Oro's Sacrifice Build! Works with Duelist/Marauder!

Alright, so this weapon is rather new, and I am going to be one of the first to release a viable build for it that works rather well.

I am still working on 6 Linking my Oro's, but the current state is this:

I currently possess the highest DPS Oro's in Standard League.

This build relies on Oro's Sacrifice, but some good items to support the build are as follows:

Berek's Pass Two-Stone Ring
The Taming, Prismatic Ring
Kaom's Heart (New, not Legacy)
Womdscream Boots
Auxium Chain Belt
Hrimnor's Resolve

All of these items give substantial Elemental/Fire Damage, which scales intensly with this build.

Alright, let's get down to the build:

Passive Tree

The tree course I have used maximizes Fire Elemental Damage and Weapon Elemental Damage, while sustaining a high amount of life and defensives.

Skill gem line up for 6 link:

If you don't like Multistrike for Desync Purposes, you can run Increased Area of Effect or Elemental Proliferation.

There are VERY FEW skill gems that are viable with a weapon dealing only elemental damage, so we are limited to a Cyclone / Spectral Throw build, and a few other gems. I will be doing more playtesting with skill gems once i 6 link my weapon :).

The Spectral Throw Line Up:

Another MUST HAVE for this build is: Molten Shell + Iron Will + Conc Effect.
For our other gems, I have decided to use 2 Auras: Grace and Determination/Vitality/Purity of Elements (Situational)
Cast on Dmg Taken: Elemental Weakness and Flammability
Cast on Dmg Taken: Enduring Cry and Enfeeble

If you have problems with being stunned, you can run Cast When Stunned + Immortal Call.

The key to this build is maximizing fire damage and life leech/ life on hit to sustain during your periods of burst, and to mitigate fire resistances. With the proper skill gem alignment, we can even handle maps with high fire resist variants and elemental damage reflect. I will be updating this build more and more as i finish putting it together for myself!

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build could be alot better imo, ton of wasted points that could be put to better use for example Lava Lash, and arsonist. Also a Crown of eyes will further increase the damage of that weapon granting all of the phys dmg nodes to elemental.
Danoga wrote:
build could be alot better imo, ton of wasted points that could be put to better use for example Lava Lash, and arsonist. Also a Crown of eyes will further increase the damage of that weapon granting all of the phys dmg nodes to elemental.

Have you misread the mods on Crown of Eyes?
Modifiers to Spell Damage also apply to Attack Damage.
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First: Thx for posting a build with Oro's sacrifice - I've been intrigued since I first saw it, and I'm happy someone thought of a build.

My questions are though:
1. Could you maybe post your skill tree step by step (it's my first duelist and 2nd char overall, so I'd be happy about a fool-proof version ;-)
2. Are there any affordable items that would do well with Oro's? I thought about Kaom's heart immediately as well, but I can't afford it by no means..

Thx again,
You really made a misstep in forgetting fire penetration. Also, yes, that tree is wasteful.
Concentrated effect would also be sweet on that cyclone.
Marauder, dualist, templar, fire and AOE nodes have discharge in common.
Lifeleech would likely be better than life on hit.
A heavy strike + WED + fire pen. + endurance in stun + stun + multi would likely also be a nice counter to the increased dmg.
Dmg. curses should not be on take dmg.
Fire penetration as mentioned should be a must.
Versus a fire resistant mob it will more than double your damage.
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No fire penetration, 4 wasted points at duelist start when you actually touch the marauder start, this should be labeled a maurader build. You are wasting dex accuracy by taking never hit never crit, you are wasting the frenzy charges on ignite by removing ability to crit, and you took the burning nodes in that fire circle with NO WAY TO APPLY BURNING..... derp.

You will not make this item work with righteous fire. Righteous fire does not work with the phoenix shield. Even if you could wield a shield with oro's, the 20% increased fire damage taken would still make it a no-go with RF.
you took the burning nodes in that fire circle with NO WAY TO APPLY BURNING..... derp.

Oro's Sacrifice has a 20% chance to ignite FYI

I still agree with this being a pretty poorly thought out build. It would be much more efficient starting out as a Marauder. Here's my adaptation, I did this fairly quickly so it could still be made more efficient I would think. The build was made keeping spectral throw in mind as the main skill.

Horrible tree, life armor and defenses in general are all very low. Not to mention no block. Extra fire and physical dmg taken, too, yumm yumm. This build will get murdered in high maps.

Some of the uniques recommended are utter shit, those berek's rings are overpriced garbage (except for maybe the one with life / mana leech for some builds) and proves how sheeple some people are.

Take conc effect, life leech, and fire pen

cyclone - wed - CE - LL - fire pen - BM
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I really want to like that sword, but I haven't seen a build with it done well yet. It's such a problematic item... You have to use Life Leech/Life on Hit and Fire Penetration gems, which means you're going to need a 6-link to do major damage. Another spot is reserved for the Weapon Elemental Damage gem, so gem flexibility is low. Blood Magic and single target skill gems linked to Melee Splash are probably out of the question to maximize damage. With 20% extra fire damage taken AND 20% extra physical damage taken, you need a high life pool and you'll likely want to run Purity of Fire or Arctic Armour. Plus there are few gems that work well with it: Leap Slam, Heavy Strike, Cyclone, Spectral Throw, Double Strike (bonus ignite chance with this skill), and Flicker Strike come to mind.

But this item fascinates me. I'm just waiting for someone to come up with a good combo with Avatar of Fire.

Spectral Throw and Iron Grip is a great combo if you have lots of strength, and I think this combo is where the sword will shine, unless you can stand building around Flicker Strike (that gives me a headache).

It's interesting that you don't need to level some of the melee gems I mentioned above level 1 (because higher levels only boost physical damage, which we don't have), but the mana costs are so low to begin with that it hardly matters.

I've never used Righteous Fire, but I wonder if you could run that continually while using the sword...
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