1.2 Pillar of The Cage God Staff Sweep Build

Hegemony's Sweep build got it from watching his stream its SUPER FUN AND effective :D
However this is soley focused on Pillar of the Caged God instead of his staff.

Using AoE can stay a good distance away from scary mobs and effectively damage them.
Fun to play
Very good scaling (10 str nodes gives more dps than phys damage nodes)
Effective in end game (doing 77 maps at lvl 77 just fine)
Good amount of life due to insane amounts of str (look at my gear.. low life rolls and uniques with no life rolls at all but i manage to have 5k life due to 500+ Strength)
Decent armor/evasion/block (Nothing insane but with all 3 in effect defense is good)
Good physical mediation through charges, immortal call and lightning coil.
fast leveling (grab carnage heart if you can)
No Dex/Str/Int Limitations to leveling gems once you get decent gear
Nice Aoe Example

Melee (don't bother me but for some people it does)
Not friendly to new players (playing around cap resist to use abysses and other uniques is a pain)
If 4 Linked you lose a lot of damage
Requires good positioning on dangerous mobs


Oak, Oak or Kraityn, Oak
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Solid Build man, leveling it at the moment just started an hour or so ago, keep up the good work
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How's your dps with this spec?

I'm running a pillar 5link with carcass jack and bunch of AoE(+74% atm).
I'm also still using carnage heart. lvl 64 with ~4k hp and ~200hp/sec regen and 7 end charges.

The problem is that it feels like my staff dps is lagging behind at only 3,3k. I also feel pretty squishy and am unsure of CWDT setup with so many max end charges.

My CWDT setup:
lvl 4 Cwdt+lvl7 enfeeble+decoy totem+ end cry
lvl 13 CWDT + molten shell+inc dur + immo call
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I've got to level 52 with this build and i'm finding the CoMK a little lacklustre. I've got a 5L Ground Slam > CoMK > Firestorm > Conc Effect > Multistrike. I'm using Multistrike because my attack speed is quite low and have trouble getting the initial burst damage to kill the mobs and start triggering CoMK. If i can find Attack Speed from something i'll drop Multistrike for Iron Will.

For gear i'm using:

HELM: Deidbell
CHEST: 5L Armour HP/res chest
BELT: Wurms Molt (need the leech before swapping for a Meginord's)
BOOTS: Rare life/res/MS boots
GLOVES: Meginord's gloves with max armour roll
RINGS: prismatics w Life/res
Ammy: Carnage Heart
WEP: 4L Pillar

I'm using the CWDT (lvl 4) with immortal call, enduring cry and increased duration.

My HP and survivability is pretty good with a Granite but it's the damage i'm really missing. Maybe once i get Abyssus at 60 it will improve?

I haven't tried Raging Spirits yet, but i'm leveling it in my offhand.
Those who feel like dmg isn't there, you REALLY need flat phys dmg from gear, abyssus/bringer of rain, rings + amulet + gloves + belt, same as facebreaker build, you need that flat dmg to scale with high dmg& the staff provides.
Can you update passive tree? And how much is your dps?

I'm trying to make a similar build, just started.
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Allright, so I kinda tried the build. I started out as a marauder. I started using the staff at around lvl18. My dps significantly increased at that point (about double), I was smashing everything. At lower levels rare and unique mobs were just 2-4 hits. You have very high life and very high damage, which makes the most fights a joke. Maybe I had such experience because this is my second build that is reaching the endgame and first time playing it was harder for me cause everything was new. But I still like to think that it's build and not me. I reached merciless with no trouble at all. Doing maps couple of levels higher than my char was smooth as butter.

When I went over lvl50 I noticed that it was getting hard to keep the same pace though. You need flat phys everywhere to boost the damage further as I level. Lvl 60 was the second phase jump, when I was able to equip Abyssus. It lil more than doubled my dps. Right now I'm lvl61, finally reached a3m and my 5l molten strike does 12k. I have 2.5k life and 2.6k armor. Attack speed seems to do a great job, so I'm keeping the crappy gauntlet cause of 12%att speed.

The problem I'm facing, though, is ele res. It seems that I have to stack all res on boots, gauntlets and rings. So, I have to switch out iron rings, which makes me do a sad face... I was running for some time with negative lightning res but I can't do that any longer.

I'm also not sure that lightning coil is crucial in the build. If I don't start using it, I may be able to manage resistances without removing high flat phys dmg rings.

I'm deviating little bit from the tree by getting some armor nodes, not going for evasion and trying to get 30str and 30dex nodes, since they have big bonus but let's see how it goes...
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