[2.0] Bino's Reaver - The Aegis EB Duelist!! Easy 45 k DPS, 4.8 k life, very tanky!

Hi guys,

this is my personal attempt at an Aegis Aurora build.
I never played one before, but obtained the item some time ago. So I had the wish to finally use it in 2.0, but did not want to just play the same sh.. I mean stuff everyone else plays. And here comes the 2.0 mechanics into play!


So, the machenics this build uses are as follows:

Keystone Passives
Ghost Reaver: Life Leech applies to Energy Shield instead of Life.
Eldritch Battery: Energy Shield covers Mana and is spent for skills instead of Mana.

Bino's Kitchen Knife allows for very high regen. We out-regen all but the almost fatal hits in very short time. In some (easier) maps, I do not use a single life pot.
Aegis Aurora: Main part of the build along with Bino's: It refills our ES that we need for skills by 4% on block. A nonlegacy version with 2% should work too but maybe you have to get a bit more leech then, or a + ES on hit jewel (cobalt base).

This frees up 100 % Mana for reservation!
AND: Solves the life leech problem that almost all builds ran into after 2.0.
In the end, this leaves us with a nicely balanced, tanky yet fast clearing build!
With a bit better gear than mine, 50 K DPS and 5 K Life should be easily possible!


Offence: Auras and Golem (no Powercharges) (without Golem: 43,531 DPS, but I love it!)

Defence unbuffed

Defence buffed (Tempest Shield + nonlegacy Rumi's)

My gear:

Important choices explained:

Lightning Coil: I prefer it over Belly since Belly just adds another 500 life. So if you can cap resists, the mitigation of Lightning Coil is much better. Would pick nonlegacy Coil still slightly above Belly!
You CAN put on Rainbowstrides, Stone of Lazwhar or also the Doryani belt (phys version)
However, those do not provide flat life, so I'd just switch those for spellcaster bosses!

My gear can also be further optimized, especially the jewelry! No crit chance, no multi on amulet, wasted slots on rings...well, they do give life, and cover up my resistances, so all is good ;)

Skills and Links:

6L Main attack: Reave - Multistrike - Melee Phys - Faster Attacks - Crit Strikes - Crit Dmg (cut crit dmg if you have just 5L)
4L #1: Cwdt - Molten Shell - Assassins Mark - Incr. Duration (subject to change)
I fooled around a bit and this feels alright. A little extra protection from MS, ans easier clearing thanks to AM. Level it as you like.
4L #2: Ice Golem - Minion Life - Empower - Tempest Shield
Tempest Shield is a very nice buff, but I didn't feel it as so important that I would link it to Incr. Duration. I did before, but half time I forget to turn it on. The higher the map, the more vital is TS!
Also, my Ice Golem died too often for my liking, so I took my old selfcorrupted +1 Malis ad added Minion Life. Works nicely, the Golem is a great buff!
4L #3: Hatred - Herald of Ash - Purity of Lightning - Vaal Clarity
Vaal Clarity helps if I get out of ES I thought. So far, I never used it! :D
3L #1: Whirling blades - Fortify - Faster Attacks
Fortify is important!!
3l #2: Vengeance - Reckoning - Vaal Haste

NOTE: The Bino's says "Allies regenerate life", and I can confirm it also heals the Golem!

Put Vaal Haste and Tempest Shield together and link them to Increased Duration.
For Singletarget, you can switch to Double or Molten Strike (over 64 K DPS just by changing gems).
Power Charge on Crit: Since I sometimes autocurse with Ass. Mark, I prefer Inc. Crit Strikes in the main setup.


I took Oak - Oak - Skillpoint. Charges are not too important. The 8% inc. AS (Kraityn Cruel) would work too, but more AS means more APS and that means more Mana/ES needed. So I suggest to go for the phys dmg.


Whirling Blades - Fortify to enter the fight
Reave for anything but pure singletarget
When encoutering huge packs, pop a Rumi's to get max block or almost max block
When encountering hard hitters, approach with care. This build is not made to tank the hardest hits, but easily copes with medium ones. With the given high mobility, we manually dodge the hardest hits! (see Dark Forest (75) video at 3:20 to see what I mean: In the beginnin poor gameplay by me, then easily dispatched of this nasty devourer pack with mobility.)
For spellcaster bosses, switch in Stone of Lazwhar, and maybe Rainbowstrides. However, with Rumi's you will have nearly capped spellblock anyways depending on rolls.

