Uber Atziri, Uber Elder
Not tested yet, imo will depend on your skill, but should well be possible

So how strong is this build in numbers?


Assuming lvl 90 and 20/20 gems with my current equipment (see gear section) and active flasks:
HP: 6335
Armour: 22580
Endurance Charges: 6
Evasion: 4564
DPS: 1,103,732
Estimated Physical Dmg Reduction against a taunted Enemy who attacks with 10000 physical DMG:
26% reduced Damage (Fortify and Conqueror Ascendancy)
8+6+24+15+18% = 71% Resistance (Tukohama+Solaris+6Endurance+Basalt+Armour)
Subtotal: about 2150 Damage coming through

If we swap our helmet for Abyssus:
DPS: 1,743,505
Subtotal Damage taken from same hit: 3000 Damage

Build History

In 3.1 I wanted to play a lab farmer and tried out the Thicc Jugg by Engineering Eternity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hn40A0geuY) which I liked a lot and used it outside of lab as well. When 3.2 came out I looked through the ascendencies and saw great potential in the new Champion Ascendancies. I started my 3.2 Champion very close to E²'s build and gradually moved further and further away from it, reworking the build at least 3 times (boy, the costs of the regret orbs alone...) until it got to where it is now.

Core Uniques:

I shit you not, that's it. Everything else is pretty variable. You need 2 One-Handed Swords, proper res and life on your gear but this Jewel is the only actual core item of this build.

What Gear to look for:
You need 2 High-DPS Swords. For that you can usually buy some good weapons with flat elemental damage for 1 alch even in the first league days.

Try to get Rescapped without Endurance Charges. Ofc you need max life on gear, other than that focus on armour. Other stats that help your damage are:
More/Increased (physical)(melee) Damage
Flat Physical Damage
Crit Chance and Multiplier

Good uniques:

Two Ahn's Might with a Pacifism jewel get you to 0 Frenzy Charges, but the Damage is pretty great.

this makes sure you always have onslaught when you have fortify, so pretty much always

the classic combo to move fast in lab. make sure the sword has 3 green sockets

a cheap alternative to Ahn's Might, especially when you don't want to sacrifice Frenzy Charges

Abyssus will increase your damage a LOT, but you sacrifice most of your physical mitigation. Use it if you think know what you are doing

My current gear (about 10 exalt worth of stuff, most budget went into the armour)

Skill gems

Main Damage Skill, 6-link in order of importance

Cleave - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - Concentrated Effect - Bloodlust - Ruthless
Bleeding for Bloodlust gets applied by the totem, so mostly there for bossdamage

Ancestral Prot/Chief - Chance to Bleed - Maim - Culling Strike
Though the dmg bonus from Ancestral Protector is higher in endgame you might want the Warchief, because it will inflict Bleeding on more than one enemy at a time.

Blood Rage (7) - Phase Run (3) - Summon Lightning Golem (3) - Cast when Damage Taken (1)
Keep the levels on those skills low to have them proc often (example levels in brackets). Phase run will only buff you very shortly, but if it procs often it should make a good difference. I think Blood rage is a good option with this build even if you don't have Frenzy Charges.

Hatred - Herald of Ash - Enduring Cry - Vaal Haste
General Damage Auras and Enduring Cry for Endurance Charges.

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic
Movement Skill for main Weapon Set

Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark
This is used to apply curses, in late game Assassin's Mark seems best, earlier you could go for Vulnerability instead

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic


If you want you can level with Cleave from lvl 1 on. You will not have much trouble throughout the game, but sunder can be faster for a while. I Leveled with Cleave myself, so I cannot really comment on Sunder lvling. Try to keep your weapons up to date, go pick up some lvling rares with +flat elemental damage for an alchemy or use the +phys damage vendor recipe (Weapon + magic rusic sash + whetstone) and always bring your weapons up to 20% quality if you can afford to do so. If you are struggling with clearspeed you can swap out concentrated effect for increased area of effect, but you lose quite a bit of damage.
Good Skills to use while leveling:
Herald of Ice
Added Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage

Passive Tree

lvl 90
www.poeurl.com/bWb4 (Updated for "Rampart" nodes)
www.poeurl.com/bWb5 (Updated for "Rampart" nodes)


Leveling Trees

Lvl around 20
www.poeurl.com/bQCX (poeplanner)
www.poeurl.com/bQC1 (pathofexile)

lvl around 40

lvl around 60

Note that these leveling skill trees are not directly tested, as I respecced a lot. These should work though.

