[1.1.1c INVASION] idiedbefore's Split Arrow/Frenzy Crit Acrobatics Ondars


RIP VODhttp://www.twitch.tv/datboishagg/c/4001818
I killed myself by vaal detonate dead golems on an elemental reflect map, the cause of death has nothing to do with any weaknesses in this build, i chose to use this gem to compliment a friend's vaal cyclone.

9907 Frenzy
2315 Split Arrow

40% physical damage taken as lightning damage(lightning coil)
42% Evade
84% Evade Projectiles
40% dodge attacks (54% with darkray)
30% spell dodge
24% block (rearguard quiver)
14% spell block (rearguard quiver)

Passive Tree Duelist and Ranger

I'm trying to avoid crit nodes until the end because the phys nodes are more reliable dps for grinding levels.

Levels 1 - 50 Passive Tree Guide

Leveled with Spectral throw, goldrim/shiversting/geofri's baptism/rigvald's charge. Scion resist nodes allow capped resists with maximum life+defenses from gear for safety when pulling large packs at a time and staying a couple levels below the zone you are farming for the most xp.

31 points - Leather and steel first, with goldrim head to thick skin first, without goldrim grab the life nodes on the way to scion's resist nodes.

58 points - This is where you can choose to stay Spectral Throw with Rigvalds or move straight into bows with the best option being tabula rasa+split arrow if its available. Choose to grab heavy draw before or after acrobatics.

59 points - rigvalds until about level 50 where i used a 200 pdps bow with tabula rasa for my split arrow, scion resist nodes will still help alot to keep a high life pool(from items without good resist) but need to be removed asap.

67 point and 68 point target with list of differences. split arrow split decision ;] - Choose between heading to Ballistic Mastery/Heart of the Oak or you can head to Haste/Mental Acuity

I recommend the 67 point Mental Acuity route.

67 point Mental Acuity
+18% life
+20 int (for gem requirements)
+5% Attack speed
18% Increased Frenzy charge duration
+10% Physical bow dmg

68 point Heart of the Oak
+15% Projectile Damage
+4% Evasion per frenzy charge
+10% Accuracy
+20% Projectile speed
30% chance to avoid stun
1% Life regen

100 point current tree level 82
yes i need to get rid of sentinel, using 3 uniques can be taxing on resists.

114/118 point finish for lightning coil

110/118 point finish for lightning coil

Damage and defense explained

will gain chaos resist as soon as possible, it was sacrificed for lightning coil.

Level 83

Level 80 stats with 260pdps bow
level 80
4L - 5350 dps

Split Arrow 5L 6 charges
chain 1626 dps
fork 2277 dps
pierce 2955 dps

Split Arrow 4L 6 charges
pierce 2424 dps
chain 1336 dps
fork 1870 dps

4279 life, 1171 armor, 8080 evasion
42% evade which is doubled to 84% against projectiles
75% fire res
75% cold res
78% lightning res with purity of lightning

40% physical damage converted to lightning (lightning coil)
42% Evade
84% Evade Projectiles
40% dodge attacks (54% with darkray)
30% spell dodge
24% block (rearguard quiver)
14% spell block (rearguard quiver)

This is the reason my 4279 life pool shines, its quality not quantity.

reflect and physical mitigation, there is a 42%(84% Projectile) chance to stop it, if it does get through then there is another 54% chance that it will stop it, and if it gets through that, there is a 24% chance to stop it. so even when damage gets through, there will be time to life steal your way back up along with getting the granite up. i've been very lazy with my granites because this build allows it, but progressing into maps will require proper granite usage when encountering the mostly melee mobs that hit like a truck(oh yea, forgot this was a ranged build).

dealing with spells is proving to be the hardest encounters so far. totems are our tank so not too many issues here other then poke down or skip.


In My Opinion. Fork has proved itself to me in the past as a heavy hitter that does not target the forked projectiles as well as chain targets it's own, leaving chain as being better overall. Chain causes more life gain on hit procs than pierce for survivability, while dealing smaller hits to continue to ignore any type of reflect.