Passive Tree at L89



So, we can reserve all mana (100):
Purity of Lightning is set when using Lightning Coil: 35%
Hatrad for DPS: 50%
Herald of Ash for further DPS and a bit of AoE: 25% -> 110%
So, 12 % reduced mana reserved from the tree (10% would be enough, but well...Charisma Cluster)



Map: Dark Forest (75)
Intersting mods: Fracture, Vulnerability, 86% extra fire dmg and some others

Please tell me what you think, and how one might improve the build! Feedback and questions are always appreciated! I would like to discuss further variations of this build/the shown mechanics as I believe I am the first one to come up with this combination and I doubt I unlocked the full potential! :)

Thanks for reading!
“Losing a limb is no excuse for cowardice.” - Master Sollis, "Blood Song"
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Updated with detailed explanations and variations!
“Losing a limb is no excuse for cowardice.” - Master Sollis, "Blood Song"
Video added!

Map: Dark Forest (75)
Intersting mods: Fracture, Vulnerability, 86% extra fire dmg and some others

EDIT: Please keep in mind it is a fracture map. I will see when i can upload another one, preferably higher
“Losing a limb is no excuse for cowardice.” - Master Sollis, "Blood Song"
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Possible screen with stats Def & offensive ? Thank's
Have you thought about getting zealots oath instead of ghost reaver?

Bino has the potential to get 2000 ES/sec regardless of block and at the same time, life leech is used to instead replenish life.
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
@vick666: Ty, I know I forgot something! Added OP to include Screenshots

@fiqst: Well yes I do know about ZO,I used it before 2.0 in my Flicker build with Bino's.
But, in this build, it is intended to reserve almost all Mana, because I didn't want to use Enlighten like everybody does (and my other chars use the ones I got^^). A further point was to make a build that can be done in a Temp league. I can just use a 5L belly, a 2% aegis and a Bino's (yes, not exactly cheap, but doable) to make it work.

Besides ZO being across the tree in the Templar area, I do want it exactly this way: Huge Life Regen, the little life leech applies to my little ES, which helps to just sustain attacks. Mana is only needed for Auras.

I didn't work out something for Belly of the Best users yet tho, they wouldn't have to rely on Purity of Lightning.

You guys got ideas for Belly users? I think with less need for resists one could pack quite a bit more punch! Got no time to do this right now but will see if something strikes my mind.
“Losing a limb is no excuse for cowardice.” - Master Sollis, "Blood Song"
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How does this char heal with no life steal ? I wanted to try this but this one thing holds me back from it :D
PM'd you all the info :)

But since I didn't explain it in the OP, here the mechanics:

This build regens via the special ability of Bino's Kitchen Knife. It says:

"On killing a Poisoned enemy, nearby enemies are Poisoned
On killing a Poisoned enemy, nearby allies Regenerate Life"

Now, to gain health, you have to use the "Adder's Touch" skill in the Passive Tree. It simply says: "Critical Strikes with Daggers Poison the enemy." and gives a 40% crit multi with daggers, making it extremely powerful.

So, when you Crit, you poison, and when you then kill (can be the same strike), you regenerate life with Bino's. I think the regen is 20% of damage dealt. I am sure however, the duration of the regen is 2 seconds. So, it is short and VERY high.

Note: Since it says "allies", this regen applies to you as well as your Golem!
However the Golem has 22 K life in my case, so you can't regen him to 100% immediately with one kill. But it works quite nicely ;)
“Losing a limb is no excuse for cowardice.” - Master Sollis, "Blood Song"
What bandits did you do?
I figured Oak, Krait and then probably Alira og Krait for merciless. But not sure if i want to try to incorporate Frenzy charges in the build. Blood rage worth it?

Also, trying this build without having any items. Soon 60. Will see how it goes.

EDIT: Update!
I'm 62 and rushed Ghostreaver and MoM since I've gotten an aegis. Being able to fully reserve mana and having no mana issues with reave is amazing. Going for some life next since Im saving for Binos and using a sword atm.

Current Gear
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Glad you like it!

I actually took Oak - Oak - Skill Point, but that was when I played a different build on the same char before 2.0
However, I think this is still a solid choice, as an additional charge doesn't have high value for this build.

Blood rage isn't worth it for this build because the degen hits hard, especially with Abyssus.
Also, 3 Power charges are fine for me. I am currently experimenting with a really low level Assassins Mark setup which I am not sure I like.
It is: Cast When Damage Taken (3) - Ass. Mark (7) - Spell Echo (3) - Enhance (2, mostly for leveling)
Getting charges with this isn't too hard, but sometimes you just clear too fast to proc CWDT often enough. Which is why I tried Spell Echo...well, it's not the best solution I think, but it helps a bit. CWDT - Assassin's Mark is great however :)

“Losing a limb is no excuse for cowardice.” - Master Sollis, "Blood Song"

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