[2.3] "Vulcan's Exemplar" Crit Dual Strike Slayer with Bino/Catalyst by fiqst

Thread Resurrection! Everything here in the OP is updated to be current (2.3).

I wanted to re-explore my favourite skill in the game, Dual Strike.

The skill has been outdated by long range melee skills such as Reave, Earthquake, Frost Blades, etc. And you can never match the clearspeed offered by those skills. But nothing compares to the sheer single target damage of Dual Strike, and the immense feeling of power when you are close enough to see eye colour and unleash an attack that's more overkill damage than actual damage.

I think there can be a role for single target skills in this game, boss killing in groups. You won't be able to keep up with ranged skills or long range melee, but when you can kill a boss faster than most others kill a rare, there's some value there.

So this build is for Dual Strike enthusiasts, who are not after clearspeed but pure damage, and for those who want the oldschool toe-to-toe feeling. Enjoy!

A Dual Strike build that unleashes massive critical damage against single targets and proliferates napalm-like burn damage to surrounding enemies. Ice and Thunder for auto-cursing, this build is totally self sufficient without the need to be motionless.

Defences are based on hybrid armour and evasion, with the keystones Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics, which used with Vaal Grace, caps dodge for a full 10 secs.



OAK (18% phys)
ALIRA (1 power charge)



Dual Strike
Melee Phys
Faster Attacks / Added Fire Damage
Weapon Elemental Damage
Physical to Lightning

Added Fire provides to the most ele dps, but if you feel that ele reflect becomes a problem for you, or if you think the attack speed is too slow, swap it out with Faster Attacks.



Herald of Ice
Herald of Thunder
Curse on Hit
Assassin's Mark

This is the curse delivery method and power charge generator. HoI will curse a wide AoE, whereas HoT will curse nearby individuals.



Herald of Ash
Increased burning damage

This creates a ring of fire around the mob you first kill that burns nearby enemies that walk into range. This is good for expanding the AoE performance of the build as the ring is bigger than range of Dual Strike



Blood Rage
Immortal Call
Increased Duration

The frenzy charge generator and the brief physical immunity of CwDT saves lives.



Whirling Blades
Faster Attacks
Blood Magic

For fast movement around the map and to also maintain the Fortify buff



Ice Golem
Vaal Grace / Vaal Haste
Increased Duration

10.44 seconds of either Vaal Haste or max Dodge with Vaal Grace

Endgame Standard build

So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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What. The. Hell.

That was freaking crazy mate. The clear speed is just crazy. Much faster than cyclonus for sure. Hell, you should even make one of those gorge speed run vids.
The only aspect in which cyclonus beats this is in single target damage, and the difference is almost negligible.

As for survivability, not much to worry about when you're oneshotting the entire screen lol.

Just goes to show how OP elemental proliferation can be with HOA.

Gratz for coming up with such a crazy character bro!

BTW, do you think this can be done with dual doryani's, while speccing into the pretty strong mace passives?

Edit: I really, really want to see an atziri run with this. Just clearing the trash mobs if nothing else. Pretty sure it would be better to swap in cyclone for bosses.
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
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Thanks mate.

I'll record an atziri run as soon as possible.
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
Why not ele. weakness?
SteKrz wrote:
Why not ele. weakness?

Vulnerability for physical weakness on the foe I'm attacking, this gives more life leech from blood rage. It's also to curse every mob around it for 33% more burning damage.

So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
Will you add a Leveling guide? :) Would be cool for people like me that just started the game, and i'd love to do this build if i can get a base of informations on the leveling process :)
AHAHHAHAH indeed the clear speed is awesome, for a 75 map.... But MAN this items, all top tier 1 !! with any combinaison of skills, it will work perfectly !
Just non sens....
ign : Orbist_Lightning
ThorRR wrote:
Just non sens....

Thanks for the feedback, your post is very... Insightful
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
Hey there, loved your video. great job.

It seemed a little too close to call at times. i would consider bringing another layer of protection fx using a bino's + snakebite gloves or bino's with adders touch for 5000 life regen per second (last option might be tough to travel so far skill tree wise).

It could also be treated as a discount version to using atziri's acuity.

I noticed in your video your not using flasks very often - you could strengthen flask setup a little with a atziri's promise flask.

either way love the work you did on the build. looks like a lot of fun and tbh im stoked to see a duelist build doing more than 100k dmg and not only being used for a tank build.
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