Weapon or Chest
4L = Split Arrow + Life Gain on hit/Faster Attacks + Blood Magic + Chain/Pierce
5L = Faster Attacks/Life Gain on hit
6L = Added Fire Damage/Physical Projectile Attack Damage

4L = Frenzy + Blood Magic + Life Leech + Faster Attacks
5L = Added Fire Damage/Physical Projectile Attack Damage/Increased Critical Damage
6L = Added Fire Damage/Physical Projectile Attack Damage/Increased Critical Damage

(Maligaro gloves or Blood Dance boots, Darkrays are armor/evasion so its easier to get RRRB)
4L RRGG = Reduced Mana + Grace + Hatred + Enduring Cry
4L RRGB = Reduced Mana + Grace + Hatred + Purity of Lightning

Armor Helm, choose your cast when damage taken setup:
4L = lvl 1 cast when damage taken + Enduring cry + Immortal Call + increased duration
enfeeble/temp chains/critical weakness/vulnerability/whatever curse matches your party or counters your opponent
increased duration (immortal call duration)
summon skeletons(fps lag for me)
molten shell (fps lag for me)

life+resist+MS or darkray/blood dance
choose your tank:

Searing Bond (currently using) totem resist gem works great against casters
4L RRRB = searing bond + blood magic + increased burning damage + Minion and Totem Elemental Resists

Flame Totem (have not tested)
4L RRGG lvl 1 cast when damage taken/blood magic + flame totem + greater multiple projectiles + blind(support gems can be leveled past the cwdt lvl)


-Darkray vectors can become too dangerous in inside/dark maps, i'm swapping them out for this reason alone.

Project bow i plan to et+ex or sell to a crafter

Current Gear - 5L Lightning Coil+320dps Lioneye acquired

Old gear from the lvl 70's



Normal -Oak
Cruel -Oak
Merciless -Kraityn (Or Alira)

*IMPORTANT* How evasion entropy works and why you cannot be consecutively hit with non-spell projectiles when capped thanks to ondars.

Evasion is not purely based on chance in the sense that each hit is independent. Instead, it uses a system of "entropy" to ensure that enemies won't get long strings of hits or misses by chance.

-A player is fighting three monsters, one(A) with a 70% chance to hit and two(B,C) with a 45% chance to hit.
-A attacks. The player's entropy is a random number between 0-99, in this case 37.
-A adds 70 to the counter, raising it to 100 or greater, and hits. 100 is subtracted and the counter is now 7.
-B attacks, adding 45. 52
-C attacks, adding 45. 97
-A attacks, adding 70. This hits and the counter becomes 67. It happens to be a critical strike, which means it has a 70% chance to do bonus damage. This roll is independent and doesn't affect entropy.
The player runs away for >6 seconds, so a new entropy value will be rolled on the next attack.

Entropy works more for us than against us, we cant afford to take 3 big hits in a row and this prevents it. In most cases entropy makes it impossible to be hit twice in a row which is where our life gain on hit/life leech shines.

Special thanks for inspiring rearguard quiver and darkray vector boots along with great information for acrobatics/ondars users!
=[1.1.1]= The New Overpowered (UPDATED!) - title explains it all.
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updated for level 80!
leveling passive trees update with lightning coil information
current gear updated
current stats updated, added dps
minor changes
updated for level 82 and 320 pdps lioneye bow.
Hi there,
i've been following your guide. Works for me. Thanks a lot.
Just dinged lev 80 in invasion so i thought i could give some feedback.

2417 Split Arrow with 6 Frenzy (5L)

9353 Frenzy with 6 Frenzy (4L)

Got around 4k hp, 75% elem resist, -36% Chaos

86% chance to hit
Around 25% Crit with 260% crit mult

Gonna link my gear & tree. If you think of any improvement, i'm taking any advice :)

If you have any question about how i managed some stuff or if i had/have any problem, ask here or pm IGN:PetitCafeQuiRoxx.


Thanks again !
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Liking your build so far, level 74 in Hardcore though :d I'm wondering what gear I should change and what gear I should get later on. If you can give me some advice on the gear than I'll appreciate it :)
Thank You

My Gear
datboishagg wrote:
updated for level 82 and 320 pdps lioneye bow.

I'm trying a SA/Frenzy build with the Duelist in Rampage, and was wondering what the tree for this build looks like now. I've never done a crit build, so please bear with me.

Did you build suffer from a lack of mana? Does that make blood magic a requisite? I'm at level 46 right now, and mana is definitely an issue for me, especially in a sustained mini-boss/boss fight.

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