[2.1] Effortless Budget Fun: Hyaon's Fury - Spectral Throw

Effortless Budget Fun
Hyaon's Fury - Spectral Throw

o High lightning damage
o Unique sword Hyaon's Fury
o Shocking
o Frenzy charges
o Onslaught

o Armour (+Granite Flasks)
o Evasion
o Block (only base from shield)
o Fortify
o Kiting with Whirling Blades and ranged attacks

o Spectral Throw - GMP - WED - Faster Attacks - Innervate
(Innervate gives shock, for huge damage and herald of thunder uptime, but also gives onslaught for extra attack speed)

Secondary (Single Target and Frenzy generation against bosses)
o Frenzy - Multistrike - WED - Lightning Penetration

o Wrath
o Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Conductivity (-lightning res and more shock chance)
(Applying curses on rares and bosses mostly)[/i]
o Blood Rage - Increased Duration (frenzy charge generation against normal mobs)

o Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify (Mobility, kiting and easy fortify)
o CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
o Summon Flame Golem (Free damage)
o Leap Slam (For convenience only)[/i]


(High flat lightning damage and scaling increased damage with frenzy charges.)
(Hyaon's Fury has low base speed, so all attack speed is welcomed. High armour and evasion. Reduced physical has no effect.)
Max resist, Life, Armour, Evasion and as much elemental/lightning increased damage as possible.

Int on Amu and/or rings is needed for int gems. (Also to get a 4L blues for Wrath and herald is really hard unless you get combo energy shield in for example gloves.)

Top most right spot: Energised Armour (Unique: Converts energy shield to armour. A lot of needed armour from tree here with Nullification + nodes around it.)

Rest: Chance to shock, Life, Projectile/Lightning Damage, Attack speed

(A static electricity can be used in spot above ranger start for quite some extra damage.)

Current Gear

(Buffed and with onslaught, not maxed gems)


Build can take som time, even after equipping Hyaon's Fury at level 62, to get started. Some elemental damage increases is needed before you start dealing any damage.

Since we get some projectile damage at the start, leveling with bows is really strong and you can focus on dps instead of defences for some time into the game.


I am a casual non-standard league SC player, since beta, that likes to make funny and somewhat viable builds. Mostly only play until lower tier maps and dont have too much of an economy. Therefore I thought of trying to post about this recent cheap build. Except the pretty high Hyaon's Fury for 10 Chaos, and the 5L armour for 8 Chaos, the rest is tops 5 Chaos a piece (although quite late into the league).

Feel free to ask questions and give feedback.


EDIT: I am getting a lot of feedback that this is not an escpecially good elemental ST build, and underwhelming. This is somewhat true, I have myself played both crit and old non-crit ST. The point of this and build is making a viable budget and fun gimmicky builds. Its really just, can I make spectral throw work with Hyaon's? Also both lightning strike and frost blades work with the same setup, its just a different playstyle then ST. This is budget compared to most "good" builds, the current gear is about 40 Chaos (mid-end league prices). And it works with less.
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Hey there!

To be Honest, Hyaon's Fury is by far not the best Option for elemental Spectral Throw.
Just for science, switch to a 1 handed sword with higher attack speed and you will see.

I would also drop Sniper and Nullification and Take the 3 Proj. Damage Nodes left from Ballistic Mastery and i would recommend to go Crit. for some DPS

I played a Ele ST in Talisman, i can link you my Tree and Gear if you want.

You should use Lightning Pen instead of Innervate
I really think you should switch Innervate out for Lightning Penetration. The tooltip will go down but the dps will go up, especially with quality on it. Herald of Thunder's quality bonus to lightning damage is global, so I think quality on that should be a priority instead though.
Its been said before but dude, use lightning pen :)
You can easily reach with charges 40k gmp dps with ST if you use a foil and crit. You go non crit, which is one of the issues your damage is so low as well as the low base attack speed. I dedicated this league to my ST, and I reach 70k dps. But as I said, with little investment and a crit build you should easily reach 40k gmp dps buffed.
The issue is, that most of your base damage will come from auras and added lightning, which then scales over your attack speed. If you go the route, you will realize(I did) at 4aps-ish, that you can not maintain ST longer on mana. Nice idea you had, but it is totally underwhelming, sorry.
@Toma_Hawk One thing with this build is going hybrid armour/evasion. Losing the 40% increased armour I find is too much of a loss.

