=[1.1.3]= The New Overpowered (UPDATED!) New Build HERE!

Hello, this thread is about showing you the foundation of an overpowered build where you can fill in the blanks depending on your own preferences.
This thread is not a guide on my own personal build as it is not yet complete. my personal build is also very hard to optimize/itemize for resulting in an expensive impractical character.

However this owerpowered foundation guide shows you very easily and very cheap how to obtain amazing physical mitigation via DODGE. Right now dodge is an amazingly effective and cheap physical defense in the game.
Obviously to get dodge the notable passive keystone Acrobatics is a must, as well as its improvements. This gives you a straight up 40% dodge after the recent patch buff. This also puts you right in line with phase acrobatics which gives you 30% spell dodge...icing on the cake.

Dodge on its lonesome does not hold enough weight to completely be viable versus physical damage, but couple with evasion it makes a very easy, cheap and effective defense. Even more so you can add shield block, dual wield block, or just be a ranged character.

This is the template i have chosen for the current best foundation build in the game.

Required gear
This depends on your end plan and build, how you set up your character. But amazing uniques that work with this foundation are:

Darkray Vectors
The Blood Dance
Lightning Coil
Atziri Steps
Bringer of Rain

Acrobatics forces you into an evasion only build pretty much, which will work out gracefully just you wait. The ranger start is by far optimal with all the +evasion% you need as well as boost to health.
Go from here, either shields or dual wield or ranged. Take it straight to the first frenzy point including additional evasion % per frenzy charge, beautiful! can you see this coming together yet?

Ondar's guile should be self explanatory. you'll have probably at least 40% evasion even without specing for +evasion% other than what is shown, and this node will double it. it basically allows you to afk in front of firing squads, including chaos shooters.
Health is thrown in because its so close making it extremely point effective, and there are plenty of health nodes around the area also which will allow you a respectable health pool.

There is the foundation of the build. You can fill it in from there as you like, again either going dual wield, shield, archer, whatever you want. Depending on your gears you'll be rocking 45-50% evasion with Grace, and between 50-56% dodge. This alone is enough to give you reliable physical mitigation throughout the entire game.
This template is also easily obtained through the Shadow starting point and can be obtained through Duelist but at a higher level.


You can have a max of 8 frenzy charges with those darkray vectors equipped. Defensively this contributes to an added 16% dodge and +32% evasion rating.

For extra fun you add blind to this build via Smoke Bomb, Bringer of Rain or even just the gem. This will basically make you untouchable by any melee in the game, block aside.

Either via shields giving upwards of 75% block or via dual wield giving upwards of 60% block. Whenever a physical hit does get through your evasion and dodge, AND blind, it will most likely be blocked.

Enfeeble or Temporal Chains. Choose your poison.
Enfeeble further reduces accuracy on mobs and lowers their damage in case a hit does get through, which is mathematically miniscule.
Temporal Chains slows down the mobs so much that they will often only be able to take a couple of hits at you, including bosses depending on your DPS. This greatly reduces the chances of them being able to successfully roll a hit against you, especially with the entropy aspect of evasion.

Enduring Cry & Granites
Fear you're going to get hit? Worried you'll take a shit ton of damage because you have no armor since you're evasion based? Good thing we have Enduring Cry in the game as well as Granite flasks!
With even the base three endurance charges your physical reduction jumps up to 12% immediately. Add on a granite flask that boosts armor amount during duration and you just hit what...18-20%? Yes that is enough to not be one shot by most in the game, in case something DOES hit you.

All together now
Use them all, simultaneously.
With 50% evasion, 50% dodge, 50% block, 75% reduced accuracy, 20% physical reduction AND either reduced damage or slower attack speed, you now no longer need to worry about physical damage! Congratulations!


Ok great, so you can mitigate physical damage but what about spell damage?
Very good question. Majority of your problems are not the whites or even elites running around in a map, its the uniques, the rogues and the map bosses. Most of which do some sort of elemental or spell damage. Physical mitigation only goes so far.

There are currently four different ways to mitigate spell damage.
1) Resistances
2) Spell block
3) Spell dodge
4) Health pool

Resistances are obviously the most important. They reduce all incoming damage and everybody at end-game will have maxed resistances if they know whats good for them. Resistances only go so far though. Even having maxed resistances its like having Iron Reflexes, you will still take all incoming damage but at a reduced amount.

