[Warbands 2.02] The Hellcopter (Oro's Sweeper)

Hey guys. I'm pretty sure this build has been done before, so I wouldn't say this is original. However, I did plan most of the things myself and not follow any build. I did gain inspiration of using fireborn at the duelist area from elsewhere. This build is very very strong for the gear invested, and its very fun to play. I wanted to make a sweeper that had high attack speed, so an elemental one would suit the best. Oro's sacrifice came along, and everything fit.


Rare gorge map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nu_egaDGVTE&feature=youtu.be

Passive Tree


I am level 81 currently, and have not grabbed lava lash, which would increase my dps again. I'm happy with my dps now though. I have not completed the life wheel at scion too.

Key Offensive Ideas

Basically, we are using Oro's Sacrifice, along with anger, weapon elemental damage and flat fire damage on gear to have high fire damage. Stack along with high attack speed on gear and passives. The fireborn jewel gives a huge boost, so slot it at the duelist area (see passive tree), to gain fire damage converted from physical damage, especially from nodes like destroyer and wrecking ball. Jewels wise I look for +2 mana gain on hit with another damage (attack speed or fire damage) or life mod, then regal it. Chance to ignite is not needed with the ignite chance on the tree. Frenzy charges give a big boost too, so i corrupted my darkray vectors for +1 max frenzy charge. Resolute technique, because we are going non crit and elemental. To hit fast yet miss some of the time just isn't good. Burn from ignite does deal quite a bit of damage. And lastly, culling of burning enemies is very good and UNDERRATED.

Oh, and vaal double strike is pretty damn good. It helps with my single target and high hp mobs, as it cuts down the time i need to kill them. You can store up to 3 charges, so its pretty much up all the time whenever you need it.

Key Defensive Ideas

With the increased physical and fire damage taken on oro's we use arctic armour to help mitigate that. Endurance charges come from warlord's mark, vengeance and self cast enduring cry. Leech from warlord's mark and vengeance. Fortify. High armour along with granite. Immortal call. Unwavering stance, because getting stunned sucks, so no evasion. Stack life whenever possible. Dodge from darkray vectors helps a lot too. Lastly, killing fast is a way of defending yourself too.

Mana cost?

I use 3 mana gain on hit jewels along with mana leech on warlord's mark to support the mana cost, which is pretty high considering that I attack so fast. What you want to do is to leap into packs which will help you gain mana and curse them with warlord's mark.
I considered using blood magic since there are times when you just don't gain enough mana to attack again. Its rare though if you play it right and don't oversweep, which I do sometimes since I attack so fast and kill so fast. Furthermore, I can't seem to 6 link my gear and have a lack of slots. I would have to drop enduring cry if i add blood magic.
By adding blood magic though you can remove the mana gain on hit jewels, i possibly add life gain on hit ones, or anything else you wish.


Go to my character to see the jewels.


Sweep - Weapon Elemental Damage - Multistrike - Fire Penetration - Faster Attacks (6 link: Blood Magic, life gain on hit, mana leech, increased AOE, conc effect)
Leap Slam - Fortify - Curse On Hit - Warlord's Mark - Faster Attacks (6 link: blood magic, endurance charge on melee stun, mana leech, increased AOE)
arctic armour, enduring cry, flame golem, anger
Vengeance - Endurance charge on melee stun - life leech (or fire pen, weapon ele, life gain on hit)
Cast When Damage Taken - immortal call - increased duration
Vaal Double Strike - weapon elemental damage - fire pen (4 link: multistrike, faster attacks)

Bandit Rewards:
normal - +life
cruel - +attack speed
merc - + 1 frenzy charge

Feel free to give any constructive comments, questions or just anything that I missed out. Cheers!
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Want to try that build, because i like sweep. But where is bandits rewards?
opps. will update, its

normal - +life
cruel - +attack speed
merc - + 1 frenzy charge
I've tried the build in early game, its amazing, but the lack of intelligence dicked me...
and maybe theres some issues with survivability, maybe some life leech or hp on hit would help, also that acendency slayer is sexy af.
also im going to make a new character to try out cleave on this.
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