Also general feedback I hear is, go crit, or use ele foil. I have done this before and a crit foil build is more expensive, and also trying to make the Hyaon's work is kinda gimmicky and fun.

There is almost always a better gg build for both damage and clear speed, but its not always cheap and casually viable.

Also I am aware of lightning pen, but its only on higher resist mobs that pen does more than shock, and since its a non-crit build shock chance is harder to come by, hence the Innervate. Plus onslaught is fun! :)

EDIT: spelling
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Nullification increased your Energyshield/ Evasion pool, not your Armor Evasion.

I started playing a Crit. Ele ST with a Foil which cost me 3 alchemy? still does a shitload more damage.

It's one thing to be niche and gimmicky and another using a good Gem with, and sorry to be honest, wrong/bad gear.
It's not even a matter of costs, Ele ST scales a lot by Aura's, Herald's and 1 Static Electricity and then Attack Speed to fill the Area with many Projectiles as possible.
Which is one good reason why Ele ST is a great Skill to start since it's cheap!

Why even play non-crit? There musst be a serious reason to that except to be niche, gimmicky.

From what i've read everyone is telling you that anyway. I can understand that you "defend" your build.
But there is so much more you miss on ele Spectral throw just listen to me/others and you will have so much fun.

Check Mathil's Elemental Buzzsaw.
@Toma_Hawk I am using the Energised Armour unique jewel for armour on the jewel spot close to nullification, hence the armour from those nodes. This is already stated in the post. Maybe you didnt read it?

As already told, I have tried the elemental buzzsaw build before when it was popular, it is old. Back then you could have many more auras, and scaled the damage through aura and buff effectiveness bonuses like inner force, no longer available. Also Herald's didnt exist back then.

Now the scaling can be done differently, for example going crit. Otherwise just having a high elemental dps foil or the like. Only attack speed will not take you as far as it did before.

The Hyaon has a internal scaling machanic with charges and also very high static elemental damage, that can be scaled more then static electiricity of herald damage with increased from tree, jewels and gear. Not going crit is because of trying to make innervate with onslaught work with this unique sword that is not expensive.

I am in no need of defending my build against popular builds or mainstream, since i have both explained reasons and values behind the choices. I have also already answered to the crit and usual elemental (not lightning) damage ST builds, which I have played way before.

I find it hard to understand why you bring up the same points I have already answered to and why you use a old and not even your own build to explain these points already discussed.

Please elaborate feedback and thoughts.

Also I have to ask why "There musst be a serious reason to that except to be niche, gimmicky." Is there a reason for this, or is this only your opinion?

edit: i play only leagues bit standard, in case this was overlooked
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Mentioning Mathil's build was just a tipp for you, since i don't have a Build thread of my Ele ST.

But here is it, my ELE ST. I also started as Duelist, just to have one. Ranger would be Better, more Proj. damage at the Beginning



Mathil hasn't even released even a Update to the new Leech nodes at Duelist.

I also have skilled Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics, which makes you way more tankier then your hybrid setup.

This will be my last Post, since it seems that you are resistant to constructive feedback or simply don't get it. If you wanna take forever on maps, most likely die in high tier maps since you can't kill fast enough, fine. Many people me included just tried to tell you how you would get way more out of it.

A Foil with at least 1.9 aps will have more aps than Hyaon's with Onslaught, just saying.
So in the End why make a Build Thread to show that Hyaon's is obviously not viable for ST?
It has a nice mechanic in it for sure, but the investment, a Socket in the 5l/6l is such a terrible waste, a dps gem or even Lightning pen would be much stronger. You can even skill Graceful Assault which gives you Onslaught too.

So, yeah play your Ele ST, enjoy it until you Hit the Progress Wall, which will take a while by the
clear speed i could see in your Video.
I was just trying to tell you that you won't be happy with your spec. in the long run.

So cheers..

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