Good thing for us Phase Acrobatics is so close and just got buffed to 30% spell dodge. This is significant.
If your build is running block either via shields or dual wield you can also use the Stone of Lazwhar to gain half of your block chance as spell block. Coupled with spell dodge this is VERY powerful considering you also have max resistances.

*Bear trap
*Technically all physical damage spells can be dangerous but none more than bear trap.
*Being frozen is also a death sentence. You will most likely want to run with two potions with dispel frozen just to cover your butt.
*Projectile Weakness curse really hurts you and is dangerous depending on other mobs in the area. It will ensure you get hit fairly often with ranged attacks, which you will not be used to and can take you by surprise to your death.

In case you're still skeptical of a pure evasion build and think you'll be one shot by everything in the game, i'd like to tell you i have yet to be one shot by anything in the game. I have 5% physical reduction due to my gears and i can take hits from Blacksmith, uhh, i dunno whoever.
I do not preemptively use my granite flasks either, only once i do take a hit and want to make sure if i take another i will not die.
The only time i constantly use a granite flask without it going offline, including a chaos flask is in the jungle valley map vs the weaver. As anybody that has run that map knows, that fight is a little insane with a party, but i've yet to die in that fight.

To put it simply, i do not get hit. I do not usually even get the chance to block. Once something is blinded, it just cannot get through my evasion/dodge. My character has never gotten stunlocked either by hits or block, and i never get punctured. I don't need any chaos resistance as long as i don't stand in a poison cloud, and i can honestly AFK in front of titty gunners.
Want to know how i can recognize if a monster is a reflect mob or not? I see my health bar move - as soon as i see my health bar move i know, yup, that was reflect, because thats the only way my character takes damage.


My conclusion is simple. With basically 25 passive points and a pair of boots you put in place an extremely effective physical defense which can only become much stronger as you complete your build. Its also a very efficient way to spend points regardless of your build choice since from the ranger start all critical defense is along the 'highway' to shadow, duelist, whatever.

Upon updating this guide i'd like to link you to another discussion and build which utilizes evasion/dodge to its fullest, Ceryneian's build. This focusing more on maximizing block for max spell block vs those big spell dmg bosses.

Its my opinion and experience that evasion builds are the strongest defensive builds in the game at the time i initially wrote this guide (when PoE went live, 1.0.0 in october) and continues on today.
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My personal builds utilizing this foundation and beyond. Great to read and give you ideas of how evasion/dodge can be used in builds, and what gear works well with it.

10 Frenzy Evasion Blender
my set up is considered impractical since it is very expensive. It literally REQUIRES a soul taker, putting this in the realm of not achievable by the majority of the game.

My build started out as a blender. I liked the concept but did not like constantly taking damage because of IR and was still getting my ass handed to me via bosses like Piety.
This build has gone through quite a bit of remodelling to come to what i think is the most optimized version. I once considered criticals, different skills, different gear...everything.

My build is nearly complete!! I have progressed a long way even from where it started and this is the fruit of my labour. All i really need to do now is craft my Fate Grasp coral ring to have double hp. more accuracy would be a bonus but not really needed since i already have 89-90% chance to hit.
When i finally complete this extreme tight and optimized build i may finally move on to another character.



Im not going to give you some BS number by loading up buffs i don't have and gear i don't use and what not. My main skill is frenzy and with my normal gear my max damage is:

Single target without LGoH: 76,647.7
Single target with LGoH: 59,521

Melee splash without LGoH: 54,537
Melee splash with LGoH: 36,884.1
*i run my auras in my gloves which means i can weapon swap and change out support gems in certain situations without any consequences. example: fighting dominus i'll swap to single target with LGoH than 2nd stage i'll swap to full out single target dmg without LGoH.

Chance to hit: 89%
Attack speed increase: 1164%
Attacks per second: 20.30
My attack speed ensures blind is always active.