This build is planned for all Bandits dead, but Alira might be viable as well.


Unstoppable Hero
Best taken as early as possible. With Overwhelming Odds we almost always have fortify up, so we almost always have 30% Increased Melee Damage, 1000 Armour and 1000 Evasion from our Ascendancy alone, which is quite a lot in early game. I strongly advise to take this after Normal Lab.

Solid Damage Reduction against everyone you hit and also 100% taunt. Especially good in Party Play. This one should be taken after Cruel Lab, as it is better than First to Strike, Last to Fall.

Worthy Foe
This is the reason we can play Crit without needing to care about Accuracy. Also the 20% more Damage multiplier is pretty heavy. Better Take this after Merciless.

First to Strike, Last to Fall
This is another good Ascendancy. If you are hellbent on Speed you might take Inspirational instead, especially if you play in team a lot, but especially for Lab this provides just so much Quality of Life. This one should be taken after Uber.


I prefer Solaris or Lunaris along with Tukohama or Gruthkul. For leveling consider Brine King until you get stun immunity.

Sol or Lun depending on how many enemies you expect to fight at once. Solaris is good when you struggle with single enemies or do hard bosses but unless your killspeed is very high you will always have adds and should go with Lunaris.

Tukohama is an obvious choice, since you stand still a lot while doing Damage, but you might consider Gruthkul if your killspeed is too high.

Playstyle and Mechanics

Playing this build is fairly easy, try to keep your Endurance Charges up and go for the enemy. You are basically a rock that hurls blades, so if you are facing trouble try to get the enemies to come to you. It takes a little practice to use orb of storms, endurance charges and totems at the same time, but it will have a great impact on your damage. If you are not facing particularly strong enemies you can go without some or all of these things, but for high-end damage they are vital.
You do mostly Physical Damage with a bit added Elemental from Hatred and Herald of Ash. If you face Elemental Reflect you might be fine by just switching those 2 skills off for that map. During bossfights you can tank many attacks, so standing still is a common thing for you. Consider using Soul of Tukohama as minor pantheon.

Comments and Questions welcome!
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Where does the endurance ball come from?
Last edited by CN_walker on Apr 10, 2018, 8:52:52 PM
Where does the endurance ball come from?
I really love this build. Thank you for the guide.
I've changed a few things to give it a twist and it still worked wonders.
At this point cleave seems so good, imo you don't even need to bother with AP or storm at least until super end game content.
Hit Chance : 100% ????
I've tried this build on flashback event and I'm loving it ! good guide :)
CN_walker wrote:
Hit Chance : 100% ????

Read the two right major nodes of the champion ascendency, This is what offers the 100% hit chance.
I would highly suggest you to swap carnage heart. It does not actually do anything.

Not playing 3.20 - just a sm0l break, builds are still fine.
Kiss_Me_Quick wrote:
I would highly suggest you to swap carnage heart. It does not actually do anything.

I agree. It would be much better to just get a rare amulet with some int with crit mods on it to deal with gem requirements
Wow, i should log in more often...
Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate the feedback!

CN_walker wrote:
Where does the endurance ball come from?

Enduring Cry if I understand you right.

Kiss_Me_Quick wrote:
I would highly suggest you to swap carnage heart. It does not actually do anything.

Right you are, I mistook the
#% increased life leech per second
#% of maximum Life per second to maximum Life Leech rate
which is sloppy on my side, apologies.

CN_walker wrote:
Hit Chance : 100% ????

Close to it actually. Enemies you taunt cannot evade your hits (so 100% against those) and since Bestiary you can apply that status to every enemey, even if they are affected by the usual effects of taunt.
Your hits also taunt automatically.

I considered using the "Rampart" cluster on the skilltree (the fortify booster nodes north-east of "Crimson Dance") to gain more Quality of Life, which will be shown in the updated skilltree.

I am currently working on a Berserker version of this Concept, since I kind of fell in love with the Berserker MS Sprinkler made by Lifting and am curious about a good cheap starter that can easily respecc to the Sprinkler after a few days. If you have any specific good ideas just write me.

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