Flask-based Perma-charge duelist build (60K+ DPS Static Strike)


I took my duelist out of 18 months of retirement to try 2.0, and have come to a somewhat effective build with strong DPS, with the major caveat that it has only 2874 life at lvl 86. So I clear maps up to lvl 73-75 quickly, but struggle beyond with one-shots from some bosses and beyond/nemesis mods. Eventually I plan to move to Cyclone for my main attack when I have the budget for a 2.0 Bronn's Lithe since my legacy one doesn't have the added damage :(

This build maintains 5 frenzy charges, 4 endurance charges, and 3 power charges as long as I can chain mobs. I get to these charges pretty much by the end of the first mob pack. In order to accomplish this I use 2 unique flasks as well as Poacher's Mark.

Tooltip DPS on Static Strike goes between 30K "at rest" to more than 60K with Blood Rage, all my charges, my auras, and procs such as Onslaught. Actual DPS is higher thanks to poison application from my gloves and Riposte.

My primary attack in my legacy BoR is Static Strike + Added Fire Damage + Life Leech + Multistrike.

My utility attack is Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Curse on Hit + Poacher's Mark, which I use to move in and out of packs.

For burst DPS I use Increased Duration + Blood Rage + Vaal Haste + Phase Run.

Finally, I use Hatred, Herald of Ash (supported by Item Rarity - hey it's free), Riposte, and Summon Flame Golem.

The build has decent Freeze and Shock rates for a non-crit build thanks to my belt, power charges, and the fact I'm basically chain drinking flasks.

Defense is provided by evasion turned into armor with Iron Reflexes, with a base 37% physical damage reduction, going above 70% with endurance charges, Fortify, and a
that I can use on every other pack. I have 49% attack block and 24% spell block. Resists are maxed, I have 30% block avoidance and 8% ailment avoidance, plus Blind from the BoR.

Uniques used in this build:

Rest of my gear:

Passive tree:

Defenses with granite flask:


I tried to maximize synergies between items and skills to make this a fun and active build, but I wish I had an affordable way to add 1K life to it! Thanks for any feedback.
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