VAAL Double Strike
Damage per use: 2,388.5
Attack speed: 10.15
Duration: 9.23 seconds
Total Damage per cast: 223,765.4

Health: 4,984
Physical Reduction: up to 16% (3 endurance charges)
Evasion without Grace: 4823 (32%)
Dodge: 60%
Block: 54%
Spell Block: 27%
Spell dodge: 30%
Current resistances: 72(72)/75(91)/76(79)/-31

Build Positives
With this set up i consider myself immune to physical damage since when i do get hit i will 100% assuredly be back to full health before i get hit again.
Afraid of the one shot-one kill? I've yet to have it happen to me. If you're afraid of somebody like Blacksmith giving you that hit, enfeeble him first for a reduction in accuracy and damage. Once hes blinded he will not hit you.

Being evasion - again you do not need to worry about many things. Stunlock, puncture, poison, criticals. On hit effects will not pose a threat to you because you simply will not get hit. You also do not need to worry about most troublesome mobs such as titty gunners, chaos shooters (including wharf map boss) and those pesky crabs. All of those damages are at range and the only chaos you'll need to be worried about are clouds from poison arrow, chaos bombs, and the new poison cloud on death zombies. As long as you can move out of them you will not die to chaos even with -60 chaos resistance.

I'll be looking to upload some videos of certain fun things just to demonstrate how my build works. i currently do not have high level maps but i'll work to obtaining some to show how i can hold up vs difficult maps mods and bosses.

Super Movement Speed!
115% movement spd and crazy leap slam speed

14 Charge Mjolner Cast On Hit Discharger EXPLOSIONS
Inspiration came from this thread: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/909344

As soon as i watched that video i wanted to have a build like that. i retired my previous build and just respec'd the character into this new one. the build and concept is great, but of course me being me i had to put an evasion twist to it and still keep it viable. the outcome was even greater than i expected.

This build is VERY specific. in order to remain on the ranger side of the tree and still get the necessary stats required for mjolner is not an easy task and requires a very specific and tight passive tree as well as gear, as you'll see.


by level 88 i'll have the extra 24% hp for a small boost in that department, off of the shadow branch there. not much else will differ with higher lvls.
as you can see theres basically no damage taken, and theres none needed. the sheer spam at which discharge and arc (or shock nova or storm call) is cast is enough to do the job and then some.


This is a good helmet right now but im looking for slightly better. the chaos resistances is great and almost completely negates the burn from blood rage which is a big bonus.

To keep the focus on an evasive build a Daresso's Defiance is a must. it coordinates so well with this build, just as well as romira's banquet ring and mjolner itself. giving you endurance charges on kill and having such high avoidance means they will always be cast for added damage before you have time to get hit and lose any charges.
if you do happen to get hit you'll proc CWDT and generate more charges to cast! it works so well.

blood rage is obviously amazing synergy with this as well, but i do not use it on maps that i may find difficult, like reflect or -regen maps.
im currently trying to test the differences and advantages of other lightning spells other than just arc. shock nova and storm call will be frequenting my setup for a bit so i can see which might be best. arc does do more damage than any, but shock nova has a higher chance to shock as well as full out AoE. storm call i think might be an amazing single target variable considering yes there is a delay, but in 1v1 situations you'll be up close anyway.

the shield is amazing, giving you not only great block chance and spell block, but also the best useful DPS offhand you can have for this build. i tested it. i rolled with the new Hyaon's Fury with a dual wield setup and 9 frenzy charges (giving 108% lightning dmg) and the spell dmg from Rathpith STILL contributed more damage.
i'll also be upgrading that rathpith, getting a great near perfect one for only 1ex since its corrupted. which will still work for me, however.

Not sure how to fill in this section. the offensive is obviously insane when you see the videos. though single target is lacking im currently brainstorming ways to improve it.

Cyclone is not about the DPS but just about proc'ing the discharge/arc as much as possible. this gives us our real DPS.
As for discharge, the damage per cast ranges from 1,100 with 1 or 2 power charges, to 7,300 with full charges.
this is a per cast scenario, and you can see how fast its cast. this adds up to quite a bit.

A recent inclusion is frenzy linked with faster attacks/multistrike/mana leech for single target. this gives me a pathetic 1,100-1,500 dps on the attack itself, but allows me to stack frenzy charges vs single targets (instead of having to wait for blood rage kills) and translates to semi-decent kill speed.

Now this is actually quite surprising. the build is much more defensive than i thought would be possible and just as defensive as my last.

Health Pool: 4,130
Energy Shield: 309

Evasion: 32%
Dodge: 46%
Block: 58%
Spell block: 31%
Spell dodge: 46%

Resistances: 75(78), 78(86), 78(82), -14
HP Regen: 177.6
Stun avoidance: 30%
Life Leech: 10%
Life Gain on Hit: 50
Lightning Leech: 1%

I basically have an 84% chance to avoid physical damage, 92% vs projectiles, and 63% chance to avoid all spell damage.
couple that with all my leech and regen mechanics and im doing pretty well. reflect can kill me if im too lazy but only if theres literally like 30 mobs surrounding me to force all reflect on me at once, or if i crit discharge a group of double reflect.
You can see that in my video, vs the sea witches spawn group theres so many that i take a bit hit of dmg. i don't die but ya.

Build Advantages
It is badass.
One advantage that is actually very legit is as far as i can tell you either can't be affected by bear trap while cycloning, or you destroy the trap before you can step on it. So one of the big disadvantages to an evasive build (physical dmg spells) is negated with this fact.
However even if you do take dmg from EK or something similar, you have immortal call which will negate all dmg until they are either dead, or you're back to full life.

Build Disadvantages
Single target DPS, no question.

Reflect. it isn't a major disadvantage but you have to be semi-careful around it. turn off blood rage so you don't get a lot of added dmg from frenzy charges, and be sure not to waltz into a group of 20 mobs because if you crit, you're done. so just take it a bit slower without blood rage and you'll be fine.

Slow movement. This is definitely not the leap slam spam im used to in my previous build which would literally zip through a map in 2 minutes. but i find myself not caring...


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Junkx wrote:
Dodge apparently also works versus physical reflect. bonus

So do evasion and block chance; as far as I know.
Life is tough... but it is tougher if you're stupid.
VenatorPoE wrote:
Junkx wrote:
Dodge apparently also works versus physical reflect. bonus

So do evasion and block chance; as far as I know.

evasion does yes but its rolled against your own accuracy, so it isn't very effective and definitely not reliable especially if you're rolling lioneyes glare or resolute technique.
but dodge is rolled separately from those things.

oh that reminds me, including vs the rogue that evidently has 100% accuracy, the lightning arrow one w/e, dodge works vs him (as well as block)
What would be a good primary skill to build around using this base? Filling in passive trees efficiently is not difficult for me but I don't know skills and the mechanics behind them to pick out the good ones.
~IGN: Nagisan
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Nagisan wrote:
What would be a good primary skill to build around using this base? Filling in passive trees efficiently is not difficult for me but I don't know skills and the mechanics behind them to pick out the good ones.

it all depends on the type of character you want

critical/non critical
shield/dual wield

the skills used don't really tie into the defensive tree but more how you'll spend the rest of the points and what type of character you want.
So this defensive build is basically all you need for defense? How required are the boots? Would the build work without them, just be much better with them?
~IGN: Nagisan
Nagisan wrote:
So this defensive build is basically all you need for defense? How required are the boots? Would the build work without them, just be much better with them?

its basically all you need for physical defense and puts you in good shape for elemental defense with the spell dodge. the bonus of a shields block is gravy, the bonus of dual wield block is gravy, the bonus of being ranged is gravy.

i'd say the boots are better than you'll find elsewhere. if you're not going to run 7-8 frenzy points then you can skip out on the boots, but even with 6 they'll still give you +24% extra evasion and 12% dodge, as well as good lightning resis and awesome movement speed. that is very difficult to beat unless the rest of your spec DEMAND another unique like wondertrap or rainbowstride.
even if you do not use frenzy as a primary or secondary attack to keep the charges, you can run blood rage and tack on that added survivability of life leech.

right now the correlation of evasion, dodge and frenzy is too strong to pass up
Thanks for the info, converted a low level ranger I had into this and haven't got any of the keystones yet (dodge in 2 levels), wanted to make sure the boots weren't something like the build won't work without them (they didn't look like it to me but better safe than sorry).
~IGN: Nagisan
Well, this isn´t by far new nor overpowered but it is by far the most optimal defence base for a build when combined with other defences.

With regards to darkray vectors, the bonus that they add at high levels is so little that other options might be better, rare boots with res/life, blood dance for nice life regeneration, rainbowstride for spell block, etc..

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HC melee ranger: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/507976
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